The day he proposed ….

Two years ago today James proposed to me! That was the start of a 5 day whirlwind of my besties pulling together the wedding of my dreams while I swam and did yoga!!

May I share a little more with you about that day?

I was having the MOST idyllic holiday in the most spectacular island of Lombok with my besties and our kids. We had overcome SO much to be there because of the tragic earthquakes. It was the most epic leap of faith to take our children to this part of the world at that point in time. (I actually created a video from our villa on the topic of Self Trust which you might like to watch:

On the day that James proposed I wasn’t feeling able to receive the joy of this incredible holiday experience. I knew I ‘should’ be feeling happy and grateful. Elated even! But I wasn’t. My head knew I was a lucky girl but I wasn’t feeling it in my body. My masculine was in charge….and my feminine desired so deeply to be fully present and able to receive the experience as a full body joy.

We did a day trip to some tiny little sandy islands with snorkelling and the most exquisite water-side lunch served from a shack on the beach.

After lunch I took myself off for a walk down the spit of sand that was this island. I needed to be on my own. I needed to tune in to my body. I needed to open my heart to receive. I was in paradise and I felt blocked to really receiving it.

I was blocked because I was still experiencing the stress, worry and mild trauma associated with the decision to bring our families to what had been deemed a disaster zone. I was still feeling the responsibility and weight of that decision. I wasn’t allowing the trust and faith to be felt despite everything being ok.

And so I slowly walked along the beach, gathering shells, tuning in to my heart and asking that it open. I set the intention to open up and receive in a way I never had before. I asked the Universe to help me surrender fully into faith and trust and to allow myself to relax into the bliss of this present moment.

It felt GOOD!

Then James wandered to join me. He asked what I was doing and I said I was collecting shells. He said, “I saw an amazing shell over there! Shall I show it to you?” And so we wandered back along the beach to find this magical shell.

Little did I know that he had planted a ring inside that shell (which I still have!).

The rest is history (and captured on film below!!).

James proposed. I received him. Fully.

Five days later we were married and it was the wedding of my dreams.

I didn’t have to DO anything to create this experience except lean into faith and truth. Surrender. Open my heart and allow myself to receive. Life knows what we desire. We can receive when we are fully open and ready.

Amen to that.

Big love,

Katie xx

PS. Helping women to surrender and engage their feminine essence is key to the therapeutic coaching work I do. So, if you are ready to know and love yourself FULLY, DM me. xx


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