That Is Enough

A quill pen illustrating the stream of consciousness writing concept


One of the tools I encourage the gals that I mentor to do regularly (daily preferably while we are doing such deep change work) is stream of consciousness writing. It’s a form of journalling which allows you to write down everything in your head without it having to be perfect or even to make sense. It is a massive brain dump. Words, thoughts and feelings are all given a way out of your head. All that stuff can be exhausting – especially as most of us are in the habit of allowing our intellect to run the show! The key to freedom is allowing your Spirit to run the show. It is opening your heart – your direct connection to the Divine – and handing over control to that Power that is so much greater than you. When you write in this way, you will initially write all that your intellect is trying to make sense of. As you exhaust that stuff, you will start to access all that your Spirit wants to say and her words will start to flow onto your page. The key is to allow. Allow her to speak. Clear the way with that big brain dump and then set her free. She is so wise and the poem below came directly from my Spirit after such a writing session. I felt guided to share it with you. I hope you enjoy its message. x



A Poem by Katie


Baby steps, my girl.

No pressure, my love.

One day at a time.

One minute at a time.

Do what you feel guided to do at all times.

That is enough.


BE here.

Know this is it and it is enough.

Open your heart and receive guidance.

Act on your guidance and intuition only.

That is enough.


You don’t need to control or be in charge.

Give over to the Captain of the Universe.

Your Spirit will guide you.

Your Guides will flank your sides and steer you forward too.

They will say louder, the words of your Spirit that you do not hear.

What they say louder is what you really need to learn.

And you will.

And you are.


You are a star.

One of millions.

Be you.

Shine bright.

That is all there is.

That is enough.

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