How to boss your to-do list

As you know, I am passionate about helping a woman to step into her empowered feminine / masculine energies to learn a new way of doing life – a life aligned with her purpose, that feels good and has her feeling abundance in all the ways, from love to money to health and vitality.

In my ‘Daring & Mighty Love’ coaching group we are currently very focussed on the feminine and how to activate a state of receiving. So, less frantic doing and more surrendered being.  

A real block to being in receiving mode that I am witnessing in my clients is their ‘to do’ list. This ever growing, demanding monster tells them that they do not have time or energy for receiving because there’s simply too much to get done. Not to mention the unpredictable needs of children, elderly parents, partners, friends, bosses that often require immediate attention at the drop of a hat.

No matter the desire to put yourself first, the list seems to always get in the way.

Today I have a very simple but potentially powerful invitation for you.

I invite you to ask yourself if you are being a servant to your ‘to do’ list?

If you are struggling to put yourself first or spend quality time in connection with yourself or others, then may I please boldly suggest that your list is your boss?

It’s time to boss your list.

Surely your list is meant to serve YOU? Not the other way around.

Surely your list is meant to be a tool to help you. Not something to beat yourself over the head with?

Surely without you at your best, feeling energised and connected with your soul the tasks on your list are being rushed or are not receiving your most inspired and genius input?

I would even go so far as to suggest that a lot of your list isn’t even your list! I bet it belongs to an organisation, your boss, the school ….

I wonder if the need to tick everything off that list is a need to prove your worth and to receive the significance, love and certainty that you aren’t able to receive from yourself? 

Just a hunch!?

I am a recovering people pleaser, so I get it! I know only too well the addiction to the list and being a servant to the list. I also know that the significance, worthiness and certainty that we receive from ticking off that list and perhaps being praised by others as a result lasts a nano-second. You are straight back on the treadmill – doing, achieving and proving. 

Hello, burn-out.

Hello, feeling soul destroyed.

Hello, disempowered masculine / feminine dance.

Today I invite you to make your to-do list your servant.

Remember, without you that list can’t get done. Killing yourself to get it done just doesn’t make sense. 

You know this.

You are a remarkable, talented, capable, resourceful women. You’ve achieved the impossible before. You’ve overcome and survived so much. So, I KNOW you can find new, creative ways to make your list your servant. I KNOW you can heal your people pleasing tendencies. I KNOW you can learn how to step into your empowered feminine and start receiving your deepest desires. It all awaits you.

The School of Self Love is here to support you in that (and myriad other things!).

Love you loads,

Katie xx

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