I have just woken in the dead of night with a flash of inspiration, which is happening a lot lately. Apparently the universe thinks that 4am is the perfect time to fire me up!

It seems I must produce an affirmation piece just for men. It needs to get to the core of what it means to be a man. I reckon it must be tough for a man to hold onto a strong sense of self when there is so much expected of him – not just from himself but from his mates, his ‘missus’, his kids, his colleagues etc. When I think of a word to define a man, there is an exact opposite word which fits too. When I think of ‘man’ I think strong, rugged, red blooded, protective, chivalrous, reliable, rock, devoted, honest, genuine, tough. I also think soft, caring, gentle, kind, expressive, tears, open, affectionate, sensitive, intuitive.

But this is what I think. I want to know what you think.

Men, I want to know straight from the horses mouth, what you strive to be. What are your words?

Parents, I want to know what you want your son’s to think of themselves. What kind of men do you hope they will grow to be?

I dare you to be brave & post your words up as a comment on this blog!! You can e-mail them to me too – katie@selflovementor.co.uk

I am going to run a competition alongside this request. The person that sends me the most words actually used on this Affirmation as Art will receive the final piece as a gift.

I am really excited to hear your thoughts & receive your words!

Katie x

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