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Every Tuesday I have been sharing my personal ‘go-to’ self-love support tools and over the past 3 weeks I think I have given you an abundance of Self-Love tools to be getting on with!

You are busy and my sense is that you don’t need another podcast or blog or book today.

You need to simplify. And truthfully, the foundations of self-love are simple.

So today I thought I would keep things simple with one powerful tip that if applied every day, will be a total game changer. 

Shall we dive in!?



That’s it. Choose to be kind to yourself.


Remember that whatever you are feeling is a reflection of you’re thinking (how you are either reacting or responding to life).

Your thinking is always shifting and changing and your feelings are always responding to that.

Whatever you feel now is a response to your thoughts about what’s going on for you at the moment. If you take some time to acknowledge all that’s going on for you then I bet you could find some compassion for how you feel. There’s usually a good reason for feeling the way that you do.

So, be kind to yourself while knowing that this moment will pass. With your next thought is a chance to feel better.

Choose every day to be kind to yourself. Ask yourself, “How can I be kinder to myself today?” – and do that.


Sending you so much love,
Katie xx

Founder of The School of Self Love 

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