Guided Meditations

Written and spoken by the founder of our school, Katie Phillips. In addition to the health benefits a regular meditation practice provides, Katie’s guided visualisations are a TOOL KIT that will assist you in more deeply knowing yourself, connecting with others and creating your deepest desires.

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The Self Love Affair

So much more than a self-help book! ‘The Self-Love Affair’ encourages you to lead a daring and mighty life by embracing Self-Love. If you are ready to make the decision to become the best version of you, our founder, Katie Phillips, can show you how to begin your Self-Love Affair, master your life and never look back.

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Do you dare to love yourself?

Our curriculum responds to the needs of those who know in their hearts that they were put on the earth to do something special.

If you are willing to drop your self-sabotaging conditioning, stop listening to the voice of self doubt and exhausting yourself with emotional gymnastics, then your mighty life awaits!

Come home to you