I’m committed to the next chapter of my life.

There really is nothing better than putting yourself ‘in the room’ with transformational leaders that you respect.

Who you choose to spend time with impacts your energy. It influences your thoughts. And it inspires your potential.

Kinda like osmosis, being around experts who truly embody what they teach is healing.

I have left @maryfirestone13 ’s Trusting The Dawn event in Montecito feeling deeply committed to the next chapter of my life.

I am now the age my mum was when she died. I feel incredibly called to live beyond 49 and into the next half of my life with vitality, purpose and adventure.

I am so grateful for the guidance I received these last few days from   @drjenniferfreed@loroxburgh@drjoedispenza and others.

And I am so grateful for the incredible women I met and new friends I made. I found my tribe and can hand on heart say I met my soul sisters.

It was SO worth the investment on every level.

Here’s to the next level!

PS. I created a reel to accompany this post on my Instagram. Click HERE to watch it.



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