Calling In Love & Your Soul Mate – Energetic Essence Healing Show

I was thrilled to be invited onto Lucy Brand’s ‘Energetic Essence Healing Show’ (@energeticessencehealing) where we explored how to find and then keep a great relationship.

So whether you are single or in a relationship, there’s awesome content here for you! 

If you’re interested to know how I work, my qualifications and why I approach coaching in the way that I do, this conversation is a great resource to get to know me a little better. So if you are thinking to do some work with me, this might help you to make up your mind as to whether we would be a good fit. 

Key topics from this episode include:

🔥 How I define my healing work.

🔥 How to not get stuck in ‘the healing’ and instead move forward to creating and having what you want.

🔥 Why I do the work I do in the world. 

🔥 My qualifications & experience.

🔥 What’s going on for the single midlife woman and why she deserves and needs support. 

🔥 How to take your power back when dating and experiencing rejection.

🔥 How rejection impacts your root chakra and feeling of safety in the world. 

🔥 How healing your childhood wounding is healing your heart to be able to love and be loved.

🔥 Healing trauma from a previous relationship to be able to have a new, healthy relationship. 

🔥 You don’t have to be perfect to meet your person.

🔥 An empowered relationship can deepen your healing.

🔥 Holding space for each other is healing.

🔥 You don’t need fixing.

🔥 What is a soul mate and do we only have one?

🔥 What it takes to call in your soul mate.

🔥 3 keys to having a healthy relationship.

Here is the link to listen now :


With love,

Katie xx 

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