Girl on beach


It’s Australia Day today so I thought I would jot down all that I loved about growing up Down Under…….


Paper bags of mixed lollies from the milk bar

Eucalyptus lollies

Hopscotch & Elastics

Outdoor Swimming Carnivals

My beloved Freshie Beach!

Going to the beach after school

School closures because it was too hot!

Cray Fish on the BBQ

Christmas morning on the beach

The smell of rain after a stinking hot day

Gecko’s in the garage

Blue Tongue Lizards in the garden

Red-Back spiders nesting in the outdoor furniture

Lots of pets!

Outdoor school assemblies

The sound of Galah’s, Kookaburras & Cockatoos at sunset

The sound of Lorikeets in the morning

The smell of the Aussie Bush – nothing beats it!


Picking oysters off the rocks and eating them fresh

Giggling with my sister

Boogy Boarding

Surf Life Saving Carnivals

My bicycle

Combi Campervans

Camping holidays

Outback horse riding


A summer storm

Sunshine in July

Kootamundra Wattle

The smell of Jasmin on a hot breeze

BBQ Breakfasts


Going bare-foot

Water fights

Collecting pipi’s & eating them fresh with butter & garlic. YUM!


I could go on and on and on…………..


I might have developed a rather strong English accent and not be able to find my way easily about parts of Sydney these days, but I am still an Aussie Girl at heart!


Happy Australia Day. xx


* I took the picture above of my Niece on the beach last August – it was the middle of winter!

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