{LOVE NOTE} How To Deal With Fear

Moving on from last week’s lesson (https://theschoolofself.love/blog/love-note-the-power-of-intention/), you’ve set your intentions. You’ve looked at your life and identified the things you are no-matter-what committed to transforming. You’re ready. What now? Well, before you start creating a life you love (exciting, isn’t it?), we need to tackle one thing. The one thing that could get in

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An introduction …..

Hey Self Lover! I would like to pull back the coaching curtain and start revealing real life stories about women who are finally saying “no more!” to anything in their life that doesn’t serve them. Let’s start with Cary (not client’s real name as I am protecting her privacy) whom I first worked with exactly

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Do you dare to love yourself?

Our curriculum responds to the wider needs of women who know in their hearts that they were put on the earth to do something special.

If you are willing to drop your self-sabotaging conditioning, stop listening to the voice of self doubt and exhausting yourself with emotional gymnastics, then your mighty life awaits!