Empower Your Mind

In today’s Cuppa With Katie show I am going to give you a couple of crazy powerful tips for transforming self sabotaging thoughts. If you have a whirlwind of thoughts and beliefs in your head that are having you feel stuck and trapped (and maybe a little big crazy!) leaving you in a perpetual ‘not

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Self Love 101

A quick reminder with practical ideas to begin or deepen your self love practice.  Big love, Katie xx 👉 You are invited! 👉 Come join ‘Evolution Membership’ – your daily Self Love Club! First month is FREE! https://theschoolofself.love/courses/right-here-right-now/join-the-evolution

Meet Your Soul Mate

Ooooh, I am so excited for this conversation today. Kelly-Anne and Sophie are joining me to share their experience of the ‘Meet Your Soul Mate’ Challenge. These are two women totally committed to their inner work and they inspire me so much. I trust they will inspire you too. 👉 YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN

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