{Love Note & Video}: Sharing my top business and personal tips on how to be your brand


I recently spoke to an intimate and super engaged audience of about 70 women in a very chic and funky London members club and I would like to invite you into that room now to join me for a ‘Good Girls Eat Dinner’ event and my talk entitled, ‘Being Brand You’. You can click on the image above to view.

I cover a lot in this 15 minute talk and I have a feeling that you will appreciate the presentation if you:

  • have a sense that you are playing small in the world;
  • not living into your fullest potential;
  • unsure what your purpose is;
  • want to feel more fulfilled.

During this talk I cover a myriad of topics, including:

  • my ‘dark night of the soul’ story;
  • how I used my pain, frustration, shame and debt to create my purpose;
  • how you can change your life;
  • the importance of a personal manifesto;
  • how your business brand and your personal brand are related;
  • your responsibility to be more YOU in the world.

By the end of the talk I am pretty revved up and passionately share that:

  • you are doing the world a disservice not to show up and contribute and be of service as authentically you;
  • we are all unique and we are all designed to contribute our special something;
  • the world isn’t in flow because we are individually not connected to our truths.

Sadly the very end of my talk wasn’t filmed. During that I took women through a hand-on-heart visualisation. Perhaps when you have finished watching the talk, you could do it. Here’s how….

Sit with your eyes closed.

Put your hand on your heart.


Connect to your spiritual self – that wise, authentic whisper deep in your soul.

Breathe until you feel yourself connect with ‘you’.

Ask yourself, “How can I be more me?”




What do you hear?

Grab your journal and write down the FIRST things that came to mind.

Then, commit to creating that!

If you would like to continue the journalling you could ask yourself questions like:

“Who do I need to be to create this?”

“What do I need to believe about myself to create this?”

“What’s my first step?”

I hope you get a lot from today’s talk. If you feel brave, hit reply and share with me!

Love Lots,
Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love

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