The Empowered Feminine Is Magnetic

Erm, yes please….!!!

When I was single, I created a vision board. On that board was a picture of a couple swimming in a place JUST like the view (beyond the hunky man) in this pic. 

So, I was very excited when I was swimming with my boyfriend (now husband) in Ibiza and realised that my vision board had come to life! 

Our energy is magnetic. When we are super focussed on our desires and super aligned emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, miracles are woven. 

When we are fully connected to our empowered feminine energy we attract in the empowered masculine. 

This is a subject that excited the pants off me. 

This picture also excited the pants off me …. but that’s a story for another time…. 😉

Oh and quit the drooling – the man in this pic is taken. He’s ALL mine. 




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