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I like to mix up the look and feel of things ranging from my weekly newsletters, to my working patterns.

Confession time! The reason I don’t stick to the same format each week is that I get bored! I am a creative soul and I like to play with design.

You see, I run my business from a place of inspired action. That means I create plans, write blogs, film videos, brief staff etc etc when it FEELS right. I am a traditional business mentor’s worst nightmare because the idea of writing a business plan makes me want to stick pins in my eyes!!! I am intuitive. I love nothing more than to be connected to my Spirit and be lead by her heart.

I abhors ‘shoulds’! And I rebel against them.

If a Nutritionist told me I ‘should’ do a detox – that I ‘should’ avoid sugar, dairy, booze and caffeine – I would probably go on a bender!

When I am in connection with my Spirit, I am guided to the next best thing for me.

Recently all sorts of things lined up to create the perfect opportunity to do a deep body cleanse (which I had felt I ‘should’ do for months) – the supplements were gifted to me by Wild Nutrition (check them out here), I had already committed to a 21 day intention of receiving, it was the beginning of school holidays meaning my client commitments had reduced giving time and space to ‘go slow’ and I was a guest at a Mind Body Spirit event meaning I could stock up on all sorts of cleanse supporting goodies like Yogi Tea, Himalayan Bath Salts and Francinsence. Divine! You see, I was supported 100%. The cleanse has been easy and joyful. It would have been a battle had I embarked on it from a place of ‘should’! And that would not have been pretty – trust me!

As I was saying, I run my business intuitively. Ok, sure, there is stuff that needs to get done and I can’t fanny about in la-la-land awaiting a ‘sign’ that it’s the right time to sort my accounts! Sometimes, we need to GSD! (ahem, Get Shit Done). But that isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about the bigger picture and stepping into that daring image, trusting my Spirit will always have a plan for me, knowing that what is the next right move for me will show itself.

Sometimes, the next right move is to stop. I get the occasional heckle on Facebook from people looking at yet another spa picture from me and questioning if I ever do any work! The thing is, when I listen to my Spirit (call it your intuition or an inner nudge) and take a breather when I need it, without even trying, at the perfect moment, I get so fired up and so excited to work on a project that it not only flows out of me quickly and easily, it is epic work! If I ignore the nudge to stop and listened to my ego which says, ‘Katie, you must work hard. Always! Never stop! Don’t quit! Go go go!’, well, I would burn out and I certainly wouldn’t be giving the best of me to those that matter.

My clients deserve the best of me. And that is what they get!

My clients want to be inspired by me. They want me to blaze the path for them to fulfil their own daring desires and to serve the world in their own special way. They want to see me vibrant, joyful, free, connected and on purpose – because that is what they desire for themselves.

When I made the decision to turn my life around some years ago, the only reason I could do it was because I was inspired by others who had done it before me. I was driven by the desire to be more like my coaches and mentors! They inspired me to keep going when it felt tough. They demonstrated the reality that growth is a life-long commitment and an awesome ride for the brave of heart!

So I ask you, how are you trail blazing for the people you most desire to serve?

How much action do you take that is inspired? How much is a ‘should’? How much is about keeping up appearances or keeping others happy?

How well do you serve your nearest and dearest? Are you giving to yourself first so that you are overflowing with juicy loving goodness to share with them? Or, do they get a shrivelled, exhausted version of you?

I ask you these questions with love. I also feel qualified to ask them having had to ask myself those same questions some years ago. I had to grow up and take responsibility for my life – and that was a bitter pill to swallow!

Every day I am discovering a new way of living my life. It’s awesome! Living in connection with my Spirit, honouring my worth, designing a life that is purposeful and free is my new normal.

Having a Self-Love Affair is not to be sniffed at! I encourage you to begin your own affair. Dare to be daring! It’s exhilarating!

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