How To Overcome Painful Experiences & Manifest Your Dreams – Manifesting Masterclass

Is there something you are trying to manifest right now?

Do you feel frustrated that what you want just doesn’t seem to be showing up?

Or perhaps you just don’t know the secrets to calling in what you want?

This interview I did with Katie Miranda (@katiemirandajewelry) can help! It’s a really valuable conversation full of a tonne of content that can speed up you receiving what you desire.

Key topics from this conversation include:

🔥 My back story and how it was the springboard to teaching me the key principles of manifesting.

🔥 When you are living in victim, you believe life is happening to you – not for you – and how that needs to shift to be able to manifest.

🔥 Awareness of what needs to change is the first step to manifesting what you really want and that requires enormous courage!

🔥 What I did first to manifest my husband and why that wasn’t enough!

🔥 The inner work required to manifest what you want.

🔥 The definition of manifestation and my proven method.

🔥 What to remember when manifesting isn’t working for you.

🔥 What to remember if you’re in a relationship that isn’t right for you but don’t have the confidence to leave.

🔥 And so much more! 

Here’s the link to watch now : 


With love,

Katie xx 

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