Calling In Your SoulMate – The Midlife Movement Podcast

I would like to share ‘The Midlife Movement’ Podcast with you today > @themidlifemovement.

Podcast host, Jo, has been married for 41 years and so she brings a brilliant perspective to our conversation, especially how conditioning around the roles of men and women in relationship have dramatically shifted over recent years which we agreed is an exciting and positive development.

I’ve noted below the key topics we cover in this chat. I hope you enjoy it and trust you will receive some new perspectives.

Key topics from this episode include:

🔥 How healing my own worry, anxiety and people pleasing behaviours were the impetus to founding The School of Self Love.

🔥 Who do you think you are to love yourself and put yourself first.

🔥 Self love is self responsibility which means you are removing the burden from others to have you feel okay.

🔥 How ‘woke’ is the children’s movie, Frozen!!

🔥 A call to women to step into their empowered feminine so that they may receive the support of the empowered masculine.

🔥 Your ability to receive what you want is inextricably linked to your self-worth.

🔥  What it means to ‘call in’ something! This is key to manifesting. 

🔥  The first step to receiving what you want.

🔥 The beliefs that could be blocking you from having a healthy relationship.

🔥 How my book can help the individual and a couple.

Here’s the link to listen now : 


With love,

Katie xx 

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