{LOVE NOTE} Remember Every Day Who You Are…. ❤

Remember every day who you are

Note to self…


I remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a particularly strong sense of self.


It was a time that caused me great anxiety and pain.


I would make life choices that were more in alignment with others than myself because frankly, I didn’t really know what I wanted.


Choosing to develop a relationship with myself has transformed my life. Sometimes it feels as if I have saved my life.


I once felt soul destroyed. It felt like a black hole in my chest. A big piece of me was missing.


Today my Spirit skips and dances to her own beat because she is free to be who she came here to be.


It’s pretty cool.


And that’s my desire for everyone.


Lady, you are meant to know yourself deeply. From that place you get to be, do and have all that you came here for.


When you remember who you are life feels easier because you get to live on your own terms and in alignment with your own values.


If you feel as if you don’t know yourself, please let me lovingly remind you that you do.


Deep down. You do.


Ask yourself, what do you need to do to reconnect with you?


If I ever feel disconnected from myself I journal or book a call with my coach or meditate or read a book that centres around Universal Law and Spiritual growth.


I believe our purpose is to come back to ourselves. Every day.


It’s our daily assignment.


I believe we came here to remember our Spiritual nature and the beautiful bundles of love and energy that we are.


I believe we are here to experience our humanness fully and we can do that in a way that feels in full alignment when we choose to be connected to our very nature, every day.


So, today I invite you to remember who you are.


I think you will like what you find!


Katie xx


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