{A MONTH OF SELF LOVE} Friday Forgiveness


Every Friday this month I have promised to share a Forgiveness Practice with you.

Whether you need to forgive someone else or yourself, these teachings will support you in feeling more peaceful and free.

Last week I invited you to begin your journey to forgiveness with some awareness and acknowledgement exercises. How did you get on with those? Today I will guide you through the next part of the process. 

Let’s dive in.




Last week you identified who / what requires forgiveness and you wrote in your journal to connect with how your experiences truly made you feel. You allowed yourself to fully feel and express those feelings in a safe way. How was that process for you? It’s definitely not for the faint of heart and I can’t stress enough that expert support through work like that is highly recommended if the pain feels too much to carry alone. 

When you feel that your process of acknowledging and feeling your experience(s) is complete, it’s time to let it go.

Letting go can happen in an instant or it may be over a period of time. I invite you to allow yourself the space and time for it to be what it will be and take as long as it’s going to take because it’s an emotional experience. Remember, you don’t need to know ‘how’ to forgive. Forgiveness is a function of your soul and while I guide you through some practical steps and actions, please know that the feeling of forgiveness will come to you in a very personal way.

I invite you again today to surrender to a power within you that is so loving and that will guide your heart to the deep release and peace that you desire. It is available to you. Today you can invite that in. 

Today I invite you to do the following:

1. Write a letter to your Spirit – ask your true self / your soul for help to forgive yourself or the person/people that hurt you. If relevant, ask that you also be forgiven for the role you may have played. Get really honest and write all your thoughts and feelings around the memory. Even though all that happened to you was a gift of love (because it has been an experience that has invited you to move from fear into love and so has played a role in the evolution of your soul), you still experienced pain. As you write, start to imagine what life must have been like for the person/people you are forgiving. Start to express your compassion for their life because really they are a product of their conditioning which isn’t their fault and they are doing the best they can with all that they know. Ask your Spirit to help you to see past all the pain and ask that you see the truth of the person/people. Ask that you witness the purity of their Spirits. Whether they are dead or alive, on a soul level you can ask to connect to their Spirit(s) and offer them peace, love and forgiveness. Ask that you be forgiven if you know in your heart that you played a role too. When you feel as if all you need to express is on paper, write:

I forgive you and set you free. I forgive us both and I set myself free. 

2. Light a candle. Take a moment to sit with the letter in your lap. Breathe and allow yourself to FEEL the compassion and forgiveness rise within you. Allow your Spirit to do her work. 

3. A Meditation. I invite you to listen to a piece of music called ‘Ra Ma Da Sa’ (the Snatam Kaur version on Spotify is beautiful: click HERE to listen.)  Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is one of the most powerful mantras known and is used for healing on the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical levels. This mantra connects you with the pure healing energy of the Universe and the words literally mean, ‘I am Thou’ – the service of God is within me. 

Allow yourself to sit by your candle with your letter in your lap and absorb this beautiful mantra. Sing the mantra and imagine the person / people you are forgiving (or yourself) bathed in healing white light. Every time you breathe in, know that healing and forgiveness is being sent to everyone involved, including yourself. 

That is the completion of your process of letting go. Now allow your heart and your soul to do the rest.

I am a transformational and intuitive coach and have guided many women to healing the pain, injustice and resentment they have experienced and which is holding them back from living their fullest life.

I am an expert when it comes to personal transformation, emotional freedom and mental mastery.  I invite you to book in a free consultation with me if you would like to explore how I could personally support you this year. I have a handful of private coaching spaces now available.

Love you loads, 
Katie x 

Founder of The School of Self Love 

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