A ripple effect that is now changing the lives of so many!

“If you want to create something in your life you need to change your energy!

If you change your energy, you’ll change your life!”

This is what Dr Joe Dispenza was teaching at the event I attended last week and I couldn’t agree more.

Once upon a time, I didn’t know who I was and I certainly didn’t trust or love myself! And I wondered why my relationships were so full of drama and lacking in unconditional love.

Choosing to know and love myself was step one to creating the life I wanted and having the relationships I desired.

@drjoedispenza was one of many incredible teachers who have featured throughout my journey and it is my honour to now be the teacher, guide, and coach to the single midlife women I now support.

Changing my energy didn’t just change my life, it had a ripple effect that is now changing the lives of so many more. What a gift!

If you want to know how to change your energy, send me an email at support@theschoolofself.love and I’ll share how you can get started.

You got this!

Katie xx

PS. I created a video to accompany this post. Click HERE to watch it on my Instagram!


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Do you dare to love yourself?

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