Connect With Your Inner Child

In today’s Q&A I answered this question from Tracy:

“Just wondering if you could talk about our ‘Inner Child’ a bit more. How do we know when we are out of sync with her? How do we know when we are in sync with her?”

You can watch the replay here >

To summarise my answer:

What is your Inner Child?

The younger part of us that wasn’t fully acknowledged or seen and heard at a certain point or points in our life.
As an adult, you are emotionally holding onto the feeling of you as a little girl – it’s a very real energy inside of you.

When we can acknowledge our inner child, we stop looking for parental figures to nurture us because we know how to nurture ourselves.

Out of Sync Feeling out of sync with your inner child could look like feeling:

* Scared
* Anxious
* Unloved
* Alone
* Worried
* Insecure
* Too much or not enough
* Unsafe
* Sad
* Screaming for attention
* Tantrum and rage
* Shame
* Neediness – looking for someone to parent and nurture us
* Often our own children can trigger our little girl – ‘what about me’!?

In Sync Feeling in sync with your inner child could look like feeling:

* Nurtured
* Safe and trusting
* Relaxed and peaceful
* Patient
* Accepting
* Understanding
* Compassionate
* Joyful
* Free
* Spontaneous
* Cheeky
* Playful

We could summarise all of this into either I am feeling loveable or not loveable. Enough or not enough.

Inner child work is profoundly transformational. If you are ready to dive deep into a body of work with me around your inner child, please email me on

Much love,

Katie xx


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