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Disclaimer ….. I do not watch or read the news. I know that what I need to know will filter to me whether I want it to or not, such is the society we live in. We are so connected and I am receiving information from multiple sources left, right and centre, that I don’t add to that by plonking myself down in front of the news. Ever.

I am very very protective of my energy. I am in choice as much as possible around what I do and don’t let in.

I joke and say, “I live in a happy little bubble”. And sure, I bet there are people who would judge and ridicule me for this (I am no stranger to hecklers …. and it still hurts me when women take delight in bringing down other women, but that’s a topic for another day). 

My happy bubble works for me.

I know what I am here on the planet to do. I know that I am meant to serve at a very very high level and it’s a responsibility I do not undertake lightly. To do my work and live my purpose means that my energetic frequency is KEY. It also means I am always in charge of my destiny and creating the life I desire for myself. 

Rising living costs in the UK is a prevalent topic in the media and I hear it on train journeys and when I am sat in the nail bar. EVERYONE is talking about it. In the same way they were talking about fears around Covid and Vaccines a few months ago. 

Fear is the general topic of conversation.

And while I am aware of the fear and panic that much of the UK population (and perhaps the world) is feeling I choose not to participate. 

That doesn’t mean I am ignorant or incentive or irresponsible. I am instead, intentional.

So on today’s Cuppa With Katie I want to talk about the importance of creating your reality – rather than being a victim of fear – and with my ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ Challenge coming soon I want to link this into getting super intentional about the love life you are creating for yourself because while there’s a lot of tough stuff going on right now, you can also continue to take a stand for your desires and allow yourself to receive them. 

There’s no ‘either or’. There’s only ‘and’

If you need a reminder that you CAN create your reality day-to-day then perhaps today’s show will give you the nudge (and maybe the permission?) you need.

Love you,

Katie xx


PS. If you are single and want to get super intentional about the love life you desire to create as well as inject a renewed energy and sense of hope and optimism to your dating game, then please come and join my next free 5 day online event called ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’. 

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