{LOVE NOTE} Why You Can’t Have What You Want

Today’s Love Note is a continuation of the current series we are running sharing lessons from our acclaimed transformational process – The Self Love Affair.

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The Universe is geared up to give you all you desire. You now need to be available to receive it.

I want you to consciously release anything blocking you from receiving your Daring desires.

Blocks can come in all forms from repressed emotions and muscle tension, to a lack of inner peace or mental chatter.

What could be blocking you? Here are some ideas:

  • Do you need to have a clearing conversation with somebody? Are you ruminating over an issue with someone that’s causing negative chatter in your head?
  • Do you need to de-clutter your home? If your house is a mess it will be blocked from receiving fresh and vibrant energy.
  • Do you need to have a massage? Tight and knotted muscles block your physical self from receiving healthy, soft, light energy.
  • Do you need to forgive yourself? Holding onto regrets and beating yourself up causes a mental block. Forgive yourself for being anything less than loving towards yourself and start afresh from today.
  • Do you need to let go of control? Are you always pushing for an outcome with people or situations? This is a very constricting energy. Set the intention to let go and allow your energy to flow free.


The first step to receiving is to ask. You must get into the habit of asking for what you want.

Here are some ideas:

  • When you need help, ask for it. Don’t be a martyr!
  • If your restaurant order isn’t quite right, let the waiter know. Don’t eat a plate full of resentment because you didn’t speak up.
  • If you’re travelling economy, ask for an upgrade. Why not?! It’s worth a shot.
  • If you wish your husband would open doors for you, let him know. Don’t demand. Just let him know that you’d feel cherished if he did that for you.
  • Ask for a discount! Not from a place of lack, but from abundance!


Gratitude means you focus on all you have, no matter how big or small. It is a powerful way to feel the Universe supporting you.

Remember, we attract what we think about. Being grateful means we attract more to be grateful for!

Buy yourself a Gratitude journal and commit to writing at least five things in it every day. Writing them just before bed gives you a lovely high-vibrational energy from which to drift off into your dreams.

The power of receiving is such a rich topic! I delve into the meat of it in this week’s video, which you can watch above.

I’d love to hear the results you are getting as you open yourself to receiving, so feel free to comment below or reply to this email.

Love you,

Katie xx

Founder of The School of Self Love 

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