This will help you understand your challenges better….

How do you feel about speaking in public? Does it excite or terrify you!?

I have been asked to speak at several events recently and I have had my beliefs around being ‘good enough’ challenged, big time!

Over the years, I’ve done all sorts of things to support my general fear of speaking in public – from hypnosis to hiring a speaking coach. They helped enormously and over the last 18 months I have been speaking at events quite regularly. I’ve come to rather enjoy it too!

Later today I am speaking at Google London’s internal TED-X event.


I have held a secret desire to speak at a TED event for a couple years. For me, the ability to do that would prove I was well and truly over my fear of speaking to an audience.

The Universe has eyes and ears. I was heard. It was delivered.

I won’t lie, I have been shit scared for several weeks since the invitation to speak was delivered!

The thing is, I have this deep inner knowing that it will be fine because my Spirit knows I am meant for this up-level. My angel cards keep giving me the ‘career transition’ card, telling me that I am headed in the right direction. The messages I am getting in meditation are that I am on track.

It’s my ego and my inner critic that are having a field day. They are challenging a belief I have been working hard to build for some time – ‘I am good enough’.

So, this speaking gig is an assignment to go deeper into the belief that I am more than enough. My mantra has been – “I’ve got this! I am awesome!”


No matter where you are on your Self-Love journey; no matter what sabotaging beliefs you are healing; you will always be called to go deeper.

Our Spiritual nature has us desiring to know ourselves more fully, every single day. The way we do that is through challenge. Through stretching out of our comfort zones and into the unknown.

Today I am nervous about my Google talk. Tomorrow, it will be done. I will have grown. I will have proved to myself what is possible and what I am capable of.

I look forward to waking up tomorrow morning, smiling, knowing that I honoured the calling of my Spirit to speak to a larger audience on a subject that I am deeply passionate about – “Self-Love = Happiness”.

Until then, I am armed with ‘Rescue Remedy’, mantras and I am practicing my speech like a mad woman……!!

I can’t wait to report back on how well it went.

In the meantime, take a look at the challenges life is sending your way. What is your opportunity within each challenge?

How can you know, love and appreciate yourself more within each opportunity?

Go for it!!

Katie xx

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