The School of Self Love – Pioneers of Ageing Podcast

How do you feel about ageing?

During this very personal conversation with Angela Walker and Rebecca Rhodes on their ”Pioneers of Ageing’ Podcast (@pioneers_of_ageing) we discuss our perspectives on mid-life. We share how it can be such an exciting time with huge opportunities. A time when we truly know ourselves and we have wisdom and experience – what’s not to love about that!

We explore myriad other topics too and I’ve included some headlines below so you can feel into whether you’d like to listen.

I loved this interview and it’s my pleasure to share it with you today. Something inspiring and motivating to listen to on your next commute, while cooking or walking the dog perhaps!?  

Key topics from this episode include:

🔥 What we don’t own, owns us!

🔥 How childhood conditioning affects our adult relationships.

🔥 You have the power to cut the chord in generational conditioning.

🔥 The scarcity epidemic.

🔥 How a lack mentality impacts your relationships.

🔥 Knowing and loving yourself is key to having a healthy relationship.

🔥 It’s time to get excited by aging! 

🔥 Dating in midlife.

🔥 Everyone has an opinion on dating!!

🔥 The uninspiring dating pool …. 

🔥 The power of having role models. 

🔥 A success story – single to loved up in 9 months! 

Here’s the link to listen now :


With love,

Katie xx 

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