A 12 week course with Katie Phillips

A group coaching programme and intimate sisterhood.

This is for women who have made finding their intimate life partner a non-negotiable. You are ready to do whatever it takes to call in your soul mate!

First, it's time to get real ...

I know you are doing life on your own pretty well. It's not that bad and besides, you have a purposeful career, lots of friends and you kinda like your independence. But can we get real for a minute please because there is a reason you clicked through to this page.

I am going to hazard a guess that you are lonely. That you're fed up of wondering what to do on Sunday (when everyone else is having lunch with their family or enjoying romantic hand-in-hand strolls in the park). I bet you wish you had a man to advise you on what car insurance policy to take out or to mow your lawn or fix the crack in the wall (I don't care how feminist you are, having help with these jobs is a god send!). I bet the thought of planning another holiday alone makes you cringe and I wouldn't be surprised if being excluded from dinner parties and weekend trips designed for families and couples is making you feel pretty isolated. If one more person questions why you are single you are going to scream and you dread spending yet another night alone on the couch in your fluffy robe with a bottle of wine and Netflix to keep you company.

I know that you long to hang out with your best friend and soul mate. To have a deep emotional connection that feels like 'home'. To be hugged. To create your life with your partner in crime. Together you will be an unstoppable force!

"To meet your one you must first meet yourself"

Calling in your soul mate doesn't have to be yet another thing to figure out on your own.

This programme will be your support to fast track you towards meeting your match.

Receiving the guidance of an expert who has been where you are and is able to guide you through an intimate process that will move you from a place of feeling stuck and unworthy to free and totally deserving of your heart’s highest hope is the most self honouring thing we believe a woman can do for herself.

Let’s give life to your deepest desires. Let’s honour the truth of who you are. Let’s peel back another layer and heal anything blocking you to being the fullest, most loving and most worthy expression of yourself!

Let’s call on the gods, the angels and guides to bring you the love you have been waiting for. Let’s harness the energy of the Universe – LOVE! – to manifest your best friend and most true companion. Let’s reconnect you to your innate feminine nature – the most powerful force for manifesting miracles.

Your desires are meant for you.

Our role is to create a magical container for that to manifest.

"I have been where you are and I know how you feel. I also know that your heart's desire is there for you. I am an expert that can show you the way."

Katie can answer your questions

What’s the secret to finding my soul mate?

Stop looking for your soul mate!!

That's the secret!

Take the focus off the external search and go inward.

You have got to prepare yourself by doing the inner work - healing your heart so that you may open it to receive in your match.

Your man will appear when you are ready and he will likely turn up in a way that you could never have predicted.

What’s the best dating platform?

I get asked so often by women what I think about various dating platforms - Tinder? Match? Single Events? Bumble? Online? Offline?

I can't answer that question.

The better question is, "How can I open my heart so that I am a magnet for him to find me?"

Now we're talking!

Getting to know and love yourself is the way to fast track him finding you.

When you are filled up with so much self trust, compassion, confidence, understanding and love then you will attract in someone that has that for themselves. You will individually be overflowing with love so there will be more than enough to share. There will be an equality to the sharing. Neither party will be lacking, deficient or starved - looking to the other to be filled up. Your individual fulfilment will attract you to each-other.

If you desire a committed, exclusive, emotionally connected, profoundly loving relationship with someone else then you have got to have all of that with yourself first.

When you are so switched on and turned on inside, you will be a magnet for your match.

The platform or event or 'way' to meet him becomes irrelevant. The Universe will steer you to the action you need to take and that could be anything from feeling inspired to walk a different route to work (thereby bumping in to him on the street!) or it could be a kick up the bum at the perfect time from a friend insisting you try a new dating app…then voila, he is the first man to connect with you and it's ease and flow from there.

Love is magical! Invite in the mystery and allow yourself to expand into the miracles available to you once your heart is open.

Be 'the one' for you first. Focus on that. The rest will follow.

How do I make sure I don’t lose myself to a man?

I remember when I feared that meeting a man would mean the end of freedom and adventure in my life (that was a huge block to love for me) until I realised that my soul mate relationship would be an adventure and the unconditional love we would share would mean that we would allow each-other to adventure separately as well as together.

I recently travelled to Mexico for a women's retreat. What an adventure on all levels! My man was so supportive because he loves me even more to witness me live my life fully in my truth.

Our journey of intimacy together is a daily adventure too. We are committed to healing any blocks to love that we have - together. Now that 'aint for the faint of heart!

With him I am free to be me - that is ultimate freedom.

To attract in a man with whom I could create an experience of freedom and adventure required me to prepare myself first.

To feel free to be me had to be a very intimate and personal experience first before I could share that with someone else.

Once upon a time I didn't know who I was and I certainly didn't love, accept and appreciate myself. So, how could I expect someone else to? The irony is that I feared I would lose myself to a man but I didn't even know myself to know what I was losing!

Committing to the deep inner work that will guide you home to a profound sense of self is something you can never lose.

This healing work allows you to open your heart to yourself. With an open heart you can then be open to others in a healthy way. Your open heart allows your soul mate to find you and he wants nothing more than for you to be the most fully expressed, happy and fulfilled you so he will be your biggest support team. He will not block you to adventure and freedom in your life. He will help you to have more! And your life together will be an enormous adventure if that's what you desire. Together you get to define your relationship and create what feels good for you both - together and individually.

How will I know when I have met him?

To quote 'When Harry Met Sally' - "You know like you know about a good melon!"

You just 'know'.

I always loved that idea but it was just that - an idea. I didn't think it was possible for me to have that Hollywood moment.

In retrospect I can see how I came to create this experience for myself (note the importance of those specific words please).

I had to learn to how to heal my heart and then how to open my heart.

With a healed and open heart it was easy for me to 'know' very quickly whether someone was right for me or not. When I was dating I didn't have to endure the anxiety and agony of wondering if 'he was the one'. With an open heart, I knew. So when 'the one' turned up it was like, "Oh! Of-course! There you are!" It was so bleeding obvious!

I love my man's heart. Sure, I love his mind and body but that is almost superficial to the love I have for his soul. Our soul's know each-other.

The route to opening up your energy to attracting in your soul mate is learning how to open your heart.

That is energetic, healing work. It is deeply transformational work. And it is available for you.

The work starts with a decision. All change is ignited by intention. You gotta start there.

How do I ensure this time it lasts?

Here's what I know. Physical attraction lasts a nano-second in the whole scheme of things. So, if you don't have a mental and emotional connection with someone, there just isn't any longevity.

If you have the physical attraction plus mental attraction then your interest in someone has a slightly longer life-span.

The real juice is emotional attraction. When we feel able to connect emotionally with someone, we are creating intimacy and that's the stuff of fulfilling longevity.

To have a healthy emotional connection with someone else requires you to have a healthy emotional connection with yourself first. I am not saying you need to have perfected emotional mastery but you do need to have a solid, trusting, committed and 'best friend like' emotional connection with yourself.

When you have intimacy with yourself you can create intimacy with someone else.

Intimacy is fulfilling and that lasts because it allows two committed people to journey together as their souls evolve, diving deeper and deeper into the discovery of each-other. That is an adventure of a lifetime!

I have a history of relationships that were full of drama and incredibly painful as a result because we were two emotionally unhealed people essentially coming together to be healed. There was purpose to the relationships (everything has a reason) and some healing did occur but we created additional wounds in the process because we hadn't done the work individually to heal. We hadn't journeyed alone, into the depths of our individual experiences of shame, hurt and abandonment to heal our hearts.

Let me re-iterate, you do not need to be perfect for your soul mate to find you. You do need to do the human work to clear the path for him to come in so that you can continue the journey of healing and expansion together.

You deserve a relationship that is a trusting, open and loving experience. First, you need to have a trusting, open, loving experience of yourself.

Self-Love is the path that will clear the way for your 'one' to come in and and then life long lasting intimacy is pretty much guaranteed!

Is it too late for me?

I believe everything happens at the right time. As humans, we forget our Spiritual truth and that we can trust that life is designed to support us (even though it doesn't always feel like that).

I also believe it’s imperative that we know ourselves before sharing ourselves with someone.

Taking the time to know and love yourself as an independent, confident, self sufficient and self fulfilled person is so important.

I have experienced terribly painful relationships where we both looked to the other for our fulfilment and happiness. That is WAY too much to expect from another person. Talk about pressure!

You are a unique woman. Your journey, life experiences, healing and transformation is unique to you. Your time frame and your process is uniquely yours. There’s no ‘right’ time for anything. Your ‘right’ life partner will turn up at exactly the ‘right’ time for you and once you meet each-other, you will just ‘know’ this to be true. It will become clear why you couldn’t have met sooner - likely, you simply were not ready. You had not done the work to claim yourself fully so that you could bring your most fulfilled self to the equation.

Your soul mate will come into your life when you have prepared yourself fully and that is what this programme is all about.

Preparation is not just the key to meeting him. It’s the key to speeding up the process!

The more connected you are to yourself, the more healed and open your heart, the less time will be wasted dating the wrong men (or at least, you will know more quickly whether a man is right for you or not so you can move swiftly on to being available for your soul mate to find you).

"Your soul mate will come into your life when you have prepared inwardly and that is what this programme will show you"

Click below for course details

A series of masterclasses like no other.

It's time to understand why you're single and how to call in your soul mate.

  • 7 x 2hr group coaching calls (every other week) lead by Therapeutic & Intuitive Coach, Katie Phillips. These intimate calls will support your personal studies as you work through the accompanying home-study course, 'Daring & Mighty Love'.
  • Unlimited and lifetime access to a password protected Membership Site which delivers the home-study course.
  • Powerful preparatory work to ensure you begin your studies with a bang!
  • 12 x in-depth Training Videos - ranging from 30-50minutes each.
  • 12 x in-depth Worksheets to accompany each training module.
  • A selection of my most healing guided visualisations to download and listen to at any time to aid your process of change.
  • A highly recommended and carefully curated reading list to support your journey.

Your expert coach:

  • Katie - Founder of The School of Self-Love and your head coach. An intuitive healer, powerful therapeutic coach and grounded spiritual teacher - all rolled into one!

"Stop looking for your soul mate. Take the focus off the external search and go inward. Re-programming your beliefs and healing your heart will energetically open you up to being able to receive him"

Course Content

Your soul mate will come into your life when you have prepared inwardly.

The home study course which accompanies your group coaching programme will expertly guide you through a process of transformation that will be fun, liberating, healing and empowering. You will be preparing yourself on every level - mind, body, emotions and soul - to be the empowered, mentally masterful and emotionally available match to the healthy, inspiring and fulfilling relationship you have been desiring.

Your powerful video trainings with deep-dive worksheets are divided into the following subject areas:

PREPARATION: Getting ready to call him in!

MODULE 1: Setting Your Intention

MODULE 2: Activating The Feminine

MODULE 3: Giving & Receiving

MODULE 4: Desire

MODULE 5: Pleasure & Fun

MODULE 6: Beauty

MODULE 7: Healing Your Heart

MODULE 8: Acknowledgement, Gratitude & Non-Attachment

MODULE 9: Your Man Menu

MODULE 10: Your Beliefs About Men & Women

MODULE 11: Manifesting 101

MODULE 12: Creating Space

With Katie's expert guidance, you will be diving very very deep into the truth of you - activating your empowered feminine energy, healing your heart and clearing out any beliefs or behaviours that have been blocking you to receiving your soul mate.

This is a journey home to you and the intimacy you will create with yourself will be the foundation upon which you may go on to create an intimate relationship with your perfect match.

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    Katie is such an effective coach because she is so intuitive. Within the first 5 minutes of our first call, she had identified a huge blindspot that was blocking me from being the fullest expression of my joyful and loving self. I’ve been able to transform so many areas of my life just by catching this one pattern.

    Throughout the Daring and Mighty Love (Live with mastermind) course, I could tell that she genuinely cared for each of us. I was running out of hope of ever meeting my guy, but she held the faith for me. Her certainty allowed me to believe that if a relationship is what my heart desires, then it is meant for me. The coaching and the sisterhood created such a compassionate and loving space for me, that my innermost fears, insecurities and wounds felt safe enough to crawl out of their hiding places, come into the open, and be healed.

    This course came at the perfect time for me. Each module is chock full of transformational truth, and I see clear and concrete results show up in my life every time I do the homeplay. For example, when I practiced the feminine art of 'receiving', I started getting stuff for free. Everything from dinners to lucky draw prizes. I even won a month of free yoga! This stuff works!

    Doing this work has answered so many of my heart’s secret questions about love. Before this course, I felt desperate to find a man, worried there was something wrong with me, frustrated that I was not getting what I want, and fearful of ending up alone forever. Now, I’m a woman who knows her value, who’s aligning her life and actions with her Truth, who’s blossoming into a greater version of herself every day, and who loves and respects every part of herself. I’m on my way to finding the love of my life. Its just a matter of time.

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    My coaching experience with Katie has been nothing short of revolutionary! After finding Katie and the Daring and Mighty Love (Live with mastermind) programme via Instagram, I felt an instant connection and was drawn to working with her. Aside from her warmth and light, I really resonated with her story. I remember during our first call explaining that what I wanted more than anything in the world was to truly belong to somebody. I was done waiting and felt that I was ready for love. What I didn’t realise at that point was that what I really needed to work on was belonging to and loving myself!

    Through the private coaching sessions with Katie and the online course, I have begun the journey of TRUE self-discovery.

    Katie’s style of intuitive guidance is a rare and unique talent. I love how she naturally blends spirituality and life coaching so beautifully. She also has the innate ability to shine a (very) bright light on blockages and issues that you most probably were unable to see yourself.

    The Facebook group has also been an additional blessing. During each of the group coaching sessions, I was able to connect, share vulnerably in an open and safe space, and learn from 4 other fantastic and inspiring women who I am now honoured to call friends.

    I am happy to report that I have come a long way since I began the programme. I have healed some very painful blockages that were holding me back from truly connecting to others and re-written many of the old beliefs that were not serving me. I have found a sense of belonging within that I never knew was possible and have finally embarked upon a beautiful relationship of true love with myself.

    I cannot recommend Katie and her work enough. If you feel that you are ready to put yourself first, do the work and dig deep, you will not regret embarking on this journey. Working with Katie has been the best investment I have ever made in myself and worth each and every penny!

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    Over the years, I had done a ton of personal development work, however one piece of feedback that I continuously got was that I needed to “love myself more.” Friends and coaches would observe “you’re too hard on yourself.” Because I had come so far from where I started, I was at a loss of how I could love myself MORE. Enter Katie with her teachings around the inner child, boundaries, self love and getting your needs met…at first, I thought it sounded a bit too touchy feely and unnecessary. Hadn’t I done enough? The answer was a resounding NO. Not even close.

    Working with Katie both in the 1:1 setting (and also with the perfect group of women she called in) was miraculous. She was able to hold the space for me to really dive deep into the blocks I was still facing. She dug in and did the work with me to help me figure out how to unravel the very old twisted beliefs we found together. The result was way better boundaries, no more settling in my love or professional life and a sense of freedom that I hadn’t felt before. Katie is THE premiere expert in self love. If you find that you need to learn to love yourself more, to set better boundaries, to stop settling in any area of your life, Katie is the woman for you!

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The Investment

Payment in full is £5000

(or £2000 deposit followed by £1000 per month for 3 months)

To be eligible to take part in this high level group coaching programme a conversation with Katie is required. Please click the button below to schedule a call with Katie to explore whether this programme is the right fit for you.

Complimentary Call With Katie
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    I signed up to Daring and Mighty Love because I was feeling blocked about finding a relationship. It was so much more valuable than I expected. I left not only having removed blocks and healing my heart but having clarity in what I desire and truly believing that I am worthy of a healthy and committed relationship.

    I now feel confident and skilled up to get out there and date!

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    Katie came along at a time in my life when I really felt ready to do the inner work and start making some change.

    I was lucky enough to choose the group coaching sessions and the other girls who joined were just fabulous. All of us fully committed to engaging with Katie and jumping in to baring our true authentic selves.

    The support Katie provided not just on the calls but in the Facebook group too was invaluable and it really felt that she was totally committed to us and our journey.

    I met my guy 7 months after the 'Daring & Mighty Love' course! Thank you :)

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    I felt so detached and as a result of the coaching I have come back to life and am living bigger and better than ever before.

    I felt lost before working with Katie. I knew I had so much love to give and receive but for various reasons it felt so out of reach. Every day felt like a chore and I couldn’t understand how I would ever get out of the hole I was stuck in. If someone said to me 5 months ago that I would feel like the real me again, I wouldn’t have been able to accept it.

    Katie works in such a gentle and caring way. I felt (and still feel) nurtured when I work with her. I feel safe and listened to. The power of her words is incredible.

    Life is clearer than it has ever been. I’m getting better at not knowing the answers and trusting in the process. I see my worth more and more every day and I feel so much more comfortable in receiving - mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Working with Katie has been one of the biggest and best investments for me and is worth every single penny. I’m loving the real me.

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Remember, your soul mate is looking for you too!

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    Although I felt I had so much in my life - a loving and supportive network of friends and family, a happy up-bringing and a pretty fulfilled life - there still seemed to be a void. I had a persistent inner critic that nagged that I was a bad person, not attractive enough, didn’t deserve to be loved, should be earning more and I was constantly reminded of my failings with past relationships.

    I have not been able to find and keep the love and support of a man in my life and I’ve blamed this on myself.

    Working with Katie has been enlightening! She has helped me to create such a sense of clarity and happiness.

    In the beginning the coaching felt indulgent and unjustified. Now I see it was essential!

    Unpicking my past with Katie’s support enabled me to heal pieces that were still so evidently effecting my present behaviour. Identifying, releasing and changing destructive belief systems has given me such a sense of clarity.

    I feel more accepting, prepared and clearer in my life’s direction.

    I am making conscious decisions which is a huge comfort. For the first time in a long time I find myself in the present and looking forward, excited about the next chapter!
    This work has honestly guided me to a kinder and happier place in my mind and I am so grateful to Katie. She is brilliantly intuitive, kind and patient – a real inspiration and a beautiful soul to follow. A HUGE thank you!

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    Words cannot begin to express the wonderful experience I’ve had of Katie and her Daring & Mighty program. She is beautiful not only in body, but in spirit. And with her intuition as her guide she leads her clients in a way that is gentle and honest. Although I had already done a lot of the work to lead a life "on purpose", I still had barriers keeping me from having everything that I desired… in love, in my business, and in life. Katie created a safe space for me to let down the barriers and explore everything it is to be authentically me! Thank you Katie!

    Through each of the Daring & Mighty modules, and in her commitment to her clients, Katie has created the space for powerful personal growth. This is an investment in yourself, and as in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you allow it, this program will open you up to calling in everything you desire for yourself. Come ready to do the work!

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If you have questions, you can speak with our team. Just email us - support@theschoolofself.love - we will be happy to help you in your decision making process.