An Announcement (if you were thinking to join Evolution Membership)

You’ve probably seen that I’ve been sharing a LOT about The Evolution Membership recently.

It’s because I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to TRULY experience what it means to love yourself at an investment that you just cannot deny is CRAZY, RIDICULOUSLY good value.

Being totally transparent, outside of the School of Self Love’s online self-study programmes, the cheapest way you can work with me is an investment of £900 – until now! To be clear, women have described that experience to be ‘worth every penny’, ‘life changing’ and ‘nothing short of miraculous’. Investments then jump to between £2K – £10K.

I am unapologetic when I say that no matter your entry level, I offer incredible value to my clients – always – because I genuinely care about a woman’s wellbeing and growth. I have also NEVER offered so much value and time with me at such a small investment. And, it gets better….

I have been telling you about The Evolution Membership for a couple of weeks now (are your ears bleeding!?) and today I have a BIG announcement.

….. trumpets please …..


Before you commit to a full year of membership, I would like to offer you a get-out clause. If you join as a Founding Member just for the month of January and decide it’s not for you, you can leave.

The value in this offer isn’t just that you have the ability to try something on for size (when do you ever get to buy a new outfit, wear it for a month, then return in!?!?). You also receive ALL the bonuses just because you joined for the first month of membership and you get to keep those forever.

Let me lay it out for you. For £33 you will receive:

Standard Membership Inclusions

Monthly Group Coaching
Once a month Katie will host a group coaching call so you can ask your most juicy questions. These sessions will be recorded and saved so you can benefit from the teachings at any time. Katie’s private clients benefit from 24/7 WhatsApp access to her meaning they get her support in the moment they need it. This group coaching is the next best thing because you will be able to submit your questions throughout the month and Katie will answer as many as possible during the group coaching session.

A private Facebook group will allow you to journey safely with other like-minded souls. Transformation happens faster and is way more fun when you are in community. Period.

Monthly Masterclass
Katie will host a one hour workshop every month with various experts that links to the monthly theme. This will be held live and recorded so that you may watch it back any time.
This is a way to expand and deepen your personal growth, giving you access to world class teachers at no additional investment.

Daily Inspirational Messages
We have teamed up with a super-cool new app called ‘Your Coach’ which allows us to send you motivational Love notes every day. When you forget who you are, we have your back! When you lose sight of your daily intention, we will remind you! When you doubt your greatness, we will shout it to you from the roof tops (well, from your phone…!).

Weekly Love Notes
You will receive a Love Note every Sunday along with downloadable / printable affirmation artwork to support your journey home to you. Save the images to your desktop or phone as a touchstone to your current personal growth focus.

Guided Meditations
Access to Katie’s library of guided visualisations for both adults and children so you’ll have a playlist for personal use and a playlist to share with your children too.

Uplifting Music Playlist
We love nothing more than starting our day with music that makes us feel fabulous and which reminds us just how powerful, loveable and unique we all are. You will get access to Katie’s ‘Shine’ playlist for a daily feel good boost!

> 50% off all Digital Courses
The School of Self Love has a range of home-study programmes which we would love to give you even easier access to.
> 10% off all live events hosted by The School of Self Love
Katie currently hosts a regular supper club in London called ‘Daring & Mighty Dinners’. This is a perfect chance to meet Katie in person and connect with like-minded others.

BONUS Inclusions when you join before 31 December

Two x 1 hour money mindset trainings – valued at £197
If you know your relationship with money is questionable and if you want to start creating way more money in your life these two trainings are absolutely priceless. We recommend you grab them now so that you can listen to them before the membership kicks-off in January.

The Sunday Reflection Weekly Recognition Ritual Worksheet – valued at £50
This weekly ritual is such a powerful support particularly if you are a woman that forgets to acknowledge and receive all she has achieved and is constantly on the treadmill of having to do more, be more, have more. Ring any bells, Katie?

15 Ways to prepare your Mind, Body & Spirit for Success – valued at £50
2020 has the potential to be a profoundly wonderful year. To create the space to call in all that you desire, you’ve gotta let go of anything cluttering or taking up the space required for the good stuff to come in. This preparation work will do just that.

Children’s Meditation Album – ‘I Am Daring & Mighty’ – valued at £15
Believing that you are more than enough, with unlimited potential & fundamentally held safe & supported by a loving Universe are messages that when learned from a young age, ensure a happy & fulfilling life. These gentle, loving and uplifting meditations are beautiful tools to help parents instil positive beliefs and habits to support the optimal health, wellbeing and happiness of their children.



A LIVE 2020 INTENTIONS WORKSHOP with Katie – Valued at £197
Hosted over Zoom, this is a chance to get super focussed on what you intend to receive from your year ahead. This will be a very interactive workshop where you will set your goals and connect with your desires for the year while chatting with Katie and getting your immediate questions answered.

To get access to these bonuses all you need to do is commit to your membership before December 31st! And, if at the end of January you decide you don’t like the membership (doubtful!), you can cancel your monthly subscription.

That’s about £500 worth of bonuses plus the value of the membership itself which is hard to quantify. Priceless comes to mind. If I had to put a figure on it, I would offer approximately £1500 per month.

That’s a £2K valuation. You get it for £33. 

You will receive your first month founding membership for £33. And you can leave at the end of the month.

And, I haven’t even announced who our January expert is who will be running the most expansive and nourishing masterclass for you. So, in addition to my 2020 Intentions Workshop and the group coaching call in January you also receive a powerful masterclass from a woman who is going to blow your mind. She is THAT awesome.

No-brainer is springing to mind……IF you are a woman who REALLY MEANS IT when she says she wants to love herself.

Are you that woman?

Just click HERE to get all the details.

See you on the other side – headed towards your evolution!

Big love,

Katie xx
Founder – The School of Self Love

PS.  Don’t wait until December 31 to sign up because when you join TODAY you get access to the bonuses immediately which means you can get a head start on the money trainings, enjoy the meditations (to keep you calm through the holiday season!) and start decluttering your life to ensure you have the space and bandwidth to begin 2020 feeling ready.

PPS. You are invited to become a Founding Member of our brand new membership club called EVOLUTION. The full invitation is HERE for you to check out. It’s only about £1 per day! 

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