{LOVE NOTE} Let’s Hang Out

So, life as we’ve known it for a long time has changed hasn’t it. I wonder how you a adapting to the change? I wonder how you are handling the uncertainty and myriad of unanswered questions? Hand-on-heart, I’ve been ok. So far, not too much has changed for me in terms of my day-to-day. I am still able to work from my home office and most of my client work is done on-line so I am carrying on with that as usual. I’ve had a few speaking gigs cancelled and this Love Note was meant to be winging it’s way to you from Sunny California (where I was due to speak at a couple of events) and instead, I am sat on my bed in the UK writing to you after a day of tennis and gardening with my family.

Last night I felt my first waves of fear and it was horrible. I felt the reality starting to hit me around having 3 teenagers out of school and how we would manage that. I felt the sadness for my step-son who doesn’t get to do his final exams or even have a prom to formally celebrate the end of a schooling era. I’ve felt deep deep sadness for the people who have lost their lives so unexpectedly and the mourning families around the world. I feel fear for the vulnerable and at risk people I know – whether they are on the front line of our health system or potentially going to need that health system to keep them alive.

I’ve also been feeling incredible gratitude for my general health and the health of my most immediate family. It has also felt very levelling to acknowledge what a privileged bubble we live in. I’ve been feeling very proud of myself and my commitment to my personal growth over the last 10 years knowing that I am in a position to manage this time without anxiety. I’ve felt incredibly connected to my Spiritual Self with a profound calling to take my spiritual health and evolution to it’s next level (and have hired a coach for that purpose).  I’ve also never felt stronger and more able to support my clients and community which is a feeling hard to put into words.

So, I am holding both – on one hand there’s sadness, fear and worry. On the other hand there is gratitude, strength and faith. And for me that’s just as it should be. Overarching all of this is the daily decision to love myself fiercely and every time fear comes up, to acknowledge it and then choose love instead.

I hope you saw my emails to you last week inviting you to join me for a free self-love practice every morning at 8am (UK time)? I’ve been hosting a session every day to support you during this time and I am carrying on with that this week.

I so desire to support you in adapting to the change and uncertainty of these times. I desire for you to move through this time with as much ease as possible and I believe that your relationship with yourself is the key to that. 

I invite you to join me every day this week at 8am either on Facebook or Instagram. The sessions are also recorded for you to watch on our Facebook Page or IGTV but there’s nothing like a live session to feel connected and part of a loving, supportive community.

Facebook : The School of Self Love Page > https://www.facebook.com/daremightythings/

Instagram: theschoolofself.love

Bring a pen, journal (or paper) and open heart.

Wishing you a courageous and peaceful week ahead.

Love Katie xxx

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