90 day detox for the mind, body & emotions

This is a supercharged coaching programme designed to support the manifestation of specific desires and is only open to women who have worked with me as a private client or have attended one of my retreats.

Thoughout our coaching journey together to date much has been uncovered, healed, transformed and evolved.

You are a conscious and empowered woman. You are your own best friend. You have your back. You are there for you. You are committed to your continued growth and evolution. There’s no turning back now!

Self-Love, Freedom, Purpose, Unlimited Abundance, Health, Emotional Fitness and Mental Mastery are now super high values for you. Maintaining your Spiritual connection is now the key to your continued growth. Learning how to tap into your Feminine Energy is now crucial to the manifestation of your heart’s highest hopes.

This masterclass is about learning how to do life differently and creating new habits of behavior that guarantee miraculous manifestations as your daily new normal.

The Self-Love MasterClass for Spiritual Women

This is a 90 Day detox for your Mind, Body & Emotions so that you can stay steadfastly connected to your Spirit and your Feminine Essence. This will enable you to live authentically, energetically and on purpose!

Toxins come in all sorts of different forms – from unacknowledged and unexpressed emotions to stimulants and unhealthy chemicals in the body to self-sabotaging beliefs and behavioural habits.

Toxins block us from being a clean and clear channel that is able to remain in constant connection with our Spiritual Self – the truth of who we are.

“Business is flying”

Creating New Habits

We are naturally meant to be connected to our Spirit however we are conditioned otherwise and so life feels hard and miracles (which are natural!) seem out of reach.

We have been conditioned to live a lifestyle that builds toxins within and around us, making it difficult to connect to the peace and wisdom which is readily available to us.

We are programmed to operate on a masculine level to such a degree that our feminine nature gets trodden on and ignored.

We need the balance of masculine and feminine energy within us in order to live with ease and grace.

Without a clear connection to our Spirit and a deep honouring of our feminine essence, we feel unfulfilled, tired, confused and off track – even if we have done a LOT of personal development work!!

Self-Love requires you to clear out all toxins, on all levels – Physically, Mentally and Emotionally so that you may connect Spiritually.

"Thank you for changing my life so incredibly meaningfully, to a depth I could never imagine."

Choose A New Lifestyle

I have developed an intensive yet super gentle 90 Day detoxification which I use all year round to ensure I am living my best, most powerful and most masterful life.

This process isn’t a one-off detox. It’s a process that I will teach you so that it can become your continued way of life. I desire for you to create new daily habits that will guarantee your ability to create the life you deeply desire – with speed, ease and grace. Without these habits, manifesting your heart’s highest hopes will be a slow and frustrating process.

The process I will guide you through will:

  • have you feeling alive, energetic and healthy
  • improve your mental mastery so that your thoughts create what you desire (rather than sabotage)
  • improve your emotional mastery so that happiness and feeling good become your daily experience (key to manifesting anything!)
  • reconnect you with your feminine essence – the creative powerhouse that can call in your deepest desires (the manifestation secret no-one taught you)
  • develop a deeper and more clear connection with your Spiritual Self (your route to peace and fulfillment)

When you clear out all that is toxic and blocking you to your authentic self you:

  • can hear your intuition and your wise inner guidance
  • will know what to do next and be able to trust yourself
  • will have the energy and exuberance for life that is required to live on purpose
  • will begin to manifest abundance in all forms
  • can more easily keep on track with your personal growth and mastery.

“I'm now in the driving seat if my life”

The Investment

£900 or 3 payments of £320

Additional private support is available upon request.


We will have a private Facebook group which is a confidential community in which you can share your experiences, challenges, successes, recipes, books and other inspiration with likeminded women on the same journey as you. I will also be in that group very regularly, inspiring and encouraging you with your daily practices, mindset, wellbeing and general spiritual and personal growth;

You will be partnered with an accountability buddy (member availability dependent) so that you may hold each-other accountable on a deeper 1:1 level (and I will encourage you to set up a weekly check-in call with your partner);

Of-course I will be checking in with you in our Facebook Group and on all the group calls too!

Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously or unconsciously employed the ‘Master Mind’ Principle.
Napoleon Hill

What Is Not Included

Wild Nutrition Cleanse Supplements (A URL and discount code will be provided so that you may purchase your supplements online). These supplements powerfully aid the dietary cleanse we will be doing together and are highly recommended.

The Total Cleanse Programme comprises of three products: Food-Grown® Total Cleanse Complex, Food-Grown® Antioxidant Boost and Food-Grown® Balance Multi Nutrient together with a 28-day dietary program with health tips and recipes. The 28-day Total Cleanse Programme looks beyond the faddy ‘detox’ or weekend of ‘juicing’. This cleanse harnesses a functional medicine approach, working on the body’s biochemistry and cellular health. A programme that works from the root up, with deep results.

It’s Time To Go To Your Next Level

Detoxing at this level ‘aint for the faint of heart which is why I am providing you with a community and a level of support and accountability that will rocket you to success.

In 90 days you can turn your life on its head! And I will be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

Self-Love, Self-Mastery and living on purpose is a journey. You don’t take a course and upon completion be ‘fixed’ with nothing left to heal, evolve or grow.

As a Spiritual being you are ALWAYS changing and growing. You are ALWAYS going to your next level. This programme will support you to do that.

Do you dare to love yourself?

Our curriculum responds to the wider needs of women who know in their hearts that they were put on the earth to do something special.

If you are willing to drop your self-sabotaging conditioning, stop listening to the voice of self doubt and exhausting yourself with emotional gymnastics, then your mighty life awaits!

Come home to you