Life isn’t about surviving! It’s to be thrived!

The RISE Retreat in Sri-Lanka followed by an optional 9 month group coaching programme lead by our founder, Katie Phillips.

Is it time to bravely embrace your truth, commit to changing what isn't serving you and set bold new intentions for the next stage of your life?

Is it time to put 'project you' at the top of your to-do list!?

'Rise' is a 7 day immersion retreat in Sri-Lanka (25 Nov - 1 Dec 2018) offering deep transformation, healing, connection and inspiration with the intention to set you up for the next chapter of your life.

Live Louder is a group coaching programme that has been running for 6 years. Every year we up-level the content, ensuring an even more transformational experience. The 2019 Live Louder intake is now open for registration. Get ready to have your socks well and truly blown off. We have created one helluva 9 month ride for you and it's the perfect continuation from the Rise Retreat.

Live Louder & Rise has your name all over it if:

  • You are fed up with reading books and Facebook posts on how to improve your experience of life and are ready to take action, be held accountable and 100% supported;
  • You desire to master your thoughts and emotions so that you can feel free, empowered, worthy, balanced and purposeful;
  • You want to feel part of a community that totally gets you and supports you;
  • You really want to connect better with others and have more meaningful relationships;
  • You know you are meant for more and desire to connect with your purpose;
  • You want to be guided and mentored by someone that has really been there, done it and got the t-shirt.

I lived the journey that you desire to embark on. I know what works. I know what doesn’t work. And my role is to fast track you to feeling authentically YOU, equipping you with awareness’s, tools and techniques that will LAST.

We all want lasting change, right!

If you are willing to put your stake in the ground and claim your life, lasting change can be yours. I am living, breathing proof that it is possible and would love nothing more than to guide the right group of women through the first stages of their Self-Love Affair.

I support women who are fed up with being in constant survival mode by helping them to awaken their wise inner knowing and reclaim their value.

They learn to put themselves first and consciously create the life they deeply desire - because it is NEVER too late!

A group of women with a shared intention are super powerful!

True sisterhood in action – just as it’s meant to be.

I know you could really do with the support of other women who totally get you. Am I right? Sometimes for a Truth Seeker like you, life can feel like a lonely journey.

The desire to know yourself and the willingness to put yourself first, invest in yourself and do whatever it takes to create a life you love is strong – and the sad truth is that you are probably surrounded by people that don’t really get that desire! That can keep you playing small, dismissing your desires as indulgent and have you questioning your sanity! It’s also soul destroying to deny your truth.

When you join LIVE LOUDER & RISE, you will be instantly hooked into the energy of a group of women who are totally on the same page as you. The power of group intention is hard to put into words. Suffice to say, it’s powerful! When a group of on purpose, driven, open hearted and quite frankly, awesome women come together….there is just no stopping them!

If you join the 9 month coaching programme I will also connect you with a Self-Love Buddy who you will mastermind with on a weekly basis. Together you will offer each-other regular support and accountability. You will share your struggles and celebrate your successes.

You will no longer feel alone!

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A Nine Month Self-Love Sisterhood for Women

> The RISE Immersion Retreat - 25 Nov -1 Dec, 2018.

Rise is a 7 day / 6 night transformational retreat on a private Sri-Lankan island surrounded by peaceful mangroves, flowing rivers and bird sanctuary. It's a green haven and we will have the entire place to ourselves. Your luxurious eco-villa with Ayurvedic spa is just a few minutes from picturesque sandy beaches and has been specifically designed to ensure rejuvenation of body & spirit. Here you will get to know your sisters on this journey and begin your self-love affair in true luxury and style!

We will not reveal the full retreat itinerary - there is magic in having the experience revealed to you, day-by-day. You can however count on unraveling the perpetual motion of your nervous system; slowing your breath; opening your heart; healing old wounds; discovering how to love yourself within every thought, feeling and interaction; discovering who you are beyond your humanness, ego, titles, achievements and income. You will laugh, you will cry. You will probably scream and shout. You will let go. Deep and profound connection, healing and transformation will take place. Daily yoga, adventurous escapades and delectable food will also be on offer.

Katie Phillips - our founder - will be your transformational guide.

This is an all-inclusive retreat: twin share contemporary bungalow accommodation, all meals and activities are included. The only things not included are your flights (currently £420 return - London/Colombo), transfers and optional spa treatments.

> 9 months of Group Coaching:

After the retreat you will probably want to embed the new learnings and practice a brand new way of doing life. You have the option to add the Live Louder Group Coaching Programme to your Retreat. Katie will host 2 x 2 hour video calls each month to support you through that process and to deepen your healing and transformation. This is a chance for you to get all your questions around the home-study programme (see below) answered and receive her private coaching support. Katie will journey alongside you through the self-love affair process – supporting you every step of the way. The calls will be hosted over ‘Zoom’ meaning the entire group can see each other – so it will be as if we are sat in the same room together!

> Self-Love 101:

You will do some deep inner work using an online home-study programme. Self-Love 101 is 16 modules that are studied at home in your own time taking you through Katie’s signature transformation process. The programme is a blend of audio teachings, video trainings, meditations and worksheets. Your fortnightly coaching calls are designed to directly and personally support you through this programme of self learning – so you will not be alone with it.

The programme is split into three sections:

  • Right Here. Right Now. – Gaining clarity on where you are at in your life and why. We will look at childhood programming and identify the areas of your life you are most dissatisfied with and why.
  • My Spirit. My Truth. – You will discover that developing a Spiritual Practice is the most powerful tool to creating a life that you love and most importantly, a life in which you ‘feel’ connected, whole and satisfied. We will also learn to harness the power of forgiveness and how to develop a deeper, more loving and authentic relationship with yourself, from your heart.
  • My Life. My Vision. – Be the creator of your life! By now you know that you are not a victim or slave to your life. That you can control and create what you have and how you feel. We learn how to keep ourselves on a high energetic vibration so that we may harness the power that is available to us all to manifest our deepest desires and the life of our dreams.

> Private Online Community

You will have access to a private Facebook group which is only available for the programme participants. This is a virtual space for you to give and receive support from each-other and from Katie.


Investment in You


If you commit to the Rise Retreat plus the Live Louder 9 month coaching programme before 15 November 2018, the investment is £5000.


The 7 day all inclusive retreat is £1500

(does not include flights and transfers)


We can set up an instalment plan for you if you would prefer to spread out your payments.

If you pay in full you will receive this bonus:

* Mini coaching intensive with Katie (worth £900) *

Mighty Words
6 Weeks in….

We bumped into some 2016 LIVE LOUDER participants when they had been on the programme for just 6 weeks. Here they share their experience of the first few weeks.

  • Lynsey​

    I now feel free to let go of my past and focus only on what the future holds

    My focus on business meant I had neglected my personal growth, health and future vision. I felt stuck and had no passion for my future. I had lost my true identity.

    I am absolutely astounded by what every woman in the Live Louder group has achieved - from relationship breakthroughs to women stepping into their feminine power and true financial worth.

    I have discovered so much about myself. What I am passionate about and what has been holding me back in life. The tools and techniques that Katie teaches throughout the programme are astounding and life changing. I am now free. I have let go of my past and am excited and committed to be stepping out of my comfort zone by grabbing life by the horns and LIVING LOUDER!


More Mighty Words
The RISE Retreat

Our 2016 RISE Retreat was held on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal. In 2018, our retreat will be hosted in Sri-Lanka!

  • Judy​

    Thank you for the amazing experience

    I have felt a profound shift at soul level. Every time I work with you I feel a massive awareness and shift that lets out sorrow and let’s in knowledge, joy, peace and growth.


  • Christina​

    A weight has been lifted!

    I was feeling disconnected, something wasn’t right and I didn’t know how to figure out what it was or how to deal with it.

    This programme has changed me and I feel amazing for it! I've learned invaluable techniques that have brought me to a place where I am much clearer about who I am, what I want to be, do and have in my life. A weight has been lifted and people have been noticing and complementing me on the change they see in me, which is a gift in itself.


  • Annie​

    My future feels really exciting!

    It is not often we give ourselves the time or space to really think through who we are, how we are and where we want to be. To let go of what doesn't serve us and choose our future.

    The group dynamic in this programme was an important part of my transformation. It was amazing to witness the lives of the other girls changing and to have their support as I experienced my self-reinvention.

    I now know I am worthy of love. I feel much more inclined to nurture myself which has a positive knock-on effect on my family and those around me. I feel empowered and excited about the future and so grateful that the universe is on my side.


  • Melissa​

    Worth every penny!

    Enough was enough! My personal life was a shambles. I was struggling to get my business off the ground. I was visibly depressed and stressed. I felt like I was being swallowed up.

    Committing to this work was the best decision I have ever made and it was worth every penny. I learned so much more about myself than I expected and having the course run over a period of time helps you to keep on track and to really cement the new way of thinking, rather than attending a weekend course which you forget after a few days.

    I can honestly say that the course has changed everything for me. I am for the first time in my life truly happy within myself. I feel at peace and able to deal with most situations that come my way.



My desire is to truly set you up for success so I will introduce you to 3 experts who have each pre-recorded a one hour training call just for you around their topic of expertise. The experts that will take part in our next programme are currently being confirmed however we can assure you that they will be awesome. In the past we have had:

Wealth Consciousness & Money Creation – Glenn A. Sisk, CEO ‘Divine Living’ – How to develop an abundance mindset that will support you in creating the money you desire to make your biggest blue sky vision a reality!

Body Love, Health & Nutrition – Henrietta Norton, AUTHOR & FOUNDER ‘Wild Nutrition’ – How to develop a healthier relationship with your body, your food and your eating habits so that you can finally feel comfortable in your own skin with energy to create your desired life!

Meditation – Sandy NewBigging, AUTHOR & FOUNDER ‘The Calm Academy’ – Learn how to calm your mind. Discover the peace that comes from identifying with your Spirit rather than your busy mind so that you can experience a true sense of self and a mindset that will easily manifest your deepest desires!

So watch this space. We are committed to bringing some mighty minds to the table to support you to live louder!

Living louder means being unapologetic about who you are!

Another bonus!

I believe we need money to make many of our desires a reality!

I have recorded TWO bonus training calls on how to create a money mindset and improve your wealth consciousness (so that you can afford your desires….including this programme!).

The women that have heard these trainings are dramatically altering their ‘money story’ and you will have immediate access to these recordings, the moment you say yes to yourself and commit to living louder!

And, another bonus!

When you join Live Louder, it is our pleasure to gift you with:

A copy of Katie's acclaimed book - 'The Self-Love Affair - A Woman's Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life' (worth £12.95)

Access to our full meditation library - hours of transformational guided visualisations! (worth £45)

'Love Yourself Free From People Pleasing' - A powerful 6-week home-study programme (worth £397)

That's an additional £455 worth of materials to support your journey home to you!

Let’s Speak

The Rise Retreat and Live Louder Coaching Programme are available by application only. It’s super important that this style of work is the right fit for you.

So, let’s jump on the phone and have a conversation to explore if LIVE LOUDER & RISE is just perfect for you.

I remember when I knew it was time. My time.

To ditch all the stuff holding me back. To remove the noose from my neck that was strangling my voice. To shift the weight from my chest that was crushing my heart. To rid my mind of the terrorist in my skull that was making me feel crazy.

I was exhausted. I loathed the way I felt – the panic and worry and fear. I was crippled by emotions that were out of my control. I was a beautiful, clever, creative, resourceful woman but I felt like a failure and I was sure there was something wrong with me.

Read My Live Louder Story


I thought I was damaged to the degree that recovery was impossible. I genuinely thought that I was ‘unlucky’ and simply not born into the right family, circumstances and time to ensure happiness. Happiness was elusive and it was for others. I was clearly not born for it.

A voice inside whispered…

There was a nagging, persistent, doggedly determined voice deep inside me that whispered…..

“You are meant for SO MUCH more than this...You are so special, so unique, so loveable, so talented...Only YOU are holding YOU back...Woman, you are powerful beyond belief and you are meant to be free of the chains that are strangling, crushing and weighing you down.”

So, I got out from under that duvet. I pulled back the curtains. I grabbed my metaphorical sword and held it high and declared to God that I was ready! I would do whatever it would take to get back to me. To know myself – finally. Once and for all. To discover my purpose. To live a bigger life. To embrace the truth of who I am and fearlessly BE that woman in the world. To love myself fiercely and live unapologetically.

I so desired to be free

To fully, deeply and passionately experience myself and this life. To really show up and shine. The light inside me flickered with anticipation as I waved that sword and declared to God that I was ready. My Spirit ignited.

I knew, deep inside that I was fierce and I was fabulous! Every breath of determination that I took fanned that flame inside my belly until it became a white hot furnace of desire. DESIRE!!! Glorious, unbounded, unlimited, ferociously hot desire! I had missed her. But she was back!

The gift

I found my best friend. My soul mate. My life partner.

It was ME! All along, it was ME!

I no longer needed to search outside of myself for ANYTHING. I am enough! Just being me, hanging out with me and loving me….is enough! And OH! The Power of that! Feeling THAT secure and free within my own skin was a game changer. Suddenly ANYTHING was possible!

Purpose? Tick!

Adventure? Tick!

Peace? Tick!

Money? Tick!

Falling in love with myself was my emancipation. And, with every single fibre in my being…..I desire this for you too!

When help is needed, the Universe will find a way to ensure help finds you. It may not come in the way you expected, but it will come in a way that is perfect for you.

I want YOU to LIVE LOUDER!!!

I so desire for every woman to feel free, empowered and ALIVE!

ENOUGH with the struggle and playing small and not knowing yourself. ENOUGH with putting everyone else first. ENOUGH with the guilt and worry.

Change the record. Create a new story. RE-IMAGINE YOUR LIFE!! Make it bold and sexy! DESIGN YOUR OWN LIFE RULES! Make them audaciously, ridiculously, gloriously YOU – in 4D high definition, technicolour and with surround sound!

KNOW YOUR HEART! Free your Spirit and soar high. You deserve nothing less. I promise.

  • Claire​

    I have an inner calm!

    Before I worked with Katie my life was off kilter. With a busy job, young family and a sick Mum I felt like I was on a treadmill of stress, pain and never ending anger. I was supporting everyone around me but often asked the question “who is supporting me”?

    Katie showed me how to achieve an inner calm that stays with me day to day even though the problems I face are still as real as ever. My husband, family and work colleagues have noticed a difference in my attitude towards situations that once would have had me loosing my temper and failing to be productive. I now approach life from a very different angle – one of love, calm and without stress.


  • Kerry​

    I feel I can achieve anything!

    I can honestly say that Katie is one of the most insightful and motivating people I have ever worked with. She has a real passion for what she does and really cares for the people she works with. And that is because she has been there - she has been right down at the bottom in her own life and she found a way out.

    Now she inspires women to find what she has found; an honest and deep love for themselves. And in doing so, you feel like you really can achieve your potential.

    If you feel like life is a struggle rather than an absolute joy, Katie will help you understand why you feel that way and how to get out of it and move into a life you love.


  • Kate​

    I have a renewed vigour for life!

    For years I was unable to take action; was stuck and lacking confidence in myself. I constantly compared myself to others. I would let the idea of what people might say stop me in my tracks and I felt frustrated and angry with myself.

    As a direct outcome of working with Katie I am more confident in myself and my decisions, I have a renewed vigour for life, I can forgive myself and others, I have stopped beating myself up, I've let go of co-dependency and am now able to let go of my past and work on my future. I feel lighter, stronger and excited!

    Without Katie’s guidance, support and dynamic course material I know I would still be in the same position today as I was a year ago, and I would be more frustrated than ever.


Do you dare to love yourself?

Our curriculum responds to the wider needs of women who know in their hearts that they were put on the earth to do something special.

If you are willing to drop your self-sabotaging conditioning, stop listening to the voice of self doubt and exhausting yourself with emotional gymnastics, then your mighty life awaits!

Come home to you