{LOVE NOTE} How to deal with a crazy, unpredictable, scary world….

In a crazy, unpredictable, scary world we need calm, certainty and trust. Would you agree with that?

The human experience is to want to mentally organise, predict, anticipate and control every element of what may or may not be coming our way.

While there is a place for planning and thinking ahead it must be balanced out with the ability to be ok in the here and now, without knowing. Because we don’t.

Deep in your soul you know that to know and love yourself is the most valuable commodity and deepest source of peace that you have.

At the end of the day, it’s literally the only thing we have total control and ownership of.

I believe our experience of the world is something we can choose. I’m not saying that’s easy – it’s something we are invited to practice on a daily basis.

I believe that how we are experiencing the world is a reflection of our inner state. If our relationship with ourselves is one lacking in trust, love, compassion, ease and certainty then that is how we will experience the world.

It may be true that there is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world but if we have a steadfast and kind relationship with ourselves we are able to respond to life in a way that has us feel safe and secure.

I have experienced my fair share of loss, fear and uncertainty and I can see clearly how I reacted as a victim with anxiety and panic in the days before I fell in love with myself and how I can respond now with a maturity and resilience that I once never dreamed possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my wobbles and when I do, that’s my invitation to go within and re-connect to the peace, wisdom and clarity that’s within me. I work my self-love tools and I remember the truth of who I am, my power and my ability to co-create with a universe that has my back, even when the world is trying to convince me otherwise.

Your relationship with yourself is your most valuable commodity.

In these unpredictable times, your relationship with you is the only thing that can bring you certainty.

When you know and love yourself you can:

> say what you really think, with kindness and assertiveness;

> make confident decisions for your life that feel aligned and purposeful;

> bravely pursue your goals without caring what others think;

> approach life with self esteem, self confidence and self worth;

> enjoy a daily experience of mental and emotional peace;

> prioritise your self care, personal growth and transformational work without guilt;

> be the most open hearted, loving, giving and compassionate person to the people you love most;

> have a spiritual connection with yourself and life that enables you to manifest miracles;

> share your genius, gifts and unique value with the world in a way that enables you to be of incredibly high service;

> charge your worth unapologetically and with confidence;

> and so much more….

To know and love yourself is a healing journey that invites you to learn a totally new way of doing life.

This is the work I am doing with the women in my ‘Evolution Membership’. We are an incredibly inclusive, non-judgemental, supportive community of women who know that the only way to live a life that generally feels good, aligned and balanced on a day-to-day basis is to commit to a daily practice of self actualisation.

The women are regularly posting in our Facebook Group how the membership is proving to be a massive support in their life. They are receiving so much from each-other, from me, from the daily affirmations and self enquiry questions, from the faculty of experts and the monthly trainings. And the best part – they are not being overloaded or overwhelmed by content. It’s bite-sized and manageable.

I would love for you to be uplifted and inspired by some of the member’s comments that I have lifted from our Facebook Group and if you feel inspired to join us, I invite you to come and trial the membership for a month. I will tell you how to do that in the P.S. below.

” …..The kindness, empathy and compassion everyone offers each of us is truly amazing – and Katie creates such a safe and nurturing environment. Hearing each other’s struggles, stories and challenges helps each of us realise that we are so not alone. We are genuinely walking on this path together. With our luggage, our fears, our hopes. We’re human! “

” My experience of womens’ groups has been variable to say the least, making me quietly defensive, so I vowed to sit tight and keep schtum. But Katie’s values follow through in every area of the group. The nurture and support you feel is instant and, echoing everyone here, we’re all in this together, sharing our human frailties, vulnerabilities, mistakes and madnesses! Here, I am learning to trust myself and other women again. There is real love here in this group and it’s for everyone❤️ ”

” I find the daily messages are helping me work that self love muscle. I am in a good place and am putting much of that down to this work. I love the connection we have. ”

” I am enjoying the course and liking being in a group. I have definitely had a break through. Interesting each month has been super relevant to where I am in my life. ”

” I like the richness and input we get every day with the daily posts – it allows me to check in with myself …..I like the constant daily strengthening …. ”

” …. The group experience is giving me the platforms and guidance to work on everything that has been buried so deep, and that so badly needs to be addressed. I can’t thank you enough for your huge generosity in sharing all this and for opening up a shared experience that is so fundamentally vital. On bad days, at bad moments and at chaotic times I try to reflect and feel what is happening, rather than simply reacting to things around me. I’ve a lifetime of work ahead of me but at least I’ve begun the journey and I feel so blessed to be part of this ‘awesome’ group! Sending all my thanks and love to everyone 🙏🏻❤️ ”

” I love the support I feel the membership is giving me and make available for me. I also love that I can choose myself how much I will be involved, meaning that I don’t feel the pressure to «have to» follow and take part in everything offered. ”

” I’m really enjoying the masterclasses and the Q&A sessions particularly. I hope I can join more of the masterclasses live, as it really gives me the feeling of being part of something unfolding. Your little impromptu videos really feed my soul too – I absolutely love seeing them pop up on my timeline, almost regardless of what you share. I suppose, as I think of it, it brings life to the group and makes me feel more connected. ”

” I have been on a journey of knowing myself for years and it has changed my life. Having this awareness about myself impacts my relationships, my happiness, my sense of self-love and self-acceptance. It’s truly everything. Yet, there is always so much more to discover and I feel like I have many more layers to unpeel. ”

” I am grateful for this community that you have created, the important lessons you give and the reminder that I am capable, whole & I create my life ❤️ ”

” I am grateful for this group. I really need(ed) to be part of something so healing and beautiful. I just finished reading everyone’s post about this month’s theme. I can relate to so much of what was written. Thank you ladies! Lots of love. ❤️❤️❤️ ”

” Today I’m grateful for female connectedness, support and sharings – and I’m grateful for the coaching call yesterday with you Katie and the rest of the gang 🙂 <3 ”

I believe this time in history is inviting us to look within and be our own best friend and source of certainty.

I believe we are being called to approach the way we do life in a totally different way – there is an opportunity amidst the chaos.

You are being invited to evolve. You are being invited to find new, empowered ways of experiencing the world. 

It is possible for you to feel ok – no matter what life throws at you. You have the resource and resilience within you if you dare to claim it. 

I am an expert at guiding women home to themselves. I can be your teacher, mentor, coach and friend through that process. It would be my pleasure.

You are not meant to do life alone. There is a community waiting to support, nurture and encourage you. You just need to say yes!

All my love,
Katie xx

PS. Follow this link to find out more and sign up to the Evolution Membership > https://theschoolofself.love/courses/right-here-right-now/join-the-evolution

You will get access to all the content, masterclasses and coaching calls that have taken place since January. Try the membership out for a month – get coached by me and begin your journey home to you. If you don’t like it, you can cancel your monthly direct debit with my blessing.

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