Cupboard Love

Do you know what ‘Cupboard Love’ means!?

Whenever I would snuggle up to my Grandma (I loved her wobbly underarms and would curl into the side of her and squeeze them!) she would say to me, “What’s this then? Cupboard love?”

In other words, she would suggest that I was being loving and attentive because I wanted something. Usually something from the fridge or cupboards. She always had a stash of freshly baked ‘Grandma Buns’ or scones and a jar of home-made marmalade in the fridge. Oh how I miss her baking …. ! And she was right – I was sidling up to her in the hope of winning her over and getting access to the goodies in the kitchen! 

In this pic you can see my pets – Luna the cat and Boomer the dog. They are displaying a form of cupboard love! I’ve just sat down and instantly they are upon me, wanting love. In this instance I don’t think they want food but they do want to be in my energy. Usually, they are on the hunt for treats!! 

I remember when I was single I craved for someone to love me. Someone to fill me up and to have me feel whole and complete. I know we aren’t ‘meant’ to say that though are we!? It doesn’t sound very empowered feminine!  But that was my truth – I was SO ready to feel that love from someone and to feel treated by him!

Equally, I wanted to share myself with someone and return their love. It would be reciprocated in a delicious giving / receiving energy. 

Soul mate love is a 2-way street. Cupboard Love is a little more one-way, with a slightly manipulative agenda….albeit coming from a very kind and loving place! I actually love it when my son shows me cupboard love – it’s very sweet. 

Part of my work to call in my man was to connect with what I had that was valuable to share. I was invited to  deepen my self appreciation, self worth and self knowing – so that I was fully and unapologetically connected to what I had to bring to the table. It also felt important to me to offer him the best, most healed version of me. The man that I desired deserved that. 

To be able to offer that I had to prepare myself and that’s the powerful work I am now doing with women. I help single women PREPARE to meet their soul mate. I get you ready on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It’s a journey home to yourself with the intention of becoming the magnet to effortlessly attract in your perfect match.

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