Money bent into heart shape

So, I was making a cup of tea, wondering what is on my heart to write about. What have I been spending my time thinking about and doing that I could share? What is relevant to my D&M Peeps. And I realised that I have been thinking, talking and reading a lot about money. And then I thought, ‘Oh my god, you can’t write about money! It has nothing to do with self love!’.

Or does it?

Why have I been reading, thinking and talking about money lately? Because my history has reflected back to me that I have had the following beliefs around it:

It is bad.
People that have a lot are shallow, greedy and most probably ripping people off.
I have to work to the point of burn-out to earn it.
If anyone Spiritual earns money, they are not authentic.
I will never be rich.
I enjoy a simple life, I don’t need a lot of money.
Having a lot of money adds stress to life.
Money scares me. I don’t know how to manage it.

Do you think these beliefs have been serving me particularly well? It is likely that if you share any of them, it could be hard for you to admit that they have not. The harsh truth is, they have not. They have kept me feeling safe and in a comfort zone which isn’t ‘bad’ however that also means I have always struggled financially. And, at certain points, we are talking very serious struggle! I had a successful career in events management for 15 years and I was very good at it. I was a very diligent, responsible, hard worker. I was always the one that would join a project at the last minute to ‘save the day’ when the shit was hitting the fan. People relied on me and respected me. I had unique and creative ideas. I would work ridiculous hours to get the job done. I have a great CV with fabulous references. NONE of which resulted in me being financially comfortable. I never earned above my ‘ceiling’ salary. And, when I decided to change careers and move into a totally different arena – one centered on Self Love, Personal Development and Spirituality, well…. it worsened. Because god forbid you be heart lead and Spiritual and earn money. Dreadful!

Brilliantly, this was my tipping point. Here I was, living and breathing all things Self Love and then it dawned on me. Was I? Really? Because I was potentially looking at a life on benefits if I didn’t sort my shit out. I was miserable and stressed. I worried that I had nothing to secure me a comfortable life in retirement. I wondered, especially as a single mum, how I would afford a nice life for my son when he was older and really started to cost me money! Do you think all that stress, worry and misery equals Self Love? Hardly. And, was I trusting my Spirit, the Universe and all the support I have around me to believe that things couldn’t be different?  No.

I needed help. I couldn’t do this on my own. These limiting beliefs had to go. Along with a bunch of others that were not serving me! It was going to cost money. Quite a lot. In fact, much more than I had. But, if I believed all I wanted to teach, if I wanted to be a mentor who was an excellent role model to others, if I was going to really love myself, it was an investment I had to make.

Enter, unwaivering Faith.

Enter, guidance from the Universe.
Enter, miracles.

I have no idea how much money I have spent on getting the help I needed to shift some major limiting beliefs, but I know it is 5 figures. And, I will not lie to you, it was scary at times. But, the income, the circumstances and the teachers I needed showed up at the perfect time. In no uncertain terms, I demonstrated to the Universe that I wanted to change. It felt as if my life depended on it. It was a radical act of Self Love!

The universe LOVES radical acts of self love and rewards them in miraculous ways. (TWEET IT!)

I have shifted some enormous unhelpful beliefs which has rocked my world and turned it on its head. The stuff around money is still a work in progress – and by that I mean I have not yet reached millionaire status however I believe I deserve abundance and that it is available to everyone and I know that wealth allows me to serve others and fulfill my purpose far more radically than if I was going to bed every night in a panic over how I was going to pay for groceries that week. It isn’t bad or greedy or scary. In fact, I have chosen to love it. Because I have chosen to love myself and value myself. I deserve not to live in struggle. Life is meant to be awesome and lived in passionate service.

At the moment, I am on a mission to educate myself about money and how to take control of my finances. As I said, I have not reached ‘financial freedom’ status (yet!) but I am on track because I know that exists as a possibility for me where once I would have poo-pooed the very thought. So I am listening to audio books, attending seminars, talking to financial advisers and have hired a business coach. Having smashed my limiting beliefs around money, I am empowering myself with knowledge and action. And it feels great! It’s a massive act of Self Love.

So, what limiting beliefs do you have that are holding you back from living an awesome, abundant, loving life? Would you be willing to invest in a coach or mentor to help get you on track? Do you dare to prioritise YOU?

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