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Self-Love Affair January 2014
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All the way back in 2009 at the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dalai Lama said these now infamous words:

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman!”

We are now heading into 2014 and have you noticed that there is a Self-Love Movement sweeping the world? Teachers, coaches and mentors are bravely standing up and declaring that Self-Love is at the root of, well, pretty much everything! At the root of self esteem, self confidence, self empowerment, positive thinking, happiness …. I could go on…. is Self-Love. It is fundamental to all that we are and all that we contribute to this world. 

When we get clarity on who we are and fall unconditionally in love with that person, we SHINE! 

That light is transformative. 

It is infectious. 

It is miraculous.

Shining from the inside out feels so AWESOME and I want everyone to experience living in this way. It IS available to you. Sure, it will take a bit of work. But it is SO SO worth it. I am living proof – my life and how I feel is unrecognisable to my existence just a few years ago and I want nothing more than to share my journey with you and show you how you can transform your life too.

Here is a testimonial from a graduate of the last Self-Love Affair MightyMindAnnie is a 40yr old married mum with 2 children and works part-time:

I found the three month MightyMind such an enjoyable and positive experience. It is not often we give ourselves the time or space to really think through who we are, how we are and where we want to be. The programme helped me to refine my goals for the future and identify those behaviours attitudes and beliefs which do not serve me. It really allows one to consider some self-reinvention; to let go of any negative thinking and embrace the self as worthy of love.
Through Katie’s humour, insight and wisdom I felt guided through this (at times challenging) process. She is a brilliant mentor who unapologetically expounds the value of self-love and and as such, radiates joy. Her guided mediations, and practical ideas for everyday life were invaluable as were the insights she has gleaned from her own life-experience. Katie is an inspirational individual and her positivity is contagious.
My  future looks really exciting now as we practised manifesting our desires and having the faith to realise them. It was so much fun to dream big and really feel what success will be like.
Working in a small group of three in the face to face workshops as well as on Skype calls and through online contact was great as we could all support each other and share our experiences. It was amazing to see the transformation in the other girls and see their lives changing as they set their intentions and began to manifest them. 
As a result of the programme, I feel much more inclined to nurture myself which has a knock-on (positive!) effect on my family and those around me because I am in a higher vibration in general. It has made me think more seriously about what I aim to achieve in life and I feel empowered about the future and so grateful that the universe is on my side.

So, how does it work? The 3 month MightyMind is broken down as follows:

Right Here.Right Now. – Gaining clarity on where you are at in your life and why.  We will look at childhood programming and identify the areas of your life you are most dissatisfied with and why.
My Spirit. My Truth. –  You will discover that developing a Spiritual Practice is the most powerful tool to creating a life that you love and most importantly, a life in which you ‘feel’ connected, whole and satisfied. We will also learn to harness the power of forgiveness and how to develop a deeper, more loving and authentic relationship with yourself, from your heart.
My Life. My Vision. – Be the creator of your life! By now you know that you are not a victim or slave to your life. That you can control and create what you have and how you feel. We learn how to keep ourselves on a high energetic vibration so that we may harness the power that is available to us all to manifest the life of our dreams.
A mixture of monthly workshops, Skype video meetings, and unlimited online group mentoring are blended to support you on your journey of becoming Daring & Mighty.
I only work with 3 women at any given time so you can rest assured that you have my total attention. This provides you with the support of other women on the same path as well as focussed individual mentorship from me.
My teaching style involves a lot of practical, experiential exercises, writing, music, affirmations and meditation. And, you can be assured that when we are working together in person, it will be in a beautiful, private and tranquil setting! I want your Spirit to soar so no dingy hotel conference rooms & deep fried lunches for you!!


So that we might discover if this work is suitable for you and for you to ask me any questions, please email to arrange a phone conversation –

Big love,
Katie x

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