Mind Your Own Business

“Mind Your Own Business”

This is one of my favourite things to tell myself and a line I invite my coaching clients to embrace.

It reminds me when I was learning to drive. My Dad would say to me, “Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, Katie. Stay in your lane and focus on what you are doing”

If I felt that I was going too slow or taking too long to change lanes (because I was learning) he would say, “Don’t worry about what they are doing. Focus on you.”

Even now if I get a little stressed in traffic I remember to focus on what I am doing – to breathe and move at a pace that feels good for me. It’s the safest thing to do and actually incredibly empowering.

So how does this relate to life in general?

We give our power away when we look outside of ourselves, when we care what others think, wonder what others are doing or have an opinion on what they should or shouldn’t be doing or thinking.

We feel unsafe in the land of looking outside of ourselves too because we have zero control. We can never know what others are thinking (who are we to presume we know anyway!?) and we certainly have no place trying to control them on any level.

When we are focussed on what we think and feel, our responses, acting in a way that feels aligned and authentic and loving – that’s always within our control. That is also how we cultivate a relationship with ourselves in which we can trust ourselves – there’s nothing more safe than feeling that connection to self.

That depth of relationship to self then allows you to connect with and serve others in a truly abundant and loving way.

“I can mind my own business” or “I love to mind my own business” or “I feel safe and connected to myself when I mind my own business” are favourite affirmations of mine.

Minding your own business is key to releasing the pain of comparison and the soul destroying co-dependent behaviour of needing everyone else to be ok and approving of you so that you can feel ok.

I invite you to love yourself enough to mind your own business.



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