{Love Note} How to feel at peace….. ❤

I love to feel balanced

Note to self…


If you ever feel off kilter, I would like to suggest a super practical tool that can reconnect you to yourself and have you feel grounded and back in charge of how you feel.


So what’s the fastest way to reclaim your balance?


Grab a pen and journal your heart out!


Here’s a great 3-step process you can use to guide your journaling practice:


  1. Brain dump – this is a very loving thing to do for yourself because the clutter in your mind is very self harming and will easily throw you off balance. Dump your ‘to-do’ lists, endless thoughts and mental chatter onto the page. Dump it all out and be rid of it. Often when you write all the nasty things you are saying to yourself (all the self doubt, the worries about what others are thinking etc) you can see it for what it is – unkind and a lie!


  1. Gratitudes – write at least 10 – create an attitude of gratitude and start to witness what you HAVE rather than the habit of focusing on what you don’t have or what’s going on for other people (the fastest route to disconnect to your sense of inner peace!). When you are trapped in the angry land of the martyr, it’s so easy to forget all that’s great in your life. Start with simple stuff (house, car, child, food on table) and let it grow day by day so that you start attracting in miracles.


  1. Ask a question – literally write down a question that you desire to be answered. Direct it to your Spirit and allow the magic to flow! Allow yourself to free-write. Don’t think too much. Just allow your pen to download your thoughts and feelings and watch what happens. It’s a beautiful practice to connect with your inner guide and allow your own wisdom to come through. Your Spirit is always balanced so when you connect to that truth, peace will be yours.


I hope this supports you today!


Love Lots,
Katie xx



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