Get prepared for next level love!

I believe it’s imperative to your dating success to consciously and intentionally prepare yourself for the relationship you desire. As an energetic being, your work is to become the vibrational match to the person you are calling in and this is initially a journey home to yourself.

In this Masterclass I will share 5 game changing teachings that can kick-start an inner journey which will make you a magnet for soul mate love.


Katie x

(Founder of The School of Self Love)

Meet Katie

Let's start with Katie sharing a little of her story to inspire you with hope that finding love over 40 is not only possible, it can feel easy, liberating and joyful!

Empower Your Mind

Katie will invite you to notice your limiting beliefs around dating and relationships and how they are blocking you to receiving next level love. This is an opportunity to enhance your self worth.

Heal Your Heart

Katie will invite you to let go of the past and create space for your future. It's time to acknowledge your more vulnerable feelings. You will discover that this is the route to deep self trust.

Align Your Energy

Discover the power of activating your empowered feminine energy so that you can date with ease, confidence and joy.

Connect Your Soul

To call in soul connected, deeply intimate, safe and trusting love you must have that relationship with yourself first. Meditation helps to create that and also hooks you into the co-creation magic of source energy which is key when manifesting your deepest desires!

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Dream Big

Katie will invite you to connect with the vision of the kind of person and relationship you desire to call in. You will discover how important it is to know what you want!

Free Coaching Offer

Please come and join the next 'Meet Your Soul Mate' experience where you can ask Katie your questions and have a chance to be personally coached by her!

This FREE 5 day challenge reveals how single, high achieving, midlife women can boost self confidence, self trust and self worth TO ATTRACT YOUR SOUL MATE.

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