{Love Note} You are not required to make everyone else happy (What a relief!)

You are not required to make everyone else happy

Note to self…


If you are a member of The Self-Love Hubb (my free and private facebook group for truth seekers like yourself), you will know that I have been posting a video every day this week sharing my experiences of choosing to feel good every day.


(Join the Self-Love Hubb HERE if you are not already a member)


I believe that choosing to feel good is a radical act. It’s a habit most of us do not have and I am choosing to change that habit and I desire to inspire you to do the same.


You see, when you put everyone else before yourself it may ‘look’ nice but when it’s to your own detriment, it can have serious negative impacts on the people you love most (who ironically are the people you are trying to please and keep happy!).


Pleasing others often leaves you behaving as the victim, the martyr and the one everyone else ends up on egg shells around.


When you learn to put yourself first without guilt, others get the best of you.


You are required to make yourself happy.


That’s the new rule I would love to impart with you. When you are happy and fulfilled, life feels SO much better, you are a magnet to attract all that you desire and everyone else gets the happy version of you too. You can then have a greater and more positive impact in the world.


Today I want to smash the idea that you have to make everyone else happy. Stop it!


Love yourself enough to put yourself first and choose to feel good.


Please do head over to my YouTube channel – DaringAndMightyTV (CLICK HERE) and watch the video’s I made for you this week. I learned a lot and am sharing those tips with you. I think they will help you kick some old habits.




Katie xx


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