Are you ready to love yourself?


What is Evolution Membership?

You, only better!

You are invited to become a member of our brand new membership club called EVOLUTION.

For just £39 per month (that’s about £1.30 per day) you will be supported every single day - in a big way - to feel more confident, on purpose and lovingly connected to the people you care about most.

Evolution is a community of high vibe, big vision, enormous hearted, go-getting women lead by our founder, therapeutic coach and acclaimed author, Katie Phillips.

At The School of Self Love we are committed to your continued growth and transformation and we have evidence that this happens faster and is way more fun when you join a group of others with the same intention to live their biggest, bravest most beautiful life.

If you are committed to your personal evolution, you have found a home here. And you will be in excellent company.

Are you ready to come home to yourself?

What is Self Love?

Before we share more about the EVOLUTION MEMBERSHIP, it’s important you know what Self-Love means to us to be sure we are on the same page!

Firstly, to be clear - we are FIERCE about self-love.

Self Love is game changing - it's the highest commitment to yourself in choosing to be the best, most Daring & Mighty version of you! There is nothing wishy washy or airy fairy about self-love. It requires bravery, courage and determination.

Self-love is a solid inner foundation that means no matter what is going on around you or how anyone else is feeling, you know fundamentally at your core that you are ok, enough, meant to be here and loved.

Self-love is a commitment to loving yourself enough to overcome any belief, thought, habit or behaviour that is causing you pain or that perpetuates the belief that you are not enough in some way. It invites you to claim and embody the truth that you are enough – always, no matter what.

Self-love invites you to heal on all levels – mind, body, emotions, spirit. Anything that is sabotaging you from feeling good is being called to be exposed, felt, healed and transformed. Essentially you are being invited to move from a state of fear – where life feels hard, you feel physically out of balance and mentally and emotionally out of control – into a state of love – where you feel vibrant, purposeful, masterful and in flow.

Self-love has been at the root of most personal development work for years. Self-esteem, self-compassion, self-confidence, positive thinking - it all comes when we learn to love ourselves.

So, we have put Self-Love at the top of the agenda because we know that all else follows from there.

Self-Love is the zeitgeist – it is being reclaimed as natural and nurturing instead of vain or narcissistic.

Are you ready to prioritise yourself?


Five Reasons You Need Self Love

Mental Health

The newly popular mental health awareness movement is highlighting the fact that there has been a massive rise in depression, anxiety and general mental ill-health in the western world. The western addiction to wanting more while not taking the time and space to appreciate all we have now leads to inordinate amounts of stress which deepens our anxiety, depression and purposeless feelings. As a society we are largely mentally and emotionally out of control which leads us to being reactive to the world and each-other – all of which is fed by fear, scarcity and competition.

If you feel the calling to connect, collaborate, slow down and lean into the abundance and safety of the Universe then that makes total sense because that’s your natural state!

Internal Disconnection

Most people are totally disconnected to who they are. They don’t even know who they are, what they really feel, what they want, what their core values and beliefs are. They are so disconnected from their true self – their spiritual nature – because they are addicted to looking outside themselves for significance, approval, acceptance, value, worthiness and love. As a species, we look outside of ourselves for proof that we are even meant to be on this planet, having this life. That searching is self sabotaging and it’s contributing to the rise in addictive people pleasing / co-dependancy that so many experience.

You are being called to journey within – to deeply know yourself and to be able to accept yourself – dark and light, warts ’n all.

If you have a deep yearning within to feel ok no matter what is going on around you or how other people are behaving, that makes total sense because it's your natural state to experience a solid, empowered, loving inner foundation. It's your birthright.

Unhealthy Relationships

So many are so out of alignment with themselves that their most important relationships are affected. The people we love most do not get the best of us – infact they are usually the ones who must bear the brunt of our self loathing and lack of emotional and mental mastery. Often the most seemingly 'successful' people – who have the title and the money – are secretly in immense pain because their personal life feels so out of control and they feel so lonely.

If you have a deep desire for open, intimate, real human connection it makes sense because it's a basic human need and you deserve it.

You are being called to learn how to give and receive love and how to feel safe while being vulnerable and authentic with others. Again, if you are searching for that alignment it's because that's your natural state.


While we believe our sabotaging and self-harming thoughts, we are making our bodies sick. The mind / body connection is a proven science. When we think thoughts that make us feel bad, it manifests in our body as disease. Emotions that are not expressed become blocked energy in our bodies and create illness. And we wonder why 1 in 3 people are being diagnosed with cancer these days.

Your natural state is full, vibrant, good health. You are being called to listen to your wise body and heal through mental and emotional transformation. It's your birthright to feel at peace and ease in your own skin.

The Patriarchy

Men and women alike are exhausted by the push, strive, achieve, compete model of the patriarchy. People are stressed and stretched as a result. They are looking for a new, more empowered, more balanced way of doing life. Indeed, a more loving way of doing life.

Do you feel the call to balance your masculine and feminine energies and do you know in your gut that the planet would benefit from that alignment too? Again, it makes sense because your natural state is to be energetically balanced.

Self-Love can restore the balance and bring you back to feeling aligned with your natural, empowered and loving state.

Are you ready to evolve?

What's Our Approach?

Our passion is TRANSFORMATION. We are driven by showing you how to live a transformational life which means moving from fear to love in every moment.

This is a daily practice and through motivational daily messages and reminders (we will hook you up with a super-cool app!) we will help you to remember the truth of who you are and what you can do every day to move one step closer to being the woman you came here to be.

We will have your back every day, every step of the way because self love is a journey, not a destination. It's a way of being. It's your new way of doing life.

There is nothing wishy-washy about the way we teach self-love either. We are fierce about you understanding and knowing how to apply the tools and techniques required to quit your self sabotage and prioritise (without guilt) your transformational work.

Every month we will teach you transformational tools that CAN and WILL change your life and we do it in a relevant, up-to-date, tangible way through focussing on monthly topics that our research tells us are areas of your life that you want to evolve.

We believe that when you set the intention to love yourself, life SUPPORTS YOU by sending you experiences and opportunities as the perfect learning opportunities to evolve your habitual and self sabotaging ways of thinking and reacting. So, our monthly themes are designed to MOVE YOUR FORWARD in those areas of your life - from money to health to relationships and beyond. In the focus upon these areas we know that life will show you what you need to heal and transform so that you can have a better experience of each. Every month you will strengthen the transformational tools that we teach you so that month on month you become a ninja at seeing where you are sabotaging yourself and how you can change that up. So you will start to see your relationship to money improve, how you show up in relationship will become more loving and conscious, how you start to move forward in your career will begin to feel more purposeful and your general wellbeing is going to have you shining from the inside out...month on month on month.

We will introduce you to EXPERTS in the relevant monthly topic - you will have access to them in a way that you simply CANNOT get unless you sign up to multiple high end coaching programmes.

You will also have access to our Founder - Therapeutic, Transformational and Intuitive Coach, Katie Phillips. Every month she will coach YOU! You get her as your personal coach every single month with the added benefit of witnessing her coach other women in our community which is going to sky-rocket your growth exponentially. So when life send you that learning opportunity ;) she will be able to help you understand the lesson and how to transform what you are being shown needs healing.

This is your one-stop-shop to really evolving your experience of yourself and your life. can rest assured that we will NOT bombard you with too much information, too much homework or too much content to consume every month. We have learned that your transformation will be slowed down if we overwhelm you so we have created a process that will lovingly support and guide you .... not something to add more stress to your life!!

We've also priced it in a way that will not add stress to your life ;)

Membership Inclusions

Included In Your Evolution Membership

Monthly Masterclass

Katie will host a one hour workshop every month with various experts that links to the monthly theme. This will be held live and recorded so that you may watch it back any time.

This is a way to expand and deepen your personal growth, giving you access to world class teachers at no additional investment.

Daily Inspirational Messages

We have teamed up with a super-cool new app called ‘Your Coach’ which allows us to send you motivational Love Notes every day. When you forget who you are, we have your back! When you lose sight of your daily intention, we will remind you! When you doubt your greatness, we will shout it to you from the roof tops (well, from your phone…!).

Guided Meditations

Access to Katie’s library of guided visualisations for both adults and children so you’ll have a playlist for personal use and a playlist to share with your children too.

Uplifting Music Playlist

We love nothing more than starting our day with music that makes us feel fabulous and which reminds us just how powerful, loveable and unique we all are.

Katie is always adding to her ‘Shine’ playlist and will share her best with you!

Monthly Group Coaching

Once a month Katie will host a group coaching call so you can ask your most juicy questions (live or pre-submitted). These sessions will be recorded and saved so you can benefit from the teachings at any time.

Katie’s private clients benefit from 24/7 WhatsApp access to her meaning they get her support in the moment they need it. This group coaching is the next best thing because you will be able to submit your questions throughout the month and Katie will answer as many as possible during the group coaching session.

The suggested time for these live sessions will be a Monday in the third or fourth week of every month :

LONDON - 1900

NEW YORK - 1400



SYDNEY - 0600


* as we are just launching the membership, please note these times are subject to change as we assess who is in the membership. Our intention is that the live sessions suit the majority.


A private Facebook group will allow you to journey safely with other like-minded souls. Transformation happens faster and is way more fun when you are in community. Period.


50% off all Digital Courses

The School of Self Love has a range of home-study programmes which we would love to give you even easier access to.

10% off all live events hosted by The School of Self Love

Katie currently hosts a regular supper club in London called ‘Daring & Mighty Dinners’. This is a perfect chance to meet Katie in person and connect with like-minded others.

  • Sandra - Sussex, England

    I am now in the driving seat in my life

    Now I know what I want, I care less about what other people think and I judge myself and others less harshly. I can connect better with the people around me and the end result is that I love myself a whole lot more. I am now in the driving seat in my life. I know what’s important to me and I am letting that purpose guide my decisions.

    Sandra - Sussex, England

  • Pippa - London, England

    My income increased by 40%

    I have developed my relationship with myself which has given me access to so much power within myself to create my future. My honesty and integrity in my relationship with my partner is really present now and a future for us is unfolding that I had only dreamt about. My income has increased by 40% and will reach 50% higher by next month.

    Pippa - London, England

  • Rebecca - London, England

    I am a nicer person to live with

    I am more in touch with who I am and am starting to create my own new rules. I am looking after myself in a more loving way. I am learning to heal myself. I am building faith in myself. I am able to ask for what I want, let things go and I am growing as a person. I actually feel so much lighter and free which has made me healthier and my sleep has improved. I am a nicer person to live with!

    Rebecca - London, England

  • Lynsey - Edinburgh, Scotland

    I feel so incredibly positive!

    I have finally let go of my past and feel so incredibly positive and optimistic about my future.

    Lynsey - Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Helen - Brighton, England

    Katie dramatically transformed my life

    My dreams became big and I was fuelled with such passion and purpose, there was nothing else to do but relaunch my career doing what I loved and charging my worth! I am now uplevelling in EVERY part of my life and am already seeing the results which are absolutely incredible.

    Helen - Brighton, England

  • Hattie - London, England

    Business is flying

    I have managed to get a much better work life balance without feeling the guilt. I have been putting myself first and also spending more time on ME! This initially all felt a bit self-indulgent, but now I feel fabulous and it has been noticed by friends, family, colleagues and clients. As a result, my business is flying and my family is happy.

    Hattie - London, England

  • Lynsey - United Kingdom

    I now live consciously

    I am so delighted to say I NOW LIVE CONCIOUSLY listening truly to my heart and soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Katie. The outstanding content, value and tremendous support throughout the course I am entirely grateful.

    Lynsey - United Kingdom

  • Sarah - London, England

    Every day I get to know myself better and loving what I discover

    I discovered the key to everything for me is loving myself enough to make time for me – because I’m worth it. It’s naturally lead me to a state of happiness and wellbeing. The impact on my kids and husband is profound.

    Sarah - London, England

  • San San - Sussex, England

    A life changing experience

    The penny has finally dropped and explained the reasons why I had suffered from depression, OCD and most importantly, I didn’t love myself. With Katie’s positive, understanding and enthusiastic approach, I always felt supported on my journey, which was a challenge but I am so happy to finally discover myself at 46 years old!

    San San - Sussex, England

  • Polly - Sussex, England

    I had no idea life could be like this

    I feel joyful by default the majority of the time and I now know true happiness … and it is absolutely beautiful. Having found this place, life will never be the same. I am following my dreams, creating my life, confident, joyous, happy, grateful, a better mother/wife/friend and I look at my future and know I have tools to see me through.

    Polly - Sussex, England

Expert Masterclasses Themed Monthly

The topics within each theme will evolve and expand over time so detailed here is our big vision - it's how we see the content of the Evolution Membership expanding.

We will start January 2020 with the theme: GOALS, DESIRES, DREAMS. February will be MONEY!

Know Thyself

Self Awareness / Self Trust / Mindset / Feeling Enough and more

Finding Peace

Freedom from Anxiety & Stress / Creating Calm / Meditation / Releasing Emotions


Self Worth = Net Worth / Living Abundantly / Re-Wiring Your Financial Mindset


Play / Fun / Adventure / Creativity / Social Contribution

Compassion & Forgiveness

Being Kind & Gentle with Yourself / Healing Your Heart / Extending Compassion & Forgiveness


Intimate, Friends, Family, Colleagues, Parenting / Honour / Respect / Trust / Communication / Boundaries / Divorce

Sex & Intimacy

Connecting Intimately with Self / Connecting Intimately with Others / Creating your Desired Sex Life

Spirituality & Divinity

Connection to Something Greater / Inner Peace / Inner Wisdom / Feeling Purposeful

Self Care

Guilt Free Self-Love Practices / Tips & Tools for Kindness & Gentleness / Integration of Self (mind, body, spirit, emotions)

Health & Wellbeing

Body Confidence / Body Acceptance / Ageing Confidently / Women's Health / Mind & Body Connection / Avoiding Burnout / Menopause

Self Expression

Leadership / Confidence / Self Belief / Imposter Syndrome / Work / Purpose / Finding Your Voice

Goals / Desires / Dreams

Feeling Empowered / Goal Setting / Manifesting Your Desired Life / Calling In Your Soul Mate / Career Change

Are you ready to be part of a movement - to lift others and be lifted?

Seven Benefits Of Membership

Life Agility

Deal better with day-to-day stress, obstacles, decisions and focus


Quit self sabotage, master your mind and start feeling confident

Emotional Fitness

Reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm

Authentic Relationships

Speak your truth and ask for what you need

Energised Wellbeing

Improved self care puts a spring in your step

Daily Spiritual Practice

Feel calm, inspired and on purpose every day


Feel seen and heard by people who really get you



BONUSES EXTENDED to 31st January 2020 >

Two x 1 hour money mindset trainings

Valued at £197.

If you know your relationship with money is questionable and if you want to start creating way more money in your life these two trainings are absolutely priceless. We recommend you grab them now so that you can listen to them before the membership kicks-off in January.

The Weekly Recognition Ritual Worksheet

Valued at £50.

This weekly ritual is such a powerful support particularly if you are a woman that forgets to acknowledge and receive all she has achieved and is constantly on the treadmill of having to do more, be more, have more. Ring any bells?

Prepare your Mind, Body & Spirit for Success

Valued at £50.

2020 has the potential to be a profoundly wonderful year. To create the space to call in all that you desire, you've gotta let go of anything cluttering or taking up the space required for the good stuff to come in. This preparation work will do just that.

Children's Meditation Album - 'I Am Daring & Mighty'

Valued at £15.

Believing that you are more than enough, with unlimited potential & fundamentally held safe & supported by a loving Universe are messages that when learned from a young age, ensure a happy & fulfilling life. These gentle, loving and uplifting meditations are beautiful tools to help parents instil positive beliefs and habits to support the optimal health, wellbeing and happiness of their children.


Valued at £197.

Hosted over Zoom, this is a chance to get super focussed on what you intend to receive from your year ahead. This will be a very interactive workshop where you will set your goals and connect with your desires for the year while chatting with Katie and getting your immediate questions answered.

Bonuses worth over £500

Did you click on the bonuses above?

When you join TODAY you get access to the bonuses immediately which means you can get a head start on the money trainings, enjoy the meditations and start decluttering your life to ensure you have the space and bandwidth to begin 2020 feeling ready.

And did you clock that Katie is offering a BONUS 2020 Intentions Workshop valued at £197!!!

This is a no-brainer! If you are a woman that really means it when she says she wants to love herself, what are you waiting for? This masterclass was live on 5th Jan and has been recorded and is available for you to watch NOW!

Join today for just £39 per month

A note to you from our Founder, Katie Phillips >

I believe that the most powerful, most pivotal point in your life is when you decide that no matter what, you are ready to learn how to love yourself.

Usually it takes a major life change or unexpected curve-ball to set us on this new and brave course.

I believe life is always supporting us. Always loving us. Always willing us to be the person we came here to be. Sometimes that looks like life taking us on a path that is utterly unexpected and often heartbreaking, confusing and terrifying. And we are brought to our knees.

I have been there.

We are invited to surrender - to discover a way of doing life that allows us to drop the self sabotage, the habitual continuation of patterns of behaviour that have us showing up in the world in ways that are so far from the truth of who we are.

On our knees we can decide that enough is enough. We can declare NO MORE.

Usually we have absolutely no clue where to begin. But life knows. And we are guided (you found this page, didn't you!?!?).

An emotionally backed decision to take a stand for ourselves and our life, with only a shred of confidence and esteem, is the moment we put our faith back in life and stop expecting our poor mind to have all the answers.

It's a liberating and exciting moment (which we can usually only appreciate on reflection!).

When a I witness a man or women at this point in their lives, I am excited for them. I have empathy for their pain and overwhelm. I also know that what lays ahead is going to be an experience that has them feel so bloody proud of themselves. There's nothing better than that feeling!

This is why I founded The School of Self Love.

The School is the starting point for you to come home to you and we have created EVOLUTION MEMBERSHIP for you to do that easily. I hope you will join us.

  • Katrina - London, England

    Its safe to be me and to trust myself

    Katie has taught me lessons that every woman should know. I now know who I am, how I feel and why, which makes me feel so light and free! I have finally started to stop worrying about what other people think. Katie has changed my life forever. My business has improved as a result of this work and my relationships are so much stronger.

    Katrina - London, England

  • Jude - Brighton, England

    My relationship with finances, wealth and security has changed

    I no longer worry about it the way I used to. One of Katie’s greatest strengths is in her ability to get right to the heart of an issue and help you see it in a completely different light. All of Katie’s gifts as a coach are complemented by the most sunny and radiant countenance, and you just know that she means every word she says.

    Jude - Brighton, England

  • Helen - Sussex, England

    Now I feel free to shine my light and be totally ME

    Having released the negative beliefs that don’t serve me, I have found more room for JOY, laughter, connecting deeply with authentic, awesome people and having amazing fun new experiences all because I am being more ME and I finally know in my heart that I deserve to feel good. How liberating!

    Helen - Sussex, England

  • Joanna - Brighton, England

    I am free of the burdens from a previous life

    Never did I imagine that through all the previous years of counselling, courses and searching that I could be guided in such a deep and meaningful way. Words cannot express my tremendous gratitude to Katie for her true faith and professionalism. She has provided me with tools for this continuing journey and now I am free of the burdens from a previous life.

    Joanna - Brighton, England

  • Judy - Sussex, England

    I finally love myself first and foremost

    I have experienced massive changes in all aspects of my life. I now fully love and believe in myself with trust and strength and the most amazing sense of self for the first time in my life! I cannot thank you enough. I am transformed.

    Judy - Sussex, England

  • Kellie - Hertfordshire, England

    I am free of the approval of others

    I now have the awareness, knowledge and tools I need to be able to validate and express my negative emotions, connect to my truth, seek support and be utterly compassionate towards myself. Knowing and loving myself more deeply has had a healing effect on my relationships; I am free of the approval of others and have an increased capacity to love unconditionally.

    Kellie - Hertfordshire, England

  • Kate - Sussex, England

    I am more confident

    I am now more confident in myself and my decisions and I have a renewed vigour for life! I have learned way more about myself than I thought possible and I am finally able to forgive myself and others. I have learned methods to stop beating myself up and to let go of co-dependency! I feel lighter and stronger and I can now look at the world of endless possibility with excitement rather than fear.

    Kate - Sussex, England

  • Yvonne - London, England

    I love myself again!

    Tackling my self-limited beliefs so they no longer control my life has allowed me to succeed further in business and has increased my self-confidence. It has been WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!! Katie helped me identify all of my deep-rooted limiting beliefs that go right back into early childhood and gave me tools to overcome and manage these beliefs so that they no longer control my life.

    Yvonne - London, England

  • Katy - Sussex, England

    Better than a self-help book!

    Doing this course was way better than reading just another self-help book – as had become my addiction – because it made me actually DO things, rather than just reading about an exercise and thinking ‘oh I’ll do it later’. Also, I loved the community aspect of supporting the other ladies in my group as it made me want to do the work so as not to let them down as much as myself.

    Katy - Sussex, England

  • Melissa - Sussex, England

    Things are changing - thank you!

    This is exactly the right way to run a course – normal courses last a weekend or whatever and it motivates you for about a week, but this one is brilliant because it keeps you doing it even when it’s hard, when you want to give up, when you don’t want to believe any of this ‘rubbish’. It keeps you going, motivates you, encourages you and shows you how things are changing – thank you!

    Melissa - Sussex, England

  • Anna-Marie - Sussex, England

    To discover my self-worth has been priceless!

    Katie is skilled at what she does. She is there with you every step of the way, encouraging you, inviting you to explore the parts of you that you may have buried, discounted or at worst disowned, and then celebrating your discoveries with you. I’ve changed, my life is changing and my anxieties don’t dictate my days! I am doing things and taking action in a way that 6 months ago I would have found impossible. I’m excited about my future and I am quite literally carving out a new path – personally and professionally.

    Anna-Marie - Sussex, England

  • Alison - Sussex, England

    I am now really living every day!

    I truly know who I am and what I stand for and am able to stand up and voice my thoughts and opinions without fear. Having awoken this in myself, my family life, home life, business life, financial life, travel aspects and relationships have all benefited and I am absolutely elated! I have truly learned to Love myself and enjoy life my way without compromise or self-sacrifice. I am 100 times happier than I have ever been.

    Alison - Sussex, England

  • Claire - Sussex, England

    Inner calm stays with me day to day

    I have learnt how to be kind to myself and nurture both my soul and my physical body, ensuring that I have the true inner strength to love, cherish and support others around me. Katie showed me how to achieve an inner calm that stays with me day to day even though the problems I face are still as real as ever. My husband, family and work colleagues have noticed a difference in my attitude towards situations that once would have had me losing my temper and failing to be productive.

    Claire - Sussex, England

  • Annie - Sussex, England

    I feel much more inclined to nuture myself

    As a result of the programme, I feel much more inclined to nurture myself which has a knock-on (positive!) effect on my family and those around me. It has made me think more seriously about what I aim to achieve in life and I feel empowered about the future and so grateful that the universe is on my side.

    Annie - Sussex, England

  • Christina - Sussex, England

    I feel like a weight has been lifted

    I have an immense amount of gratitude for Katie, and the other girls for taking their own journey along side me. My wish is that many more women discover Katie and get the benefit that I have had. It feels like a weight has been lifted and people have been noticing and complementing me on the change they see in me, which is a gift in itself.

    Christina - Sussex, England

  • Zoe - Bath, England

    I gained the inner knowledge I had been searching for

    Katie’s combination of well researched mental, physical and spiritual techniques give individuals the permission to breathe … and sometimes this feels like the first time for a very long time. The result was that I gained the kind of inner knowledge I had been searching for many years; I found that I had the inner strength to address insecurities, the kind of mental clarity and strength of mind to make decisions and I was able to LET GO.

    Zoe - Bath, England

  • Lauren - London, England

    I have the power to decide my life!

    I was always so affected and caught up in other peoples emotional responses to my behaviours and desires. I allowed others to affect my emotions so was exhausting and I felt completely out of control all the time. However, once conscious to this behaviour, I realised I had the POWER to decide what was going to happen, better yet- having the courage to take ACTION day has meant that I’m conquering my co-dependency every single day.

    Lauren - London, England