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I want to support you in making your menopause an empowering rite of passage.

Please join me for a ground breaking interview series that will share how you can approach your menopause with positivity and optimism.

You will learn how to take care of yourself throughout menopause in a way that will be totally unique to you so that no matter what your experience, you can manage and move through it in a way that has you feel in charge, hopeful, feminine and supported.

This interview series will help you navigate your menopause so that it no longer needs to be something to cause you worry or overwhelm.

Who am I & why am I creating this series?

When this interview series was created I was a 43 year old woman who ‘thought’ she might be going through peri-menopause. I was certainly experiencing some painful, uncomfortable and embarrasing symptoms!

This sudden change surprised me - menopause wasn’t on my radar at all and I felt overwhelmed with where to begin to get support.

I tried to look about for information but was met with messages declaring menopause to be a horrible nightmare and my initial response was to start feeling unattractive, overwhelmed, old and on a downhill slope….

As a transformational self-love coach, author and speaker it occurred to me that I wasn’t responding in a conscious, empowered or masterful way to a very natural part of life and to respond like that is the experience of most women.

I made the decision to make my experience of menopause the most positive and life affirming experience, and to share with other women how that could be possible for them too.

Since making that decision, things shifted very positively for me. A good sign!

I desire to embrace the experience of menopause and to learn how to take care of myself in a way that I know will be totally unique to me so that no matter what my experience is, I can manage it and move through it in a way that has me feel in charge, hopeful, feminine and supported.

It’s MY menopause, after all!

When I began this journey I had no idea what was possible. Some women told me that menopause will treat me in the way that it’s gonna treat me and I just have to deal with it - in other words, I was kidding myself to think that I could feel in charge of it.

Perhaps they are right.

My nature and my profession however is to challenge that.

My feminine wisdom told me that this experience could be the most empowering rite of passage. That it could be an opportunity for me to know and love myself even more by embracing my body, my femininity and my soul at an even deeper level. And, to be able to share that experience and that wisdom with other women.

I regularly interview leaders and experts in the arena of mind/body/emotion/spirit with a focus on the transformational qualities of self love.

And so ‘My Menopause - An Interview Series’ was birthed and I am so excited to share so much wisdom with you from a plethora of experts who are chomping at the bit to be of service to you.


This series will support women who are approaching menopause, empowering them with clarity, support and hope.

So, if you are a women who:

  • is wondering if perhaps she is in peri-menopause;
  • definitely knows you are in peri-menopause;
  • wants to know how to manage menopause - to feel supported and to reduce overwhelm (in advance of starting menopause);
  • desires to feel empowered and optimistic about this natural life transition

… then this FREE interview series is for you!

The expert interiews that you will have access to are intended to empower you with awareness, solutions, practical tips, tools and alternative ways of viewing and thinking about menopause.

I do hope you will join us!

Katie - Founder of The School of Self Love xx


It's time to take back control and own this rite of passage as a positive and life enhancing experience