Mind Detox

I am committed to my own ongoing transformation and growth so I bit Sandy Newbigging’s hand off when he invited me to experience his unique ‘Mind Detox’ process ahead of the launch of his new book. I think we learn so much from witnessing someone else’s transformation so it is my pleasure to invite you behind

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Adversity To Advantage

Petra Velzeboer’s podcast, ‘Adversity to Advantage’, is full of inspiring stories from people who have turned their life around. I think we learn so much from hearing other people’s stories so I thought I would share my interview with you. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN We cover topics such as: Co-dependant relationships … and how to

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It’s International Woman’s Day and today I would like to invite you to be more YOU. I like to run my life intuitively. If something feels good, I pursue it. If it doesn’t, I don’t. It has taken me some time to get to this place and it required me to re-programme, re-imagine and re-design much of

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Do you dare to love yourself?

Our curriculum responds to the wider needs of women who know in their hearts that they were put on the earth to do something special.

If you are willing to drop your self-sabotaging conditioning, stop listening to the voice of self doubt and exhausting yourself with emotional gymnastics, then your mighty life awaits!

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