A 16 week online course with Katie Phillips.

Are you fed up with reading self-help books on how to improve your life and still remain stuck in the same loop?

Do you desire to master your thoughts and emotions so that you can finally feel free, empowered, worthy and balanced but don’t quite know how?

If you are anything like I was a few years ago, then I bet you really want to feel a greater connection with yourself and others and have relationships that actually mean something, especially the relationship you have with YOURSELF!

I know exactly how you feel, because I too felt the same way.

Only a few years ago, my predominant feelings were of sadness, depression, worry, fear, guilt, overwhelm and crippling anxiety.

My sense of self was miniscule. Any sense of worthiness came from the outside – my career, my relationship, my ‘achievements’.

I felt disconnected – to myself and the world around me. It was like having a permanent out of body experience. I was completely detached from experiences and the awareness of that was terrifying.

I awoke every morning in panic, with the weight of anxiety so heavy in my chest that my breathing could barely keep up with my pounding heart.

That is how I started the day!

My emotions had a life of their own. I was their victim. It was my ‘lot’ in life to feel lost and empty.

At the core of me was a black hole – a void to be filled – and I had no idea how to heal it. So, I unconsciously numbed it with addictions to romantic relationships, drama, alcohol, caffeine and television.

A course designed from personal experience.

When enough is enough!

I was absolutely fed up with surviving life. Years of unconscious living, deeply ingrained negative belief systems and behavioral patterns were sabotaging my every desire.

It was time to embark on creating a life that made me feel happy, connected, peaceful and authentic. It wanted to feel FREE!

It was time to be bold and to make a decision.

I bravely took a leap of faith onto a path of deep self enquiry, transformational healing and lasting change.

I discovered a way of doing life that allowed me to celebrate my vulnerability and to live the truth of my heart from a place of deep self knowing and self-love.

And, that is what I want for you.

I know it is possible and I am now in a place that enables me to share my experience and truly be of service. It has become my purpose.

"I created this home study course so that you too may take a journey into your own truth and fall in love with yourself."

A Course To Change a Lifetime!

This course has been created with simplicity at its core.

Downloadable audio classes and in-depth worksheets will be delivered to you in three key parts:

1. Right Here. Right Now. > Living Consciously.

2. My Spirit. My Truth. > Living Connectedly.

3. My Vision. My Future. > Living Courageously.

All teaching modules are enhanced with meditations, music and affirmations to holistically support your journey of transformation.

Investment Today > £497

Or, split your payment over 4 months > £125 per month


Right Here. Right Now. > Living Consciously

Gaining clarity on where you are at in your life and why. You will look at childhood programming and identify the areas of your life you are most dissatisfied with and why.

Audio trainings and worksheets will cover:

* Taking stock of where you are at in your life

* Understanding and dealing with fear

* Identifying your basic human needs

* Understanding why you think and feel the way that you do (a truly liberating exercise!)


My Spirit. My Truth. > Living Connectedly

You will discover that developing a Spiritual Practice is the most powerful tool to creating a life that you love and most importantly, a life in which you ‘feel’ connected, whole and satisfied. You will also learn to harness the power of forgiveness and how to develop a deeper, more loving and authentic relationship with yourself, from your heart.

Audio trainings and worksheets will cover:

* Discover your spiritual self and be gently guided home to you

* Learn a very powerful forgiveness practice that can change your life

* Meet your inner child and discover the healing power within this untapped part of you

* Discover how supported you are by learning to connect with your guides and angels

* How to harness the power of self-love with a simple yet life changing day-to-day tool-kit

* How to connect to others with compassion, kindness, understanding and love


My Vision. My Future. > Living Courageously

Be the creator of your life! By now you know that you are not a victim or slave to your life. That you can control and create what you have and how you feel. You learn how to keep yourself on a high energetic vibration so that you may harness the power that is available to you always to manifest your deepest desires and the life of your dreams.

Audio trainings and worksheets will cover:

* Discover your highest core values and how to make big life decisions with ease

* Finally know what you want by accessing your deepest and most daring desires

* Create your own life rules!

* Learn the power of asking and receiving

* Discover how to manifest your dreams

* Create an ongoing support plan

* Commit to a spiritual practice

"This home-study programme really is like no other. It is jam packed with all the tools and exercises that I teach my private clients and includes deeply transformational work to help develop your inner guidance and strength to be the person you were put on this planet to be."

What you get

You will be given lifetime access to your self-love membership site.

Your full password protected course is made available to you the second you make your purchase.

You may access the teachings at any time and you may take as long as you like to complete the programme of work.

The 3-part course is delivered as follows:

* 16 deep dive worksheets that will uncover the truth of you

* 16 audio trainings for you to download and listen to at your convenience

* 19 bonus video trainings to deepen your experience of every module

* 6 meditations to support peaceful healing and transformation

* a library of affirmations to assist you in creating new belief systems

* a complete play list of motivational and inspirational music

Investment Today > £497

Or, split your payment over 4 months > £125 per month

  • Sandra

    I am now in the driving seat of my life


  • Lynsey

    I feel so incredibly positive


  • Pippa

    My income increased by 40%


  • Hattie

    Business is flying


  • Sarah

    Every day I am getting to know myself better and I'm loving what I discover


  • Polly

    I had no idea life could be like this


  • Helen

    Now I feel free to shine my light and be totally me


  • Joanna

    I feel free from the burdens of the past


  • Judy

    I finally love myself first and foremost!


  • Kellie

    I am free of the approval of others


  • Kate

    I am more confident


  • Yvonne

    I love myself again


  • Kerry

    I can do anything now


  • Katy

    Better than a self help book


  • Melissa

    Finally things are changing


  • Anna Marie

    To discover my self worth has been priceless

    Anna Marie

  • Katrina

    It's safe to be me and to trust myself


  • Alison

    I am now really living every day


  • Claire

    Inner calm stays with me day to day


  • Annie

    I feel much more inclined to nurture myself


  • Zoe

    I gained the inner knowledge I had been searching for