Love Note – Suck the marrow out of life!



Note to self…


I believe that we are doing ourselves a huge disservice not to show up in all our glory and magnificence and take life by the balls!


You are meant to live an extraordinary life.


You are meant to feel fulfilled and happy.


You are meant to love with all of your heart.


You are meant to experience peace and blissful inner connection.


The road to all of this can be a challenge but that’s the balance of the journey.


Without the lows there are no highs.


Without the pain there is no bliss.


It’s a balancing act.


And sure, it’s a risk.


But better to try and fail, right?


Better to dare mighty things than live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat (ref. Theodore Roosevelt).


Go on. I dare you. Go suck the marrow out of life.


It’s delicious!


Katie xx


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