{Love Note} Everything always works out for me ❤

Everything always works out for me

Note to self…


I am a massive fan of affirmations.


I have post-it notes with inspiring words of affirmation dotted all about my house – on my bathroom mirror (to read while brushing my teeth!), above my kettle (to read while making a cuppa!), on the door (to read as I leave the house), stuck to my laptop (as constant inspiration as I work), on the dashboard of my car (to remind me of my truth while on the school run!).


I believe (and so do neuroscientists!) that we can re-wire our mind.


We can choose to stop self harming with words that sabotage our happiness.


We can choose thoughts that create belief systems that lovingly support us in creating the life we desire.


It’s simple – notice the thoughts that are hurting you and creating a life you don’t like the look or feel of.


Decide what thoughts would lovingly guide you to loving your experience of yourself and your life.


Then turn those into affirmations starting, for example, with – I am, I have, I enjoy, I love, I create.


Some of my favourite affirmations are:


“I am love, loving and loveable”

“I am supported by a loving Universe”

“The Universe is designed to support me”

“I create magic everyday”

“I love to feel joy everyday”

“I have amazing friends who are my family”

“Everything always works out for me”


Today I invite you to love yourself enough to choose thoughts that will love you back.


Love Lots,

Katie xx



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