{A Month of Self Love} Wednesday Wake-Up


Every Wednesday I am inviting you to journal around some questions I pose to you. Journaling is a great way to connect in with yourself and get to know the REAL you – dark and light. No-one else will read what you write so you get to be super honest and raw within the pages of your journal.

Do you dare to meet the real, authentic, warts’n’all you!? As scary as that could seem, I promise you that all parts of you are worth loving and unless you get intimate with all that you think and feel, you will never truly feel connected to you and able to trust yourself.

So, shall we dive in?


1. Where in your life are you not showing up as your most empowered, authentic, brave self? Consider life areas such as work and career, money and finances, relationships of all kinds, fun and adventure, contribution, spirituality, health and wellbeing.

2. How specifically are you playing small or disempowered or inauthentic? Write about what you are doing/saying/behaving or not doing/saying/behaving.

3. What is stopping you from bringing your fullest self to that part of your life?

4. What would it look like to bring your fullest self to that part of your life? What would you do differently. 

5. What do you need to heal or transform so that you can show up in a more empowered, authentic, brave way?

6. What will you decide / choose in order to create that transformation?

Most of the women I work with know they are not playing full-out in a couple of areas of their life and we work to uncover the root cause to why that’s the case and how to show up in a more empowered way. It’s powerful work with self-love at the core. I love to watch them heal old patterns of behaviour and pain from the past so that they can BE the woman they came here to be. To witness how proud they are of themselves as a result is stunning. 

Remember, The School of Self Love is here to support you and you are welcome to connect with me personally this month as I am offering free consultations to explore what level of support you might need. You don’t need to do life alone. Together we are better. CLICK HERE to apply to speak with me.

Love you loads,
Katie x

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Do you dare to love yourself?

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