Download your meditations - My Gift To YOU!


I honour you deeply for choosing to begin your Self-Love Affair!

You are a rare and brave woman to embark on this journey and I am so excited for you because as you are going to discover, you are SO WORTHY OF LOVE!

Enjoy reading my book and indulge in these beautiful meditations.

You deserve it!

Katie x

“I believe every women deserves to be the fullest, most beautiful expression of herself. Self-Love is the key and my wish is that my book and meditations assist you on your journey back to you."

These six meditations are my gift to you

True Self

This is a 15 minute meditation to connect you to your true self – also known as your inner guide, your inner light, your Spirit self. Essentially, it is your truth. Being Daring & Mighty means being guided and directed by your Spirit because that allows you to make decisions, develop new ideas and communicate from your authentic self. It simply means, you are being you, at all times! Beautiful, just perfect, lovely YOU. How liberating….!

Inner Child

Despite outwardly appearing like an adult, many are actually operating from the place of a small child. Your inner child is a valid and very real part of you. Paying her attention means you are less likely to act out in a childish tantrum and empower her instead to experience more joy, humor and an excited curiosity for life.

Spirit Guide

We all have a Spirit Team. I call on my ‘S-Team’ whenever I need guidance or protection. I may ask an Angel to shield me or my Spirit Guide to show me a sign to direct me with a decision. I know that as a Spirit having a human experience, I am doing myself a disservice not to hook into my Spiritual Team – they are there, waiting to help me, if only I would ask!


A key aspect of transformation and change is applying the experience of forgiveness. This healing meditation is done after a session of ‘expression’ which is part of The Self-Love Affair Process. It's also lovely to do anytime when you need help with forgiving yourself or others.

Blue Sky

This is a guided visualisation to connect you to your deepest desires! I like to call it a blue sky vision because when we set goals it’s important to remember we are not limited in any way. The Universe is abundant and limitless and wants nothing more than to support us in having our greatest dreams be our reality. So, why not dream big! This meditation allows you to do just that.

Open Heart

This meditation asks you to smile! This may seem an unusual practice however it is a rather beautiful way to open a connection to your heart which is the centre for healing and forgiveness. The intention of this meditation is to open your heart which allows you to connect more deeply to your own truth and to open lines of communication with others.