Prioritising Love After An ADHD Diagnosis – ADHD Women’s Wellbeing Podcast

I was thrilled to be invited onto the ‘ADHD Women’s Wellbeing Podcast’ with Kate Moryoussef. @adhd_womenswellbeing_pod

We discussed prioritising authentic love after an ADHD diagnosis. It was a deep and juicy conversation that covered a lot of ground. 

If you don’t identify with ADHD, this conversation speaks to anyone who is doubting her worthiness and ability to give and receive love and enjoy a healthy, happy relationship. 

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD this episode will be a game changer for you. 

This episode is a powerful invitation not to identify with your ‘story’ or ‘problem’ or ‘diagnosis’ and instead learn to identify with who you ‘really’ are so that you can create the life and love you desire. 

Key topics from this episode include:

🔥Why it’s important to meet yourself as a route to meeting your ‘one’.

🔥 How self love & self acceptance are the route to a loving relationship.

🔥 Why not to identify with your diagnosis or ‘story’ or problem and instead learn to identify with who you ‘really’ are.

🔥 How a coaching container allows a woman to be fully witnessed which is key to healing.

🔥 We’ve all got our ‘stuff’ – AKA our humanness.

🔥 How to deal with getting the ADHD diagnosis.

🔥 Where to start with starting over in love .

🔥 How to speak your truth with vulnerability when dating & in a relationship.

🔥 How healing your inner child is key to becoming the vibrational match to your person.

🔥 How ‘the work’ of getting to know & love yourself can feel scary it’s also liberating and fun!

🔥 You don’t need to wait for your person to be able to feel how you want to feel with them!

🔥 The importance of marinating in your desires.

🔥 How your diagnosis is a gift.

🔥 We end on a point of hope!

Here is the link to listen now :


With love,

Katie xx 

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