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Something I love about living in the UK is the tradition of having a roast dinner on Sunday afternoon. On my Bag List is a desire to cook more often and try new recipes as well as spend more quality time with special friends. On a Sunday, the two very neatly go hand-in-hand. So, I booked in roast lunch with a mate.


Although a roast isn’t exactly experimental, I have only cooked a handful in my life and am yet to perfect it. Today I reckon I cooked the best roast I have ever done & I really enjoyed doing it. No stress. Totally relaxing and enjoyable. I think I have only made gravy two or three times before and that was out of a packet of some description. Today I made it from scratch, without a recipe (Is there a recipe for gravy!? Seriously, that is how little I know…..!) and it was lovely. Every plate was clean and the kids wanted seconds (note to self… can NEVER cook enough roast spuds!).


On top of a lovely home-cooked meal I really enjoyed catching up with a very dear friend. Her son entertained Finn – I think they literally played with every single game and toy in his room – while us gals nattered non-stop for 5 hours! I must have drunk a couple of  litres of herbal tea, easily. Quite impressive. If we didn’t have children to get to bed or work to do, I reckon we could have easily talked until midnight. There wasn’t a subject we didn’t cover and it felt so good. We encourage and inspire, listen to and understand each other. And, the cherry on top, she is incredibly intuitive and blessed with spiritual gifts offering me wonderful guidance and teachings which I just love.


To express worries, excitement, thoughts, ideas and dreams with a trusted friend is absolutely priceless. To do that over a hearty home cooked meal is even better. And to have content, happy children who eat all their veg makes it picture perfect!


Big tick today! Wonderful. x

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