{Love Note} Miracles are natural!

Miracles are natural

Note to self…


As we begin a new year, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you always have access to miracles.


Isn’t that a fab thought!


They are not just for other people.


They are not in limited supply.


They are meant for you and you get to claim your miracles all day every day.


You are energy. You are the same energy as the energy that created our world. You are not separate to it.


We forget this truth and we separate ourselves and we try and push and strive to ‘do’ life alone.


We forget that we are part of a loving energy that is designed to support us and that desires us to experience miracles all the time.


I invite you to remember that you are supported.


I invite you to let go and surrender yourself to the love of the Universe. It is always available to you.


All that is blocking you to receiving that love, guidance and support is lower vibrational energies such as fear, anger, guilt, shame, depression.


I invite you to choose to transform those vibrations into emotions such as love, joy, courage, gratitude and peace. When you feel good you are in a natural state to create miracles in your life.


How about setting the intention to feel good this year!


How about choosing joy every single day! Sure, this will probably require you to do some work to heal and transform sabotaging belief systems and behavioral habits but I promise you it’s worth it.


When you are aligned with love – the highest vibration – you have achieved your miracle.


The manifestations of your heart’s deepest desires will then flow naturally and will become your new normal.


If this is your desire for 2017, then I support you with all of my heart.


Here’s to loving yourself enough to live your biggest life!


Love Lots,

Katie xx


PS. You know where I am if you desire support in this quest! And if you would like to line up a private conversation with me to discuss how I could support you, just click here.



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