{Love Note} Everyday I expand my joy ❤

Everyday I expand my joy

Note to self…


I read an incredible book several months ago which has utterly reshaped and transformed my life.


I would love to share this book recommendation with you today – ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks will show you a totally different approach to life. He challenges you to make feeling good every day your new normal.


Most of us are conditioned to have a default operating system of worry or fear or lack or working hard.


Many of us are not practiced at the art of feeling joy, pleasure and fun. Sure, we can have it sometimes but it’s like there’s some unwritten rule that says you can’t have it all the time.


Lack mentality has us in a tail spin telling us subconsciously that joy is limited, that you mustn’t have too much or that there isn’t enough for everyone.


Crazy when you think about it!


I taught a webinar for fabulous single ladies on Saturday about how to manifest your man.


One of the key pieces to attracting in your hearts highest hope is to embrace your Feminine Energy.


No matter your desire – man, money, job, car, travel etc – harnessing the superpower of your feminine essence is KEY to bringing it in.


The Feminine is joyful, playful and fun. She loves pleasure, sensuality and feeling good. That joyful energy is SO powerful – far more so than pushing, striving, controlling, manipulating and working hard.


Harnessing my feminine superpower has created miracles in my life and today I invite you to love yourself enough to expand the joy in your life every single day so that you too may call in your deepest desires.


They are meant for you and you are worth it!


Love Lots,

Katie xx



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