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But first, let's check you are in the right place.

Does this sound like you? True or False :

  1. Your happiness depends on whether everyone around you is happy and approving of you, no matter the cost to your own well-being.
  2. You feel the need to fix everyone.
  3. You feel damaged and not good enough.
  4. You need to be perfect all the time.
  5. Happiness and peace is meant for others, not you.
  6. Your emotional ups and downs make you crazy.
  7. Focusing on others has meant you have lost your sense of self.
  8. You have anger bubbling under the surface most of the time.
  9. You have obsessive thoughts and a very loud inner critic, which is tiring you out.
  10. You say yes when you mean no. A lot!

Did you answer TRUE to most of these questions?

Then you are absolutely in the perfect place.

I know because I used to be a people pleaser too, and I know the dreadful, empty, and tortured way it can make you feel. However, I also know from experience that it’s just a bad habit and it can be cured through self-love.

Making other people happy is a wonderful thing, but being a people pleaser can be damaging and destructive to you and your self worth if its root lies in the relentless need for love and approval from others.

The good news is that I can help you change the pattern, starting now. I am a self-love coach and an expert in the arena of transforming self-sabotaging behaviours such as co-dependency (A.K.A. people pleasing).

My People Pleasing Story

Learning to understand and have compassion for all parts of who I am has meant that my negative childhood conditioning, debilitating mind-set and self-sabotaging behavioural traits were transformed and today I do not recognise the woman I used to be just a few short years ago.

Read My Self Love Story


As with so many of these things, for me it started as a child, and for far too long I lived in pain and shame because I didn’t know how to handle my emotions, and I accepted that as my lot in life. I believed that happiness and fulfilment was for other people; something you were pre destined for or not.

Both my parents struggled in their own ways with various forms of anxiety, depression, worry, guilt and anger. My Mum was highly co-dependent (A.K.A. a people pleaser) and I witnessed her mould her life around a man to the total detriment of her mental health and any shred of personal fulfilment. I doubt she even dared to dream. She was supremely talented at keeping up appearances, smiling, putting herself last and keeping everyone happy. She loved me very much. Unfortunately, one of the key things I learned from her was how to be a people pleaser because that was all that was modelled.

I used to be reluctant to share this

To illustrate just how damaging people pleasing can be, my mum took her own life when I was 22; although I would argue that her life was taken from her years before she actually died.

The frightening thing is that I understand how she must have felt to some degree because for years I felt dead inside too. Putting everyone before myself was soul destroying in every possible way.As a single mum with a beautiful little boy it was no longer OK to stay inside with the curtains drawn all day, slowly self-destructing; I wanted better for him, and I wanted better for me.

So, I simply HAD to figure out a different way of doing life.

Learning to Love Yourself

I didn’t know how I was going to change things, and the journey has taken me down a lot of avenues, but having felt my way through the darkness, I know that the key to being free is self-love.

That was something I needed to learn, it wasn’t going to happen by magic or divine justice, and now I am going to share the secrets with you.

Discovering that it is OK to have dreams and make them happen was a massive awakening for me. To realise that no one was going to suffer or die if I put myself first was life altering (in fact it turned out that they would be happier and better loved by me). To not care what people thought if they did judge or criticize my life choices was a revelation, and to be able to move away from unhealthy, drama-fuelled, co-dependent relationships has given me peace. The result has been the ability to live on purpose and be of huge service to others without self-sacrifice.

That is my miracle and I want you to experience it as well.

You can have it all...

I know it’s possible to change pre-programmed, destructive patterns of behaviour because I did it myself and now my clients are doing it too.

Women who I have coached, just like you, are transforming their relationships, income and life purpose with a speed that they can barely believe.

They have gone from feeling crazy, wiped out, in financial struggle and depleted by the drama of their relationships to experiencing peace and abundance in all areas of their lives.

You are meant to feel this way too and the universe wants nothing more than to support you in claiming a life that you love and that enables you to be of highest service to the world.

I would love to take your hand and guide you through my proven six-step system to overcoming people pleasing behaviour so that you no longer need love, approval and happiness from others.

“Business is flying”

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Join my Virtual Classroom

Take your first steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling way of living and join my online home study course in which you will receive the following:

  • Six transformational audio classes to download and listen to at any time (these calls range from 90-140 minutes).
  • Six introductory training videos welcoming you to each module of work.
  • Six in-depth worksheets, which will allow you to create lifelong lasting awareness and change.
  • A selection of my most healing guided visualisations to download and listen to at any time to aid your process of change.
  • All the proven tools and techniques that I use to heal people pleasing forever.
  • Breakthrough meditations and revealing visualisations, which I created specifically to heal co-dependency.
  • 15 ways to prepare your mind, body and spirit for success.
  • The most powerful mantras you can use to banish your obsession with others.
  • A valuable reading list so that you can continue your journey towards loving yourself and being free from people pleasing.

This six week course will be delivered to you via a password protected, members only site.

You will have lifetime access to the programme so there is no rush or time constraints.

“This work dramatically transformed my life”

What these changes will mean in your life

This transformation means you will no longer be filled with the shame, worry or self-doubt that comes with being a people pleaser. Instead you will become the strong, confident and empowered person you never thought you could be and always wanted to be.

I know that when you are able to shift the old paradigm, step into a new one, and start changing your conditioning and thoughts around your self-worth; abundance in all it’s forms will pour into your life.

When you start to become aware of the programming that has been motivating your whole life and begin to learn tools and techniques to transform that conditioning, your entire life begins to change overnight.

Investment in you today > only £497

  • Helen

    I can honestly say that Katie is responsible for dramatically transforming my life!

    I was in the midst of a marriage breakdown, I had a new born baby and didn’t have a clue who I was anymore.

    ‘Love Yourself Free From People Pleasing’ was the BEST thing I ever did. Katie taught me how to expose my co-dependent behaviours and negative beliefs and to transform them into beliefs that served me.

    I realised that I was pushing all of my emotions and needs WAY down. This made me passive aggressive, unhappy and awkward.

    I wasn’t charging my worth in my business, and I had run away from my life passion (funnily enough as a transformational executive coach) because I had lost my confidence and identity.

    I completely re wrote my money story - My dreams became big and I was fuelled with such passion and purpose, there was nothing else to do but re-launch my career doing what I loved and charging my worth! I am nw up-levelling in EVERY part of my life and am already seeing incredible results.


  • Tracy

    I am finally free from People Pleasing (amen) because I am so worth investing in.

    I have absolutely loved every minute of Katie’s 6 week comprehensive ‘People Pleasing’ online course. The path ahead is definitely so much clearer and extremely brighter.

    I now know what it really feel’s like to put my own needs ahead of other people’s need’s. I’ve learnt and embodied it’s not actually selfish at all it’s selfless to put myself first. I have displayed so many acts of kindness, compassion, self care and self love to name a few attributes towards myself, and as a result I am a much more empowered and well balanced woman who understands the importance of giving and receiving to herself and other’s.

    Everything starts with our very own self care and self love. I realise that now more than ever thanks to Katie’s help and support along the way. I am taking care of my self and my own needs in order to be of higher service to people and animals going forward.

    If I can free myself from People Pleasing (it’s been a life long habit that was so ingrained) then you can do it too with Katie by your side holding your hand. What an incredible gift I have given myself.


  • Kate

    Now I can serve with love

    I was in the habit of attracting people into my life that I could look after and serve. In doing that I felt small, worthless and resentful of their part in it.

    My journey has brought me to a place where I can not only acknowledge this, but I can now attract the right people and serve them with love, rather than using them as a tool for my own self-sabotage.


  • Sophie

    I no longer live in fear

    I started working with Katie because I became increasingly aware of the low self-worth I’ve always attributed to myself, and how this has often led to self-sabotaging behaviour.

    Investing time and money to really commit to Katie’s group and module work has given me the insight to see not just where, but why I’ve been treating myself negatively all this time.

    Katie’s coaching style is always warm, authentic and nurturing so the shared group space feels safe and supportive.

    Working through clear, purposeful and appropriate processes has led me to a far greater awareness of the areas I need to heal, and given me a much kinder and compassionate attitude towards myself as a whole.

    I will always be grateful to Katie because I no longer live life in fear but in anticipation of how I can make the most of my life.


  • Anna Marie

    I am taking ownership of who I am

    I am a recovering people pleaser!

    I was an expert at prioritising and fixing other people’s problems. I had set myself an almost impossible set of personal standards to meet in many relationships and found it incredibly difficult to understand why the other party might not meet me half way. Even worse I would take on the responsibility for their happiness and almost inevitably set myself up for a fall, time and time again.

    It hasn’t been an easy habit to break but oh my goodness, the personal freedom and self discovery that comes with acting and behaving from a place where I make pleasing myself a priority is such a revelation!

    I am finally taking proud ownership of who I am.

    Anna Marie

  • San San

    A life-changing experience!

    I ticked all the boxes that proved I was co-dependant. It was like this class had been written especially for me. How did Katie know?!

    Katie’s teachings meant the penny finally dropped for me and explained the reasons why I had suffered from depression and OCD and why, most importantly, I didn’t love myself. With Katie’s positive, understanding and enthusiastic approach, I always felt supported on my journey – which was a challenge and I am so happy to finally discover myself at 46 years old!

    I highly recommend this course and if you have the opportunity to work with Katie, take it!

    San San

  • Judy

    I now fully love and believe in myself!

    Since completing the People Pleasing Tele-class I have experienced massive changes in all aspects of my life.

    I had tried several forms of counselling in the past with levels of success. The People Pleasing Tele-class has been more transformational for me than I could have imagined. Everything has fallen into place.

    The weekly lessons and homework encouraged me to dig even deeper and truly get to know myself. I never felt like it was work. The content was far greater than anything before and the style of teaching and support ticked every box for me. The tools provided, particularly the 3 steps are now part of my daily life. In fact everything is part of my daily life.

    I am not second in my relationship and my values and boundaries are now paramount to me. This is causing ripples in my life and I observe these but hold firm as my life, values and needs have to come first whatever the outcome. I will be safe and trust in the process. I finally love myself first and foremost. I am determined to lead a happy life with ease and joy. Trusting in the process and myself gives me profound peace. It is life work and I can’t wait to keep going.

    I feel a special bond to everyone who experiences this journey.


  • Polly

    I am no longer afraid!

    Before I worked with Katie, I was one of those people who just rode that ‘life wave’ and I found myself pushed and shoved around, by life events and other people. I thought that was normal.

    I watched the People Pleasing videos and something struck me like a bolt of lightning. This way of living was understood by someone and it was NOT NORMAL! The more I watched the more I realised that I had been struggling through life for so many years…It was like an awakening!

    Now, I am always conscious.

    I am much calmer and SO MUCH happier. I have a much deeper connection to ME and have an inner strength which will allow me to reach my dreams and be of better service to me and my family. Above all else, it’s fun!

    I am so grateful to Katie for helping me – I really did think life was hard and it was due to get harder, but now I know that life gets better and better. Thank you from the deepest place in my heart, I am so grateful to you. The way you bring these programmes together is incredible and in terms of value, there is nothing quite like it. There is not one female in my life that I would not recommend you to. Everyone needs Katie!


  • Lynsey

    I now live consciously

    Whilst watching the People Pleasing Videos, I thought Katie had created the videos specifically for me! It was so ‘spot on’ about how I have lived my life for the past 40 years!!!

    So much so, I was hit with a realisation that I had been a massive People Pleaser in all past relationships, so much so I had completely lost who I was, what I was passionate about and what I required within a relationship. So many failed relationships purely down to the fact that I didn’t put myself, my wants or needs first.

    I cannot thank Katie enough for creating such an outstanding teleclass! Had I not started the People Pleasing course, I wouldn’t be where I am now…..living a conscious life, growing spiritually on a daily basis and loving myself at all times.

    The tools and techniques provided on the course, I use on a daily basis and will continue to use throughout life.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Katie. The outstanding content, value and tremendous support throughout the course I am entirely grateful.

    If Katie’s videos even remotely speak to you, then I would highly recommend you get on the People Pleasing Bandwagon because trust me, you will NEVER LOOK BACK.


  • Janet

    Allowing myself to meet myself was a huge shift

    I started the course with the intention to find out who I am. I have always played into other people’s goals and agendas and had lost sight of me.

    I was waiting for a eureka moment when I would just ‘know who I am’ but disappointingly that didn’t come. What I realised instead (which I suppose you could say was a eureka moment) was that there was a more gentle yet more powerful awareness of myself that was opening up.

    First I had to embrace the idea of surrender, allowing and not having to make it happen. That my relationship with me was an unfolding - an emotional experience - and something that couldn’t be time-lined, easily explained or deadlined! For me, choosing to ‘go with the flow’ and ‘allow’ myself to meet myself was a huge shift.

    I am coming to see that who I am is less about a definition that I can explain - I am more complicated and beautiful and miraculous than that. I am starting to see that I am a woman who is committed to learning how to put herself first. I am a woman who loves herself enough to prioritise her personal growth which fills me with pride. I am a woman who is determined and resilient and resourceful.

    Because of this course I am coming to know who I am and I am enjoying how multi-faceted and ever changing that is!


Put your needs first

I know that you don’t know how to focus on YOU and put YOUR needs first so, I understand that a decision to do just that can feel selfish and scary and bring on all sorts of guilt and anxiety for you. That is the cruel reality for anyone who is a people pleaser.

You get to choose to create a different reality for yourself today. I urge you to BREAK THE MOULD NOW.

Imagine your life without guilt

Scary as it is, imagine your life without the guilt and exhaustion that goes with the pursuit of perfectionism weighing you down. I know it’s counter-intuitive for you, but it all starts with the decision to make that all-important change, and don’t forget I will be supporting you every step of the way.

Imagine you have people to share the journey with…

This is a journey we travel together; you, me and a group of women just like you. Together we will kick people pleasing to the curb and then jump on it and burn it for good measure. After all, I have a feeling you are done with it and that part of your life. In fact I know it, because I know you can make the same transformation for your future that I did.

Imagine feeling proud and fulfilled…

Imagine doing what you love, enjoying healthy relationships, feeling cared for, helping people from an empowered place and getting paid properly for your talents. After all, how you feel has an impact on every part of your life and what I’m going to show you is just how powerful and positive that one change can be!

Imagine feeling that level of PEACE…

This one’s the biggie, the one that’s at the centre of all the other positive changes you will see when you decide to stop being a people pleaser and look after yourself first of all. The word you’re looking for is WOW, and I can tell you from the heart that it is bloody amazing to transform like this.

Imagine you can do it…

Because I know you can. I know you can do it and I know the world is waiting for you to finally embrace your power and take a stand for what you are truly meant for.

“I’m now in the driving seat of my life”

Investment in you today > Only £497

This course has your name on it if…

  • You want to learn how to feel happy, successful and worthy without worrying what others think of your life choices.
  • You are ready to believe you are good enough, even when the people around you are having a bad day.
  • You are done with keeping up appearances while knowing that your fake smiles are literally destroying your soul.
  • You are ready to know your worth, charge your value and live on purpose.
  • You want drama-free, fulfilling and loving relationships where both of you get your needs met.
  • You are done with the crazy making in your head and living on an emotional yo-yo and are ready to enjoy consistent peace and calm.
  • You know you are meant for more and desire to have a positive and profound impact on the world, in a way that is self-loving.
  • You are DONE with the 1950’s housewife syndrome of putting everyone else first, smiling and keeping up appearances while your soul dies a slow and painful death and your mind jumps through hoops, worrying what others think of you.

“It’s safe to be me and to trust myself”

Here’s what no one told you

The idea of self love doesn’t come naturally when you’re a people pleaser, but what no one told you, let alone showed you, was how to love yourself and see that by doing that you can actually love, support and help the people around you even more.

You can care for yourself first and do it in a way that empowers and energises you so that you can be of amazing service to the world.

What was modelled to you in the past was how to look after your man, your kids, your employer and everyone else (including total strangers) without any thought for your needs, thereby sacrificing your health, well-being and dreams. No one is to blame, your parents and their parents did their best, but I can show you transformational tools to help you to live life differently so that you are finally living on purpose and fulfilling your dreams.

Do you dare to love yourself?

Our curriculum responds to the needs of those who know in their hearts that they were put on the earth to do something special.

If you are willing to drop your self-sabotaging conditioning, stop listening to the voice of self doubt and exhausting yourself with emotional gymnastics, then your mighty life awaits!

Come home to you