The Empowered Feminine approach to dating that not only works, it prepares you to be the woman that is capable of sustaining the empowered relationship you've always wanted.

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First, it's time to get real ...

I know you are doing life on your own pretty well. It's not that bad and besides, you have a purposeful career, lots of friends and you kinda like your independence. But can we get real for a minute please because there is a reason you clicked onto this page.

I am going to hazard a guess that you are lonely. That you're fed up of wondering what to do on Sunday (when everyone else is having lunch with their family or enjoying romantic hand-in-hand strolls in the park). I bet you wish you had a man to advise you on what car insurance policy to take out or to mow your lawn or fix the crack in the wall (I don't care how feminist you are, having help with these jobs is a god send!). I bet the thought of planning another holiday alone makes you cringe and I wouldn't be surprised if being excluded from dinner parties and weekend trips designed for families and couples is making you feel pretty isolated.

If one more person questions why you are single you are going to scream and you dread spending yet another night alone on the couch in your fluffy robe with a bottle of wine and Netflix to keep you company.

I know that you long to hang out with your best friend and soul mate. To have a deep emotional connection that feels like 'home'. To be hugged. To create your life with your partner in crime. Together you will be an unstoppable force!

I know this because this was exactly my experience.

I have vivid memories of waking in the night feeling dread, worry and deep loneliness.

My secret shame was that at the age of 40 I should be further along in life.

The morning would come and I would suck it up and get on with my day - being a Mum to my 7 year old and running my business.

The ‘shoulding’ was an exhausting background noise.

I should be living in a bigger house. I should have more savings. I should be driving a nicer car. I should be providing my son with a more stable family life.

As much as I desired to be in a relationship, it also terrified me. God forbid I allowed another person to see the ‘truth’ of my life.

I genuinely believed that when he saw my little house and unremarkable bank balance, he'd disappear.

So I decided to focus on building my business, making money and getting financially sorted first.

I also believed that once my career and finances were more in order I would have time to date.

I was putting my desire to be in a relationship on hold until I had the rest of my life ‘perfect'.

Ironically, while on the one hand I was telling myself that I needed to get my life more in order before inviting a man in to share it, I also believed I had a fabulous life and was scared to lose my independence and freedom!

I was financially independent, had a business I adored and a relationship with my son that I was so proud of.

My life was good and I was scared that a man would compromise that.

I thought he would distract me from my business. I believed he would be a drain on my energy, time and finances. I was scared our relationship would affect my very close bond with my son.

So I told myself, I am fine on my own. I don’t need a man.

I let the desire go (while my soul died a little inside which is what happens when we don’t honour our secret yearnings and expose the fears for what they really are - False Evidence Appearing Real).

So I had all these juxtaposing beliefs that were conflicting with each-other and in addition to that, I was harbouring some pretty deep shame.

I was SOOO ready to share myself and my life with someone. Truth be told, I was often pretty lonely.

I hadn’t had a lot of luck in love. The majority of my past relationships featured addiction, co-dependency, jealousy, mental illness, anxiety and narcissism - the perfect cocktail for pure drama! I lived on edge in those relationships in a kind of fight or flight state. I never fully relaxed. I never completely felt like ‘me’. I so craved to feel ‘at home’.

I wanted to be in a healthy relationship but I had so many opposing beliefs that confused, overwhelmed and exhausted me. I felt ashamed to be a single mum in my 40’s.

I had reached a point where I didn’t think it was possible for me.

I genuinely thought I was unlucky in love. I had resigned myself to believing that love was meant for others, not me. I thought I must be wired wrong or fundamentally floored in some way.

I started to give up. I felt soul destroyed and defeated.

Then one day I remembered…..I AM DARING & MIGHTY!

When I was growing up my Dad had a print on his wall - it was a quote from Theodore Roosevelt that said:

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs

Even when checkered by defeat

Than to take rank with those timid spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much

Because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

Little did I know that in reading that quote every day from the age of 11 - 17, I was creating a mindset that asserted, ‘I can do anything I put my mind to’ and ‘I would rather give something a go than give up and live half a life’. I decided as a teenager that I was going to live a Daring & Mighty life.

So at the age of 42 I decided enough is enough, I am going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to meet my guy and learn how to have a healthy relationship.

I committed even more to my inner work. I overcame the thoughts that told me “you have done enough work!” and decided that apparently there were some more tweaks required and that my desire for relationship was worth that investment.

I never looked back and am so proud of the relationship I created with myself to be able to create an empowered relationship with my husband.

You can have the relationship you desire too and I can show you the way.

Keep reading!

For the woman who is ready to receive next level love.

Love Alchemy is a thorough and empowering 12 step inner journey to reconnect with you and clear out all that is standing in the way of you and your soul mate finding each other.

This is a powerful framework of learning, group coaching and supportive sisterhood for women who have made finding their intimate life partner a non-negotiable.

Women that invest in this work tend to align with at least one of these statements :

1. I am ready to do whatever it takes to clear all blocks and call in my soul mate!

2. I'm not at all interested in dating yet - I want to get to know and love me first!

Either way, if you are ready to step into your empowered feminine and do the transformational inner work that will improve your relationship with you AND energetically clear the way for your soul mate to find you, then this 12 week programme is for you!

You will be guided every single step of the way because we believe that coming home to you and finding love isn't another thing to figure out and do alone.

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Calling in your soul mate doesn't have to be yet another thing to figure out on your own.

Love Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation which combines tried and tested course work, high vibe community and masterful coaching support.

Receiving the guidance of an expert who has been where you are and is able to guide you through an intimate process that will move you from a place of feeling stuck and unworthy to free and totally deserving of your heart’s highest hope is the most self honouring thing I believe a woman can do for herself.

Let’s give life to your deepest desires. Let’s honour the truth of who you are. Let’s peel back another layer and heal anything blocking you to being the fullest, most loving and most worthy expression of yourself!

Let’s call on the gods, the angels and guides to bring you the love you have been waiting for. Let’s harness the energy of the Universe – LOVE! – to manifest your best friend and partner in crime.

Let’s reconnect you to your innate feminine nature – the most powerful force for manifesting miracles.

Your desires are meant for you.

My role as Love Alchemist (AKA Transformational Master Coach) is to create a magical container for that to manifest. I will help you prepare for an empowered relationship!

The outcomes you can expect >>

This programme will fast track you towards meeting your match.

♥ Understand why he hasn’t arrived yet and what specifically needs to shift to be open to receiving him.

♥ Move through a programme of work that will clear those blocks (that you will identify throughout the modules).

♥ Take your power back when it comes to dating so that it no longer feels like a chore or an impossibility.

♥ Feel more prepared to meet your man - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

♥ Harness your Feminine Superpowers which are key to attracting in the Empowered Masculine. You will be supported through a massive behavioural overhaul and the creation of brand new habits and ways of doing life.

♥ Find a way to date that feels really authentic for you.

♥ Discover your inherent worth so that you feel that you can contribute valuably to a a relationship and receive a man who respects your value.

♥ Discover precisely how your ‘original victim’ has been running your life and sabotaging your relationships.

♥ Discover how your disempowered masculine and feminine energies have been sabotaging your ability to date confidently and have a relationship that feels empowered.

♥ Joy, fun, pleasure and desire will become your new normal.

♥ Allowing yourself to be vulnerable will become your super power.

♥ To stop, surrender and be becomes the way you get more done.

♥ You will no longer be driven by fear and you will realise where fear has been running the show and what to do instead.

♥ You will start to hang out with your inner self every day and find it easy to listen to your wise inner voice that has all your answers.

♥ You will create physical space in your home and life for a man and it will feel exciting (instead of terrifying or impossible).

♥ Fall back in love with yourself! Finding the love of a man that will honour and respect you requires you to love yourself first, with deep honouring and respect.

♥ Realise your self confidence, self trust and self worth

♥ Let go of limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns of behaviour which are the reason your man has been blocked to finding you (because remember, he is looking for you too!).

♥ Improve your body confidence by learning how to love and accept your physical self.

♥ Discover how emotional mastery is your key manifesting tool and learn how to harness that power.

♥ Rewire your mind so that your thoughts feel clear, confident and ready for empowered dating.

♥ Connect with the power of the Universe to co-manifest your soul mate.

♥ Get clarity on who your ideal life partner is and what your life together will look and feel like.

♥ Discover that ‘doing the inner work’ isn’t as hard is you think it might be!

The course work has been designed in such a way to build your self belief so that module by module doing ‘the work’ becomes easier. You build momentum and start getting results which makes you want to do more and you begin to find it fun and a source of joy and pleasure to get to know yourself as you smash through self sabotaging obstacles to create real change in your life!

♥ Feel proud of yourself!

♥ And so much more....!

The programme inclusions :

Understand why you're single and how to call in your soul mate through this tried & tested approach :


The Daring & Mighty Love Home Study Course


Private Group Coaching


The Love Lounge Membership

Keep reading to find out more about each element

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Daring & Mighty Love Online Course

This is what you get >>

♥ Unlimited and lifetime access to a password protected Membership Site which delivers the home-study course, ‘Daring & Mighty Love’

♥ Powerful preparatory work to ensure you begin your studies with a bang!

♥ 12 x in-depth Training Videos - ranging from 30-50minutes each.

♥ 12 x in-depth Worksheets to accompany each training module.

♥ A selection of powerful guided visualisations to download and listen to at any time to aid your process of change.

♥ Love Alchemy Playbook - you will create a personalised 'soul mate strategy' for manifesting your man - this will be a beautiful, creative and magical experience. No excel spreadsheets or tick-boxes for you!

♥ A highly recommended and carefully curated reading list to support your journey.

Most women are simply not brave enough to do this inner work!

This programme is about diving in to the truth of you and helping you to get to know yourself in a way that most women are simply not brave enough to.

But you are different because you know that your soul mate cannot come into your life until you have prepared inwardly!

This course work will prepare you on every level - mind, body, emotions and soul - to be the empowered, mentally masterful and emotionally available match to the healthy, inspiring and fulfilling relationship you have been desiring.

You will heal your heart of childhood wounds, relationship failures and challenging life experiences that have somehow communicated to you that you are not enough.

You will become a vibrational match to the relationship of your dreams by clearing out limiting and sabotaging beliefs that have had you play small, give away your power and accept less than the abundance of love that you deserve.

You will move into a place of believing with every fibre of your being that you deserve a fulfilling, intimate relationship.

You will learn how to do life from the feminine so that you are surrendered, trusting and available to receive in the love of your life.

You will become more connected to your desires, more confident in your inner beauty and more switched on by your ability to have pleasure and fun.

This is a journey home to you and the intimacy you will create with yourself will be the foundation upon which you may go on to create an intimate relationship with your perfect match.

You will become magnetic!


Let me walk you through the 12 module process ...


> Building up to our first call

This is the work you will do in the lead up to our onboarding call to ensure you are fully primed to receive incredible value from this programme.

Get ready to call him in by energetically preparing yourself to receive the most value from this course

No matter what you desire to call into your life, you need to create energetic space for it! Begin a super powerful de-cluttering process that will set you up for real success.

Now is the time to raise your energetic vibration and support yourself daily with positive thoughts, messages and teachings.

Learn a new self reflection ritual that will help you to form a deep, trusting and loving relationship with yourself.

Begin the creation of your personalised book of Love Alchemy which will become your filing cabinet and pin board for all the work we do together


> Setting Your Intention

As a conscious woman, you know the importance of focussing on what you desire rather than what you don’t have. You get what you focus on!

Set your intention for this programme.

♥ Create your soul mate desire.

♥ Follow a process of self enquiry to explore your limiting beliefs around what you desire.

♥ Set intentions around your commitment to your personalised soul vision.


> Activating The Feminine

In order to connect with your powerful feminine essence you need to recognise the difference between the Feminine and Masculine energies.

♥ Discover whether you are predominantly being guided by your feminine or masculine energy.

♥ Learn 10 key ways to activate your empowered feminine energy.

♥ Follow a process of self enquiry to explore your conditioning around being a woman.

♥ Follow a process of self enquiry to explore your self sabotaging programming around your ability to experience joy and pleasure.

♥ Create new beliefs and behaviours that are rooted in the feminine so that you can embody this empowered way of showing up in the world.


> Giving & Receiving

The ability to receive is a very feminine trait and it’s key to be open and available to receive in order to allow in your desires.

♥ Learn about the ‘Universal Law of Reciprocity’.

♥ Explore where in your life you are blocked to receiving on all levels - emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.

♥ Follow a process of self enquiry to explore your conditioning around receiving.

♥ Experience a powerful shift in perspective around the power of receiving.

♥ Create new beliefs and behaviours that will move you into a receptive state so that you can create room to receive your soul mate


> Desire

The source of our desires is our True Self. Our Spiritual Self. That energy centre which is infinite, unbounded, limitless and fundamental to all creation.

♥ Experience a powerful shift in perspective around the idea that everything you are meant for is guided by your desires.

♥ Release feelings of guilt, indulgence, comparison, jealousy, scarcity and impossibility.

♥ Move out of survival mode and into thriving by discovering how to live unapologetically into your desires.

♥ Tap into the creative energy that fuels all of life so that you can manifest your soul mate!

♥ Create new beliefs and behaviours that are rooted in the feminine so that you can embody this empowered way of showing up in the world.

♥ Expand on your Love Alchemy Playbook by adding to your living vision board that is now overflowing with authentic, juicy desire!


> Pleasure & Fun

Feeling good is now your daily intention and new normal!

♥ Release generational wounding that has created feelings of shame and guilt around experiencing pleasure.

♥ Break patriarchal patterns, quit your repression of pleasure and make fun, play and femininity the norm!

♥ Discover it’s ok to slow down and that it is your route to deep self empowerment.

♥ Learn to trust that stopping doesn’t mean you are blocking your goals and desires.

♥ Begin to witness miracles happen because you are in a place of pleasure.

♥ Tap into your own unique ways of experiencing pleasure and fun.

♥ You will immediately start having more joy in your life which is the magnetic state required to receive your soul mate.


> Beauty

Beauty isn’t about how you look. It’s about how you feel.

♥ Follow a process of self enquiry to explore your conditioning around beauty.

♥ Create new beliefs and behaviours that have you radiate a magnetising beauty that will reel in your soul mate effortlessly!

♥ Discover what makes you feel beautiful and create practices that mean you retain an inner glow that is way more magnetic than ‘conventional’ beauty.

♥ Give your wardrobe a make-over!

♥ Practice embodying your beauty

♥ Experience powerful mirror work that will help you to fall in love with every single part of you.

♥ Discover that your soul mate will find you even more lovable and beautiful when you embody your own unique beauty.


> Healing Your Heart

To call in your ‘one’ you must bravely choose to heal your broken heart. Whether the heartbreak was caused by a parent, a friend, a past lover or partner you must choose to complete any unresolved or unhealed stories.

♥ Discover what is blocking you to receiving love.

♥ Learn a 3 step transformational process to heal your heart. This is a total game changer and key to you being able to have an empowered relationship.

♥ Experience a healing of sabotaging and blocking energy through the three fields of mind, body & soul.

♥ Be guided on how to energetically and physically release blocked and stagnant emotions that are dulling your magnetism and vibrancy.

♥ Be guided step by step through a transformational process that will have you vibrating at the frequency of love meaning that is what you will attract.

♥ Experience the transformative power of forgiveness in the areas of your life where you believed forgiveness was weak, unnecessary or impossible.

♥ Discover that good men (and women) exist and yours is looking for you too


> Acknowledgement, Gratitude & Non-Attachment

Learn and embody the empowered feminine way to be in a powerful receiving state to call in anything that you desire.

♥ Overcome your resistance to being single and your attachment to being in a relationship because that resistance and attachment are keeping you single.

♥ Drop all judgement around how you feel and learn how to fully love and accept your full spectrum of emotions.

♥ Develop emotional mastery so that you are able to respond rather than react or feel a victim to your day to day life experiences.

♥ Develop an emotional vocabulary which will enable you to communicate how you feel beyond ‘I’m fine’!

♥ Discover deep empowerment and peace within the present moment.

♥ Develop a powerful gratitude practice that means you attract in more to be grateful for!


> Your Man Menu

Get even deeper clarity around who you are calling in by exploring your values, past relationships and societal role models.

♥ Get clear on what you value so that you can create a life that is 100% in alignment with the truth of you and all you stand for.

♥ Explore how to fully live into your values so that your ‘one’ can come in as a vibrational match to the life you are creating.

♥ Learn the secret to making decisions with ease, certainty and full self trust.

♥ Discover how to make decisions based on what lights you up!

♥ Follow a process of self enquiry to explore your past relationships & societal role models to get deep clarity on what you do and don’t want going forward.

♥ Write your man menu and discover the liberating power of knowing what your non-negotiable are in terms of who you are calling in and the type of relationship and life you desire!

♥ By now your Love Alchemy playbook is becoming a super juicy manifestation space.


> Your Beliefs About Men & Women

Your beliefs can be very revealing and will determine behavioural habits and feelings that perhaps don’t have you experiencing yourself or others at their best.

♥ Quit dating with your guard up!

♥ Follow a very detailed process of self enquiry to explore the nasty, sabotaging voices that are blocking you to experiencing the deep connection, trust, pleasure and friendship that you desire!

♥ Explore what it’s ‘really’ like to be a man and a woman so that you can date with compassion, kindness and vulnerability.

♥ Ditch your generational conditioning around the roles of men and women in relationship.

♥ Create new beliefs and re-define relationship in a way that allows you to create what you want (instead of re-creating again and again everything that you don’t want!).

♥ Discover the joy of dating with an open heart!


> Manifesting 101

Almost everything that is happening in your life now is a direct reflection of all the thoughts, words and actions you have taken up to this very point. Now it’s time to get super intentional around what you are creating!

♥ Learn how to manifest by applying the Universal Law of Attraction.

♥ Reconnect with various modules that you have completed up to this point that you will now use to raise your energetic vibration purely for the purposes of manifesting your soul mate.

♥ Up your affirmation game and use your language to consciously create everything you desire.

♥ Learn how to harness your mental power for manifesting by taking responsibility for your thoughts.

♥ Use your newfound emotional mastery as a tool to amp up your vision and turn it into your day to day reality.

♥ Develop a visioning practice that will bring your vision board to life so that it feels like it is undeniably being created right now!

♥ Learn how to take action on your vision because the law of attraction isn’t activated without it!

♥ Discover the joy of dating without attachment or expectation and instead feel excited anticipation and enjoyment of the process!


> Creating Space

It’s time to take inspired action and start dating in a way that feels really good for you!

♥ Enjoy a process of powerful self reflection to acknowledge how far you have come, what you have learned about yourself and what transformational practices you are committed to continuing.

♥ Uncover any residual resistances you might have around fully stepping into the empowered feminine approach to life and dating so that you can course correct and ensure you continue to be a magnet for your man to find you!

♥ Create the space you need so that you can commit to a powerful spiritual practice going forward because this is key to being a magnetic force.

♥ Re-commit to activating your feminine energy so that this becomes a powerful and joyful habit and way of enjoying life.

♥ Create a daily ritual menu that ensures you always have ‘go to’ practices that work for you, keep your vibration high and ensure you at tapped into abundance and possibility.

♥ Create physical space for your man! Prepare your home and day to day environment so that he can fit into your life with ease.

♥ Take empowered and inspired action around dating in a way that feels really good for you. It’s time to put all you learned into practice and get out there!

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The Expert Support

Private Group Coaching

You need support, to be able to ask questions and get coached by an expert while moving through the 12 modules of 'Daring & Mighty Love'.

So, we have packaged up a huge selection of call types and times (matching multiple international locations) to ensure you can get coached by Katie and be in sisterhood with likeminded women while doing your powerful inner work.

♥ Onboarding call with Katie

This kick-off call will welcome you to Love Alchemy.

It's a chance to meet your sisters on this journey and start the programme feeling prepared and ready to get the most from your investment.

> 9th November @ 7pm

♥ 6 x 1hr group coaching calls

2 calls per month lead by Therapeutic & Intuitive Coach, Katie Phillips.

These intimate calls will support your personal studies as you work through the accompanying home-study course, 'Daring & Mighty Love’.

This programme has been designed & priced with the intention that you attend one coaching call per month however you are welcome to attend all that are scheduled below.

We have created Dates & Times to hopefully suit multiple time zones however we are potentially available to alter these if we have a significant number of women from timezones like USA & Australia join the programme. For now the following has been set (subject to change once we know who is in the group) >

16th Nov @ 12pm

30th Nov @ 7pm

15th Dec @ 7pm

15th Dec @ 12pm

25th Jan @ 12pm

25th Jan @ 7pm

♥ Plus the coaching calls and support included in your Love Lounge Membership (see below)

All calls are recorded so you will never miss a thing and can watch back again and again.


The Community

The Love Lounge

This is your sisterhood!

Community is the glue that brings your course study and expert coaching support to life.

The women in this space are your champions. They will remind you of your worthiness of love and challenge you to keep going when you want to give up.

Here's what you get :

♥ Access to The Love Lounge Membership for 3 months.

♥ An incredible library of masterclasses and trainings to support your journey home to you.

♥ Weekly ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A lives with Katie. Post your questions in our ‘Love Lounge’ Facebook Group and get them answered every Friday along with an intuitive oracle card reading!

♥ Two x 1 hour ‘Group Coaching & Channeling Calls’ per month with Katie.

♥ Two x 1 hour ‘Happy Hour’ calls with our ‘Community Head of Happiness’, Sarah.

The Live Coaching Call Schedule

All calls are recorded

Love Lounge Group Coaching & Channeling Calls

There are two x 1 hour ‘Group Coaching & Channeling Calls’ per month with Katie and we alternate these at 12pm and 7pm (UK time zone) to cover as many time zones and schedules as possible.

These calls are a chance for you to get coached 1:1 with Katie within a group environment. You can bring any question that you need support with as well as receive the inspiration and guidance that comes from hearing other women be coached.

If you decide to stay in The Love Lounge beyond the 3 months membership included with Love Alchemy, you can enjoy these two calls every month.

When you join the programme, we will send you a full schedule of dates for these calls so you can secure them into your diary.

All times are UK timezone

Love Lounge Happy Hour Calls

There are two x 1 hour ‘Happy Hour’ calls every month with our ‘Community Head of Happiness’, Sarah.

These calls are hosted on Zoom and are essentially a women's circle where everyone shares how they are, what they are struggling with, what they are celebrating and generally feeling part of a loving community of women on the same path.

These bi-monthly calls are alternated between 8pm & 12pm (UK time zone) to ensure we match as many time zones and schedules as possible.

If you decide to stay in The Love Lounge beyond the 3 months membership included with Love Alchemy, you can enjoy these calls every month.

When you invest in the programme, we will send you a full schedule of all the call dates / times so that you may lock them into your calendar!

All calls are UK Timezone.

Weekly Ask Me Anything Calls

Every Sunday a post will go into our Love Lounge Membership Facebook Group inviting you to ask Katie any questions.

Katie will answer those questions at the end of the week on a Facebook Live into our private group along with an oracle card reading and an invitation to you to celebrate yourself. Transformation is not complete without self acknowledgement and celebration!

Love Alchemy Group Coaching Calls

> Onboarding Call

9th Nov @ 7pm

> Group Coaching Calls

29th Nov @ 12pm

30th Nov @ 7pm

15th Dec @ 7pm

15th Dec @ 12pm

25th Jan @ 12pm

25th Jan @ 7pm

All calls are hosted on Zoom and recorded if you cannot make it live

All Calls Are Recorded

You will never miss a thing and you can watch calls back again and again.

You are being invited to rise to become the vibrational match to your empowered man who is committed to his own inner journey. He is waiting for you.

Let me guide you

I can expertly show you the way

I am a master therapeutic coach with 12 years coaching experience, helping women to know and love themselves.

I’ve studied and practiced Transformational Life Coaching, NLP, Reiki, Masculine / Feminine Energy Dynamics, Inner Child Healing, Catharsis Therapy and more.

I have personally invested tens of thousands of pounds in my own coaching, healing, development and growth.

I have a deep passion for bringing forth the empowered feminine, healing the inner child and transforming your victim archetype. I love mindset work and helping women to change their sabotaging beliefs. I am a huge fan of catharsis therapy and helping a woman to express her emotions so that she can experience peace, happiness and joy from the inside.

I adore the laws of the Universe and how we can use those to experience the love, support and guidance of Source Energy.

Manifestation, Magic and Miracles are my happy place. I am a bit woo woo.

Relationships has been the area of my life that has caused me the most pain and the most joy. I feel fully qualified to teach, coach and guide around this subject area. We teach what we needed to learn!

It’s now my pleasure and honour to guide a woman home to herself so that she can be the vibrational match to whatever she desires to call in.

I have invested thousands of hours into this work so that I can guide you forward

I have spent hundreds (perhaps thousands!?) of hours exploring how to call in love.

When I was single I read the books, listened to the podcasts and even interviewed experts on my own podcast trying to find the secret to calling in love.

Since meeting my guy (now husband) I’ve spend hundreds of hours getting to grips with exactly what I did to become a magnet for love so that I could share that knowledge, experience and wisdom with other women.

I’ve written thousands of words on the subject, created trainings and filmed courses.

Below are video testimonials of women that have come to me to meet their guy and who are now in relationships!

All the women I have coached on love and relationship have deepened their relationship with themselves and healed their hearts and childhood wounds to such a profound degree that they are feeling the self confidence, self worth and self trust to put themselves out there in a way that they never dreamed possible. They’re all improving relationship with friends, children, parents and colleagues along the way too - a nice bonus!

Some women that I work with aren’t sure if they want to be in a relationship but know they want to have a better relationship with themselves in order to make that decision.

Some women that I work with would like to meet someone but they know they need to emotionally and mentally prepare themselves first because they don’t want to bring the baggage of their past into their desired new relationship.

Some women I work with are super keen to be with someone but want to attract in a different kind of man and know they need to focus on what’s going on for them that’s had them attracting in the ‘wrong men’.

All of the women I work with desire to trust themselves more and they want to feel more worthy of the kind of love they desire. They want to feel empowered around dating and their ability to be in a healthy relationship.

I was all of those women!! Once upon a time I didn’t know if I could ever love again. Skip forward a bit and I was open to the idea but attracting in wrong men for me. Fast forward a little more and I realised that the kind of guy I wanted was so incredible that I needed to deepen my self belief and self worth to be the vibrational match for him. It was a journey home to my empowered feminine!

The journey to meeting your guy is a journey to meeting yourself. I call that your ‘Daring & Mighty Self’! There are levels and layers to that but no matter where you are at, my work can and will support you.

I have overturned multiple modern roadblocks to love and have helped thousands of women do the same

I was helping my clients to find love before I did. It took my own success to give me the confidence to teach and coach specifically on how to meet your soul mate. I needed to be my own success story first.

I am a 48 year old woman who didn’t meet her ‘one’ until 42 and marry until she was 44 - so I blew the myth that ‘you can’t find love after 40’ well and truly out of the water!

I have had my heart broken multiple times and I learned how to heal to such a degree that I was categorically NOT taking my past relationship shit into my next relationship. Neither of us deserved that.

I have dated addicts and narcissists and I learned how to strengthen my own self confidence, self belief, self worth and self trust to such a degree that I would never ever be available to be in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship EVER again.

I didn’t think I could date a man with kids after some tough experiences with someone else’s kids and crazy ex-wives! I also didn’t think a man would want me with my child. I learned how to turn beliefs like that on their head so they weren’t a barrier to receiving the family life I so yearned to have.

I did NOT believe love was meant for me. I learned how to believe like it’s fact that it IS meant for me….. and voila!

I have been in the trenches and done the work. I walk my talk and am passionate about supporting you to do the same.

"I have been where you are and have a pretty good idea how you feel. I also know that your heart's desire is there for you. I am an expert that can show you the way."

My Promise To You

This is a safe space where you can heal and prepare for a next level relationship.

Darling, I’ve got you.

I’ve shared already that I have a pretty good idea where you are at and how you might be feeling. I also know how you want to feel instead.

I've come to know that when we commit to being supported by someone who 'gets it' and is expert at helping others get the exact transformation and results you want, things WILL shift. Not least, the feeling of being supported creates an energy of optimism, hope and possibility which is what is needed to create success.

I remember knowing I needed and wanted that support and wondering where the hell do I turn to find it? Who can I trust?

I also remember feeling so far from where I wanted to be that investing in a course seemed like a mountain I wasn’t sure I had the energy to climb. Let alone the money.

The energy and the money appeared when I said yes. In saying yes, I started the transformational process before I even started ‘the work’. I swear your ‘yes’ is crazy powerful!

I REALLY value your ‘yes’. When you say yes to you, I say yes to you. When you bring your self and your commitment to the table, I will be there opposite you.

Because I KNOW what it takes to say yes.

I really really do.

When I first said yes I was a single parent with a 2 year old.

I was broke - BIG TIME!

I was couch surfing (with my baby).

I was emotionally on the floor and it took every-single-ounce of my energy to get up each day and take care of my son. No joke.

I was crippled with anxiety, worry and fear.

I had left my son’s father and was in and out of a narcissistic relationship with a man I wish I’d steered clear of except I didn’t know how to because all I knew was to get my certainty, safety, love and approval from a man. It was at my own expense but at the time, that felt better than braving it on my own.

EVERYTHING changed when I said yes to myself.


My son is now 15 and I am married, in the healthiest relationship I have ever known, feeling more me that I’ve ever felt. I have a flourishing and super rewarding 6 figure business where I feel so on purpose. I love the impact I have in the world. I also feel emotionally masterful and mentally strong so no matter what curve ball life throws my way, I know I’ve got me. I am able to use every challenge as a springboard into personal growth.

That’s ALL because I said yes to myself.

I searched out teachers, coaches and courses that I felt I could trust. It was always nerve wracking to commit. My ‘stuff’ always came up. I would get defensive and start to self sabotage as I felt enormous resistance to the change that was being offered to me. BUT I STILL SAID YES.

I was taught to live life by a line in a Theodore Roosevelt quote that said, ‘Dare Mighty Things’. I have come to know that when I do, amazing stuff happens! I have also come to know that I am worth it.

So my darling, today is your day to say yes to yourself.

I will be waiting for you on the other side, celebrating your yes because I know what it takes to say it.

I got you. And I know that this work can fast track you to meeting your soul mate.


Your soul mate will come into your life when you have prepared inwardly and that is what this programme will show you.

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Frequently asked questions...

Below are the most commonly asked questions, resistances and challenges I receive from women who are considering investing in work like this.

These questions are all fear stories. Remember, F.E.A.R is:

False | Evidence | Appearing | Real

Do you dare to love yourself enough to ask yourself better questions?

What else could be true?

Let me help you out (see, I've got your back already!) ...

"What if it doesn't work?"

> What if it does work?

"I can’t afford it"

> “What do I need to do to be able to invest in this? What could I create? What could I sell? How could I budget differently for the next 3 months? How can I be resourceful?”

“What will {they} say / think”

> “What if I am the woman they always wished I could be as a result of this work!” Or “What if I minded my own business and listened to me instead of them!?”

“I’m scared of change”

> “I know that change is scary but I am choosing to trust that a new me is going to step forward and guide me in a way that I never knew was possible!”

“If I change I don’t have control over what my life will look like”

> “I have been in control all my life and I’ve still ended up here so I am willing to try a different way and surrender into infinite possibility and potential!”

“Who will I become!?”

> “Who will I NOT become if I do nothing about where I am at and how I am feeling?”

“Who am I without my conditioned behaviour!?”

> “Yes exactly! Who could I become without the self sabotage, limiting beliefs and unhealthy relationship patterns!?”

Your journey home to you - to knowing and loving yourself - starts BEFORE you invest in this body of work. It starts right here, right now.

You MUST ask yourself better questions otherwise you will stay victim to fear, paralysed and not moving forward in your life and your relationships.

“This looks great but I’m not ready to do this yet, I need to get clear on some things and put myself in a better position first. I have a lot of stuff going on right now, I'll catch you next time. I’ll get my ducks in a row first, then do it”

You know by now I am nothing but honest with you so here’s more blunt truth:

We’re never ready for things like this. Like having a baby, we can never be prepared for the unknown. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith, the good thing is I’m here to catch you when you leap. But it’s not a huge leap because on this page are testimonials from women who have done this work and had amazing life changing success. You just need to believe that could be possible for you too.

I know how confusing and overwhelming it feels when you feel like you’re at the bottom of a mountain trying to get your life on track.

I’ve been there. I now know from first hand experience the pieces you are missing and I am literally handing them to you on a platter today.

I am making it easy for you.

It’s ok not to feel ready - maybe you never will. But that just leaves you feeling the way you do today.

Surely it’s worth taking action without feeling ready for the results you will receive!?

"I’ve bought other stuff and been let down, I don’t want to buy ‘another course’”

I understand why you feel that way, I feel the same way too for stuff that I’ve bought in the past. It’s a good reason to be cautious, but not a good reason not to do it.

There’s only a couple reasons this happened to you, either the course was put together by someone who is incompetent…or they are competent but only know how to make their strategies work for themselves.

This is so much more than a course, this is a new way of doing life. Proven, with step-by-step direction.

It’s also a system that will show you how to do life in a way that’s perfect for you. I am empowering you to create your own way forward. It’s not for me to tell you ‘the only way’. Instead I am guiding you to discovering YOUR way.

Another possibility is that you bought a course and didn’t do anything with it (I’m guilty of that myself).

So when you invest in this programme, you need to decide it’s your time to shine and that you will do the work I am inviting you to do. Deal?!

You don’t need to take a leap of faith

These women can tell you exactly what to expect from this work and whether it’s worth taking the chance!

Just click each video to watch women share their inspiring stories of being where you are now and making the changes that you desire because they committed to the work I am offering to you today. And enjoy scrolling through tonnes of testimonials spanning a decade from very happy clients!

These women met their soul mate >

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    I met my guy 7 months after the 'Daring & Mighty Love' course!

    Katie came along at a time in my life when I really felt ready to do the inner work and start making some change.

    I was lucky enough to choose the group coaching sessions and the other girls who joined were just fabulous. All of us fully committed to engaging with Katie and jumping in to baring our true authentic selves.

    The support Katie provided not just on the calls but in the Facebook group too was invaluable and it really felt that she was totally committed to us and our journey.

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    I signed up to Daring and Mighty Love because I was feeling blocked about finding a relationship. It was so much more valuable than I expected. I left not only having removed blocks and healing my heart but having clarity in what I desire and truly believing that I am worthy of a healthy and committed relationship.

    I now feel confident and skilled up to get out there and date!

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    I felt so detached and as a result of the coaching I have come back to life and am living bigger and better than ever before.

    I felt lost before working with Katie. I knew I had so much love to give and receive but for various reasons it felt so out of reach. Every day felt like a chore and I couldn’t understand how I would ever get out of the hole I was stuck in. If someone said to me 5 months ago that I would feel like the real me again, I wouldn’t have believed it.

    Katie works in such a gentle and caring way. I felt (and still feel) nurtured when I work with her. I feel safe and listened to. The power of her words is incredible.

    Life is clearer than it has ever been. I’m getting better at not knowing the answers and trusting in the process. I see my worth more and more every day and I feel so much more comfortable in receiving - mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Working with Katie has been one of the biggest and best investments for me and is worth every single penny. I’m loving the real me.

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    The Daring and Mighty Love course has been an evolution for me as well as a revolution. I have really started to respect and allow myself to be open to possibility without being a victim to circumstance or a martyr to my own belief systems. And I have started the crucial work in dismantling those belief systems. I genuinely know, feel, and believe that the Daring and Mighty Love Mastermind has given me the tools, strength and awareness to swim into my next chapters, and to know the work is there for me to revisit and expand on as and when I will and must.

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    After completing the 5 day ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ Challenge, I signed up for ‘Daring & Mighty Love’ - The Mastermind - as I was frustrated at still being single and I had an overriding feeling that finding love shouldn’t be so difficult.

    I’ve gained much from the work but most importantly :

    * Getting in touch with my inner child
    * Recognising a habit of playing small & not wanting to ask for too much
    * The importance of being feminine & playful
    * Owning my vulnerability & feelings
    * Exploring my attitudes around men & women (their roles etc)
    * Appreciating that acceptance/receiving/surrender can be just as useful as action - it’s a balance

    It is certainly a significant investment but that was one of the factors which made me stick with it when it felt challenging & uncomfortable. Katie is intuitive, supportive & compassionate. I am also grateful to those in the group who shared & encouraged me.

    My desires are meant for me, so I’m glad that I committed to the work of understanding myself better & showing up a little differently in life so that I can receive them!

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Women who have done this work say >

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    My new man has just moved in with me and we are looking for a bigger home. He is everything I think I ever wanted in a man! So kind and caring.

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    For me this was the most incredible in-depth “degree” in me.

    The place I was in before working with Katie compared to now is unrecognisable. I feel I’ve shed the skin of a person who was doubting the possibilities of the future, disbelieving her power, personal convictions, values and desires.

    I learned so much about myself but more than that I learned how to empower myself when difficulties crop up, stay true to my values and continue on the path of gaining all I desire. I also learned how to bring in love, spirituality and self care into my day.

    Before working with Katie I couldn’t even imagine dating again. I went on to date (and meet my guy!) in a way that felt really light, easy and fun for me. I am in awe of myself!

    All the life skills I learnt on the course give me an empowerment that encourages me to make the right decisions on everything from money … to love … to career… to health.

    It’s the best investment I’ve made ... and it continues to give.

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    As a coach myself, over the years I had done a ton of personal development work, however one piece of feedback that I continuously got was that I needed to “love myself more.” Friends and coaches would observe “you’re too hard on yourself.” Because I had come so far from where I started, I was at a loss of how I could love myself MORE. Enter Katie with her teachings around the inner child, boundaries, self love and getting your needs met…at first, I thought it sounded a bit too touchy feely and unnecessary. Hadn’t I done enough? The answer was a resounding NO. Not even close.

    Working with Katie both in the 1:1 setting (and also with the perfect group of women she called in) was miraculous. She was able to hold the space for me to really dive deep into the blocks I was still facing. She dug in and did the work with me to help me figure out how to unravel the very old twisted beliefs we found together. The result was way better boundaries, no more settling in my love or professional life and a sense of freedom that I hadn’t felt before. Katie is THE premiere expert in self love. If you find that you need to learn to love yourself more, to set better boundaries, to stop settling in any area of your life, Katie is the woman for you!

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    My coaching experience with Katie has been nothing short of revolutionary! After finding Katie and the Daring and Mighty Love (Live with mastermind) programme via Instagram, I felt an instant connection and was drawn to working with her. Aside from her warmth and light, I really resonated with her story. I remember during our first call explaining that what I wanted more than anything in the world was to truly belong to somebody. I was done waiting and felt that I was ready for love. What I didn’t realise at that point was that what I really needed to work on was belonging to and loving myself!

    Through the private coaching sessions with Katie and the online course, I have begun the journey of TRUE self-discovery.

    Katie’s style of intuitive guidance is a rare and unique talent. I love how she naturally blends spirituality and life coaching so beautifully. She also has the innate ability to shine a (very) bright light on blockages and issues that you most probably were unable to see yourself.

    The Facebook group has also been an additional blessing. During each of the group coaching sessions, I was able to connect, share vulnerably in an open and safe space, and learn from 4 other fantastic and inspiring women who I am now honoured to call friends.

    I am happy to report that I have come a long way since I began the programme. I have healed some very painful blockages that were holding me back from truly connecting to others and re-written many of the old beliefs that were not serving me. I have found a sense of belonging within that I never knew was possible and have finally embarked upon a beautiful relationship of true love with myself.

    I cannot recommend Katie and her work enough. If you feel that you are ready to put yourself first, do the work and dig deep, you will not regret embarking on this journey. Working with Katie has been the best investment I have ever made in myself and worth each and every penny!

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    Katie is such an effective coach because she is so intuitive. Within the first 5 minutes of our first call, she had identified a huge blindspot that was blocking me from being the fullest expression of my joyful and loving self. I’ve been able to transform so many areas of my life just by catching this one pattern.

    Throughout the Daring and Mighty Love (Live with mastermind) course, I could tell that she genuinely cared for each of us. I was running out of hope of ever meeting my guy, but she held the faith for me. Her certainty allowed me to believe that if a relationship is what my heart desires, then it is meant for me. The coaching and the sisterhood created such a compassionate and loving space for me, that my innermost fears, insecurities and wounds felt safe enough to crawl out of their hiding places, come into the open, and be healed.

    This course came at the perfect time for me. Each module is chock full of transformational truth, and I see clear and concrete results show up in my life every time I do the homeplay. For example, when I practiced the feminine art of 'receiving', I started getting stuff for free. Everything from dinners to lucky draw prizes. I even won a month of free yoga! This stuff works!

    Doing this work has answered so many of my heart’s secret questions about love. Before this course, I felt desperate to find a man, worried there was something wrong with me, frustrated that I was not getting what I want, and fearful of ending up alone forever. Now, I’m a woman who knows her value, who’s aligning her life and actions with her Truth, who’s blossoming into a greater version of herself every day, and who loves and respects every part of herself. I’m on my way to finding the love of my life. Its just a matter of time.

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This is what Jody has to say about this work >

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    I called in love!

    Directly on the back of completing the 'Daring & Mighty Love' course, I called in love!

    We have something very special that we both cherish.

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    Words cannot begin to express the wonderful experience I’ve had of Katie and her Daring & Mighty Love program.

    As a stressed out single Mom, building a business, I had already done a lot of the work to lead a life "on purpose", but I still had barriers keeping me from having everything that I desired… in love, in my business, and in life.

    Katie was able to see things in me I wasn’t able to see. She created a safe space for me to let down the barriers and explore everything it is to be authentically me!

    Katie is knowledgeable, experienced, and tapped into her intuition, and because of it she is able to lead her clients in a way that is gentle, honest, and tailored. She is beautiful not only in body, but in spirit.

    Through each of the Daring & Mighty modules, and in her commitment to her clients, Katie has created the space for powerful personal growth. This is an investment in yourself, and as in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you allow it, this program will open you up to calling in everything you desire for yourself. Come ready to do the work!

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    I did the course after completing Katie’s 5 day challenge. I loved her authenticity and style and the inner child and masculine/feminine work really resonated with me. I just knew I needed to delve deeper into these areas and that I also wanted to work with Katie.

    The course not only delivered everything it promised and I’d expected, but it exceeded what I’d hoped to learn and achieve, and gave me so much more.

    My suspicions from the 5 day challenge were confirmed and I learnt that my original victim and masculine were running the show. It was only working with Katie and a group that I realised for the first time, I wasn’t alone in this.

    I have done work before but nothing seemed to get to the depth that doing this course did. I finally learnt to truly feel my emotions, be feminine, be vulnerable and surrender. Having always avoided and struggled with this, Katie made it all make sense, feel easy and I learnt that living this way actually made me stronger not weaker. I learnt the true meaning of joy, what my desires are and how to receive.

    Working with Katie and doing the course didn’t feel like learning, the key for me was that it gave me the tools to tap into my own intuition and trust it. I hadn’t wanted to do this before, let alone listen. Katie helped me understand that this was driven by fear and it’s actually the safest place for me to be and exactly where all the answers are for me going forward. Sounds simple, but without Katie’s guidance and the tools in the course, I wouldn’t have believed in it, let alone be able to live my life this way.

    Working in a group was key and we all remain in touch after the course. Knowing I wasn’t alone, others had similar feelings, hearing other peoples perspective and learnings from the modules and the support I received from them all was just priceless.

    The course Katie has put together is brilliant but it’s Katie that makes it exceptional. Her own life experiences, her coaching style, her understanding and her ability to offer guidance exactly where you need it is what makes working with her so special and unique.

    If I could sum it up in one sentence; Katie made a lot of things I kind of knew finally make sense and she gave me the tools to live a happier life for the rest of my life.

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How she found her man using self love >

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    - ANON

    We are engaged and have a gorgeous baby boy!

    I am so happy.

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    I was was stuck, stuck for years. I saw everything as a burden, a barrier. My life was driven by fearful thoughts - Fear of losing my job, losing my home and being single forever. The list was long...

    I was confident on the outside but inside I was full of self-doubt, I had low self-esteem, could not be myself in a relationship. I feared that being me wasn’t good enough or loveable.

    Working with Katie was a game changer for me. I realised I held so many negative and limiting beliefs about myself. These beliefs were deeply rooted in my childhood and became lifelong limiting beliefs.

    Katie’s ‘Daring and Mighty Love’ has genuinely changed me. I now feel so happy. I’m no longer playing the victim; but instead making decisions and taking action towards my dreams. I just can’t believe how quickly this has all happened.

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    Although I felt I had so much in my life - a creative business, loving and supportive network of friends and family, a happy up-bringing and a pretty fulfilled life - there still seemed to be a void. I had a persistent inner critic that nagged that I was a bad person, not attractive enough, didn’t deserve to be loved, should be earning more and I was constantly reminded of my failings with past relationships.

    I have not been able to find and keep the love and support of a man in my life and I’ve blamed this on myself.

    Working with Katie has been enlightening! She has helped me to create such a sense of clarity and happiness.

    In the beginning the coaching felt indulgent and unjustified. Now I see it was essential!

    Unpicking my past with Katie’s support enabled me to heal pieces that were still so evidently effecting my present behaviour. Identifying, releasing and changing destructive belief systems has given me such a sense of clarity.

    I feel more accepting, prepared and clearer in my life’s direction.

    I am making conscious decisions which is a huge comfort. For the first time in a long time I find myself in the present and looking forward, excited about the next chapter!

    This work has honestly guided me to a kinder and happier place in my mind and I am so grateful to Katie. She is brilliantly intuitive, kind and patient – a real inspiration and a beautiful soul to follow. A HUGE thank you!

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    I’ve learned so much about myself during the 'Daring & Mighty Love' course and am truly grateful for how Katie has supported me. She’s an incredible coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    My main takeaways:

    ❤️Clean up your side of the street.
    If someone has triggered you, ask yourself ‘what is it that I need that I feel I’m not getting?’ Then work on giving yourself just that. A biggy for me because I do have a bit of fire inside me but checking in on myself with this hugely helps.

    ❤️’Every act is either an expression of love or a call for love regardless of how unskillful it may appear.’ Quote @daringandmighty
    If relationships with family, friends, partners are tricky, ask yourself if the behaviour is being driven by love or fear. Either way it’s ok.

    ❤️What other people think of you is none of your business.
    It really isn’t! Stop worrying about what people think and just do you. If they don’t like it? That’s their business not yours.

    ❤️Understanding masculine/feminine dynamics is game changing. I’ve learnt so much from Katie about my masculine and feminine energy and how to harness both from an empowered space. Always more to learn but it’s been eye opening so far.

    ❤️Get super clear on what you desire then let go of the ‘how’.
    It’s so easy to get stuck on how we achieve our big dreams and desires. Letting go of the how and taking guided rather than forced action has been pretty life changing.

    ❤️Facing what you are avoiding leads to a much happier healthier life.
    I recently faced something I’d been avoiding for a long time and can’t tell you how much healthier, happier, motivated and zingy I feel now I’m moving out the other side.

    ❤️Work on yourself every day. For me it’s giving myself what I need in exercise, meditation, sleep, processing thoughts and emotions, reading, mixing. Whatever helps you work on your mindset and feel good.

    Thank you for everything Katie, you are incredible.

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    I joined the Daring and Mighty Love Mastermind having felt inspired by the 'Meet your Soulmate' challenge and now I am a member of The Love Lounge because I don't want the journey to end!

    I had never realised that being part of a sisterhood sharing thoughts, feelings, issues and tissues would make such a dramatic difference to my life. I have learnt to understand my feminine, to embrace my gifts, to feel genuine confidence and most importantly, I have now grasped that I am loveable just as I am. My imperfections are my vulnerabilities and they are beautiful.

    I can now stand in my own power and lead my life without the worry of others opinions, which is a true feat for me.

    Katie has provided a unique space to share in safety and love, leading us to the parts of ourselves we may never have known needed healing.

    She's a true light, an inspiration and I admire her honesty, focus and care for all her clients.

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Emma & Kate's Experience >

Got Questions?

To explore if this programme is the right next move for you, please schedule a conversation with Katie via the button below.

Book A Call With Katie

Stop looking for your soul mate. Take the focus off the external search and go inward. Re-wiring your beliefs and healing your heart will energetically open you up to being able to receive him.

I'm All In !

    Working with Katie has been a truly life-changing experience – and I don’t say that lightly!

    I joined the Five-Day Challenge in the hope of finding a soulmate, but I’ve ended up finding something a lot more important: myself.

    I’m finally discovering who I am, how my conditioning and beliefs have shaped me, what I really want from life and – importantly – how to get there.

    The Five-Day Challenge was a great starting point, and even during that short space of time I could feel shifts happening, but Love Alchemy takes things to another level entirely.

    Men are coming out of the woodwork to woo me; my career is taking shape; I keep receiving compliments from friends and strangers; I feel feminine and beautiful; and I’m genuinely excited to see what my future holds.

    For me, it’s like a veil has been lifted and I can finally start living – and having – the life I want. Ultimately, we get what we present to the world: an insecure, self-critical, disempowered me was attracting insecure, critical, disempowering relationships. That’s why it’s so important to start from a space of abundant self-love – which Love Alchemy enables you to cultivate in spades, in the most accessible, empowering and genuinely enjoyable way.

    I've done a ton of courses and counselling before and NOTHING has got me close to where Katie has taken me.

    I've paid for Mark Groves 'Create The Love', Evan Mark Katz's 6 month 'Love U' online self-directed course, Matthew Hussey's 'Get The Guy', I've religiously followed Katherine Woodward Thomas's book 'Calling in the one', and I've seen life coaches, therapists, you name it... They've all brought intermittent success in terms of finding short or long-term boyfriends, but none of them have addressed the core issue - self-love. Which, considering how I'm now feeling about myself and life, is clearly WHAT WAS MISSING! And of course, none of the relationships have been any good!

    Thank you, Katie!